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Brains & Beauty Skincare & Sugaring

Brains & Beauty Skincare & Sugaring is located in Sunrise servicing all of South Florida. We specialize in Sugaring which is a 100% natural, vegan, and eco-Friendly alternative to waxing that is made from sugar, water, and lemons! We provide full body sugaring for female and males including male and female brazilians. Who should consider sugaring: - Clients that are new to hair removal - Clients that shave - Clients that wax - Clients that are experiencing PCOS (female facial hair) - Clients that experience in-grown hairs - Clients that have sensitive skin - Clients that are vegan and eco-friendly - Clients from ALL backgrounds - Females - Males - You! We also offer facials for intimate areas (vajacials) to help you reach your skin care goals. Brains & Beauty Skincare & Sugaring 8340 West Oakland Park Blvd. Sunrise, FL 33351 954-440-0077 @coatedbybrainsbeauty IG/FB
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Young Africana

For Business Inquiries/ Product Reviews Contact Me At
  • 341K subscribers,
  • 198 videos
Last Updated19 days ago

LaBeautyologist – The Golden Rx

Everything that you've ever wanted to know about skin of color, and bodies of color. Educating young black and brown people how to take better care of their skin, and coaching them on how to take better care of their bodies, one video at a time. Nutrition based skincare. Health based skincare. Holistic health. Mental & physical wellness. Your friendly neighborhood esthetician, Nayamka , a New York and California State licensed esthetician & nail technician.
  • 473K subscribers,
  • 43 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Jena Frumes

I live life for a living! Single Mom to an amazing young King👑
  • 301K subscribers,
  • 130 videos
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B'Young Spa Quyet Hair 2

Welcome everyone to my B'Young Spa Quyet Hair 2 channel. I love hairdressing, skin treatment, especially acne. And I do it every day hoping that everyone will have better skin and hair, hoping everyone will support us. by subscribing to the channel thank you so much❤️ this is my paypal account: . if possible hope everyone can invite byoung spa a cup of coffee here..thank you very much. love everybody .. Địa chỉ điều trị mụn uy tín nhất tại Hồ Chí Minh .. Địa chỉ 236 nghĩa phát phường 6 quận tân bình SĐT : 03 5757 2772 B'Young Spa CHUYÊN ĐIỀU TRỊ MỤN RỖ VÀ NÁM LÂU NĂM ..
  • 121K subscribers,
  • 81 videos
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Hi there! I’m Dr. Amir Karam, MD, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation. I am the creator of the Vertical Restore, and the founder of Karam MD Skin. This channel’s goal is to help simplify facial rejuvenation and skincare through understandable content that cuts through the hype and leaves you feeling empowered. At the end of the day, my personal goal is simple: I want to help people look as young as they feel. I love providing insight as a plastic surgeon and skincare expert who has worked with over 6,000 patients to make them feel 30 years younger. On this channel, I discuss my hot takes on certain surgical procedures, general plastic surgery information, skincare tips that work no matter your age, and ultimately give you a front row seat into my work. When it comes to facial rejuvenation, I’m here to bring the eyes, face, and neck back to life. Hopefully, you will love the field as much as I do. If you have any questions, let me know!
  • 269K subscribers,
  • 134 videos
Last Updated4 days ago

Ashley Devonna

Ashley is a TWU Alumna with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. She is also a full time influencer and digital content creator. She posts makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, product reviews, weekly vlogs, travel vlogs, chit chats, and clothing hauls on her YouTube channel, and beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content on her Instagram and TikTok. She has a heart for inspiring and uplifting young women by promoting education, self love, self care, personal development, traveling and creating a life of attainable luxury.
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🔴 Watch Me Live 🔴 My Name is Kris or you can call me Swagg and I enjoy making videos surrounding Call of Duty. Please Subscribe to my Channel to stay up to date with all my videos! Make sure to Follow me on Twitter if you have any type of questions! S.W.A.G.G - Serve Worship And Glorify God! -Blessed to have all the subcscribers I have, it is a blessing to be where I am and I cant thank you guys enough! I am a Christian young man, who is here to entertain you through my videos, hopefully it inspires to do what you want in life. We only live once, but if we do it right once is enough. Gamertags: Xb1- SwaggXBL PSN: PrinceLightSkin
  • 2.6M subscribers,
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Tips For You A TO Z

