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Published 2017.12.01
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How To Rap

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J. Cole Songwriting Secrets Overview
This article is going to cover a lot of advanced song structure secrets to increase catchiness. 

Throwing in different components that you’re gonna be using in your song is actually going to make the song more memorable and catchy. 

Let’s break down exactly what that means.

For the full article and more insights, click here:

A song is like a house… and to make the best house possible, you need to place the “bricks” (song structure components) in interesting and unique ways.

The Most Common Rap Structure is Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus
While this is a very common technique and can make a great song, it has become a little bit cliche and stiff.

It’s not very creative… 

It’s just like those McMansions you see in the suburbs… they all look the same. I don’t know which street I’m driving on. I got to call my friend on Google Maps… haha.

J. Cole Songwriting Secrets Use Advanced Artistry 
When you’re using advanced song structure, you’re getting closer to the the great artists of today… the J. Cole’s, the Kendrick’s, the Kanye’s, etc.

You’re going away from sounding like every other artist… which we know we don’t want to sound like. 

One of your biggest fears as an up-and-coming rapper is sounding like everybody else we talked about.

Retain melody and rhythm and then add variation
Add variation to the lyrics while retain the rhythm of each section!

Fill in the negative space with catchy lyrics and adlibs
Don’t let your beat feel “hollow” by not adding in additional catchy sections and ad-libs.

Search For Opportunities To Have A Catchy Pre-Verse or Pre-Chorus
These are the easiest ways to get the crowd singing and J. Cole uses this a LOT in tracks like G.O.M.D.

Bonus Tip: If the beat has an active “kick drum”, use it as a template for your flow
Now build that greatmansion style house in the Hollywood hills looking down at the great city… Metaphorically of course! 

In other words, make a great song!