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Published 2021.12.03
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Korean Chinese Love Story  Film (Autumn Fairy Tale  explained in Nepali Movie ) Full Movie Story Summarized Explanation in Nepali by Katha Chalchitrako. 

Also named Autumn in my Heart.

Autumn Fairy Tale (蓝色生死恋) is about two people who grew up together as brother and sister but one day, a car accident turned their life upside down where they found out they are not blood related. A mix up happened in the hospital where the two girls were born and later on, they returned to their real families. The two kids loose contact with each other and years later they met again.

When he was 3 years old, Jun Xi caused his real sister to be switched with another baby. 12 years later, the truth resurfaces due to a car accident. En Xi who has become his sister goes back to her family while his real sister Xin Ai returns. Two girls who were born on the same day and unintentionally switched at birth. Their lives are completed changed due to the misplacement when they are returned to their respective families.

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