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Silent Scotty

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What`s Up And Welcome To Silent Scotty Gaming World
We Play Racing & Simulation Games On PC & PS4 _
Your Welcome To Join Us In Game Or Chat And Hangout
We Are About Having Fun!
🚛This Is Home Of Silent Squad Inc. VTC

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PO BOX 721 Battle Creek, Michigan 49016

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🚜FS19 Server Name - Silent Squad Farms
Map And Mods
international Server / Password - silent
Logging Map & Mods ---

🎰Try The Mini Games In Live Chat By Typing !games 
!points To See What You Got (This Is For Fun)
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💯Members Supporting The channel📋
Shayne Ramsay          Gaddytown Gaming
Abdersus                       Leo Ankerson1989
Silent Swag                   Kick
Megastookie                 Ben Wilson
Dale3champ4ever       Star Trucker
Dcsanders92                 Jaysfan33
Justin White                  
 Buck Fitchs                  Sean Burns
Darrin Richards              jon M
Hyperwolf4                    Justsmokey420
Just Jed                          Gaming With Carl
dylan  Kinkade              Mystic Expploration
codmadman                  Silent Elite
STUP_Cat YT                Krazy Dave
Tylor Regier                   Lonut H
Blake Gaming

Silent Redeamer 
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🗯Stream And Channel Rules 📜
Respect Everyone, No Spamming, No Strong language
No Hateful Speech, No Self-Promoting, Work Together
(This Contact Is Intended For Viewers Over The Age Of 13
Years Or Older To Watch And Could Have Strong language In It)