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Streamed live on 2021.04.06
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0:00​-4:36​- Intro, announcements
4:36​- Ladies rate themselves 
10:45​- Let the jokes begin 
12:11​- Drug dealer or entrepreneur
15:30​- Zodiac signs (lol)
17:40​- Immediate disqualifiers in women and super chats
23:33​- Dating vs1 night stands
33:07​- Discussion on money/earning potential/hamstering
40:00​- Women being shamed for being mothers 
45:04​- Beta males wait for bedroom fun 
50:30​- Do guys think girls that give it up on the 1st date are 304s?
52:00​- Can modern women keep a man around post s*x? 
55:25​- The myth of being a boss babe 
57:00​- Superchats 
1:01:30​- Are Fresh or Fit in a relationship?
1:06:30​- Threes*mes? 
1:10:33​- Candy Store analogy
1:15:35​- Emotions dictate female actions
1:19:20​- Should men pay on the first date?
1:30:30​- Superchat jokes
1:33:08​- Are men and women equal? Equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome and wage gap myth
1:41:00​- Discussion on OnlyFans
1:43:00​- Superchats
1:47:53​- Do girls want a guy that had to learn "game"? (RP truth here. Observing a process ruins it)
1:48:37​- English translation for womense term "vibes". 
1:50:10​- OH SH*T!
1:51:00​- The BIGGEST downfall of modern women...
1:58:00​- Women want to date up, but want to be chased (female pride)
2:03:43​- Average women have access to top shelf men while average women won't look an average guy's way 
2:05:30​- Percentage of men that are s*xually active with women 
2:07:30​- Ladies' body count/should women be in the military?
2:13:46​- Why you should never listen to dating advice from women...
2:15:09​- Proof women do NOT know what they are aroused by (interesting segment)
2:24:00​- Ladies final thoughts and Outro (Feels b4 Reals. Education moment)

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