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On today's episode of Fresh&Fit After hours we had a special episode w/ @Kevin Samuels​, @Donovan Sharpe​, @Rollo Tomassi​ , and @AaronClarey​  v 3 Ladies. 

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Intro, announcements, Fresh&Fit moderating the podcast: 0:00​-2:05​
Ladies show the goods 2:23​
What the ladies rate themselves out of 10? 2:49​
Looks money or status? 5:21​
Giannina's story about lying on age 7:30​
What the ladies bring to the table& discussion on young and dumb women 13:20​

Why do men pay for OnlyFans? (@Rollo Tomassi​ surgical breakdown) 19:12​
@AaronClarey​ breaks down esc*rts in Las Vegas and men paying for the "dating a female experience" 24:12​
Can men and women be platonic friends? 30:44​

@Rollo Tomassi​  breaks down guys that are "girlfriends" 32:53​
Myron tells the ladies who @Donovan Sharpe​ , @AaronClarey​ , and @Rollo Tomassi​ are 42:23​
Equal partnerships in male & female relations, the myth of the alpha female who leads the relationship? 45:30​
Why would a high value man pick one of the ladies? 55:35​
Giannina shows the CANNON (booty) 56:29​
Do the men you want actually want you back? 57:47​

@Rollo Tomassi​ breaks down what bringing to the table means 59:30​
@Donovan Sharpe​ deciphers Womanese for the ladies 1:15:50​
Amanda challenges "I have been single for 3 years" 1:16:13​
Adriana discusses serial dating 1:21:40​
Is it difficult for a woman to find a man at 31 YOA? 1:23:18​
Discussion on age for women 1:26:44​

@AaronClarey​ brings up discussion on obese women 1:30:20​
@AaronClarey​ asks the ladies questions on Do they want to get married? Where marriage falls on their priority list? Why are they not married now? 1:32:39​
The struggle of dating for women and inadequate men 1:41:00​

@Donovan Sharpe​ holds men accountable for not being better and discussion on marriage 1:49:06​
@Rollo Tomassi​ breaks down marriage statistics 1:50:35​
Amanda explains why $100k+ annual earning women are not married 1:52:10​
@Rollo Tomassi​ explains females needing to trust a man with their life to submit 1:54:48​
@Rollo Tomassi​ discusses equality, "submission", female security, what men want 1:57:00​
@FreshandFit​ (Myron) clarifies that men and women show commitment to each other differently and women must understand that if you deal with top tier men, you will have to share him 1:59:40​
@AaronClarey​ explains how powerful men have always had a lot of women 2:01:40​
@FreshandFit​ (Myron) explains the reality of dealing with top tier men. Myron explains that men must become 2:05:00​
@AaronClarey​ and the ladies discuss female dating standards 
@Rollo Tomassi​ breaks down what women really want& infidelity & parading women around 2:08:20​

WHO HURT MYRON? 2:14:34​ (Myron's belief system comes from an Islamic background where men can be polygamous, but women cannot)
@Rollo Tomassi​ gives great advice to the ladies and more truths 2:16:50​
@FreshandFit​ (Myron) breaks down male height, income, statistics and more discussion 2:20:32​
@Rollo Tomassi​ surgically breaks down are men and women different? "WHO HURT YOU" and "YOU'RE DAMAGED". 2:29:00​

ENTER @Kevin Samuels​: 2:34:10​
2:34:50​- Why is fairness is important to the ladies, double standard of benefits, the lie of equality, do men need women,  (WATCH ALL OF THIS)


Kevin Samuels:​
Donovan Sharpe:​
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Aaron Clarey:​

Ladies' IG: 
Amanda: @oHeyItsAk
Giannina: @Geemiami33
Adriana: @aboutadriiii


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