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Published 2024.06.21
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Sound Field

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Watch Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution on PBS:

From Charli XCX's Brat to Beyonce's Renaissance and even Donna Summer, you can't listen to dance music without hearing the "four-on-the-floor" beat. Dive into the beat that changed dance music forever with hosts Jojo Lorenzo and Linda Diaz as they explore this iconic rhythm and its impact on genres like disco, house, and pop.

From disco's golden era to its resurgence in modern pop, Jojo and Linda trace the four-on-the-floor pattern's journey through rock, funk, and beyond. They uncover how a beat popularized by drummer Earl Young set the stage for disco and its transformation through electronic instruments in house and techno. They also explore the rhythm's revival in nu-disco and its influence on contemporary pop music, examples from Beyoncé and Donna Summer highlight the beat's enduring legacy. 

How This Drum Beat Changed Hip Hop Forever
   • How This Drum Beat Changed Hip Hop Fo...  

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We like music. You like music. Let’s break it down. Sound Field is a PBS Digital Studios web series produced by Twin Cities PBS. #SoundFieldPBS #fouronthefloor #disco