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Published 2021.03.05
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I'm not sure how I feel exactly at the moment. This song came out of rage and frustration. The news is never good. I always look at the world and wonder if all the running and everything is actually worth it, and if as humans we're at a stage where we can be happy with ourselves. I just hope that we don't have to hear about beautiful humans such as Nirmala, Nawaraj, Angira, Bhagirathi and many other young souls leaving and for no other human to have to go through what they did.

I feel that with the reupload I'm contradicting what I previously said and wondering what the purpose behind my doing so.  I don't know.

"It is laughable to see how far we've come as a society only to stifle and strangle two people who are in love," this thought arises when I think about N...

Angira would have been here. Nawaraj would have been here. They all should have been here.

To be honest,  the society as it is right now isn't protecting, helping or saving us, it's rather killing people in love,  those who dream and those who want to explore and just live their life. And to think, we are that society.

I just hope they are in solace right now. Here is hell mostly.

aba tei ho, smn told me a song oughta be heard. Thank you Sage.

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