Hi friends welcome to my channel. In this channel you can find DIY beauty, make up, health tips etc if you like my videos please subscribe and share. NB: All Videos in this channel is my personal experience only. Don't consider it as Professional advice.Downloading and Copying any content in my channel is subjected to copyright act. Contact For Business & Collaboration 👇 geethusandeep76@gmail.കോം ഞാൻ ഉണ്ടാക്കി കൊടുക്കുന്ന Hairoil റിസൾട്ട്‌ കേൾക്കാനും വാങ്ങാനും 9995245488 ഇൽ മെസ്സേജ് അയക്കു Follow 👇 Fb. Page Instagram Tipsforyouatoz YouTube Channels Geethus Haircare Saikrishna Kichu World Tips For You A Yo Z
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Desi Health TV

Welcome to Desi Health TV For business inquiries and promotions: These topics we recover 👇 skin whitening home remedies skin whitening cream skin whitening drink skin whitening treatment skin whitening tips how to grow hair fast how to grow long hair for men how to grow long hair for girls how to grow long hair faster get long hair fast cure baldness and regrow hair cure baldness permanently how to lose weight fast how to lose belly fat how to lose face fat how to lose weight in ramadan how to lose thigh fat how to lose belly fat fast weight loss exercises at home weight loss diet weight loss drink weight loss journey For business inquiries and promotions: Stay Tuned With Desi Health Tv
  • 2.5M subscribers,
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B'Young Spa Quyet Hair

I like hairdressing, skin treatment, especially acne. And I do it every day hoping that everyone will have better skin and hair, hoping everyone will support us. by subscribing to the channel thank you so much❤️ this is my paypal account: . if possible hope everyone can invite byoung spa a cup of coffee here..thank you very much. love everybody ..
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Naturally Sunny

All other socials: @naturally.sunny Pinterest: @naturallysunny01 Business Inquiries:
  • 301K subscribers,
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Shek's Diary

  • 620K subscribers,
  • 314 videos
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Be Styling

Welcome To Your And My Channel Be Styling Muhammad Umair is a young addicted YouTuber who is founder of Be Styling . He is 22 years old and living in Pakistan, Punjab, Sheikhupura. Currently, We are not having an educational degree or something like that but, We are that who have done everything whatever we wanted to do. Here You can learn Skin Care, Skin Whitening, Hair Care, Hair Style Based Tutorials In Urdu & Hindi For Promotion & Business Inquiries :-
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Last Updated8 days ago

Elective Vids

ELECTIVEVIDS is all About Health and Beauty Tips for all but specially for young generation Health Problems, Desi Nuskhe totkay and Wazaif to Improve health, Islami Wzaif, Health and Fitness Related All Of Men Problem, Desi Totakay and Tips, News, Funny Videos, Lataif & Much More..
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Last Updated3 months ago

Trendy teens

This channel mainly focuses on short skin care, beauty, natural hair ideas, black girl's trendy content and the word of God. For business inquiries email me at
  • 128K subscribers,
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Editorial Naturalbeauty556

hey you are welcome to my channel. my name is Edith. i love natural beauty, when i was a little kid my grand mum has always taught me the important and application of natural things and the health benefit. so av always loved and used them on my skin and body. and decided to share my knowledge with you. i hope you find my videos helpful and interesting. please share my videos to your friends amd family because you might never know when they would needthem and it would or might also be very helpful for them. i love u ...xoxo for business contact me most important days on my YouTube career 27-12-2016 100 sub 01-01-2017 200 sub 05-01-2017 300 sub 09-01-2017 400 sub 10-01-2017 500 sub 12-01-2017 600 sub 14-01-2017 700 sub 15-01-2017 800 sub 16-01-2017 900 sub 17-01-2017 1000 sub 30-01-2017 2000 sub 10-02-2017 3000 sub 16-02-2017 4000 sub 18-02-2017 5000 su
  • 2.8M subscribers,
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Last Updated5 months ago

Beauty Beyond 40

I'm a Los Angeles based 47 year old beauty creator. I use anti-aging skincare and devices; NOT injectables. I understand that many people decide to get Botox and fillers, but I don't think this should be done without first trying to take advantage of all the wonderful skincare and beauty devices are available on the market today. My top anti-aging skincare faves are: retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c serum, and SPF. I've been vegetarian for 30 years, which I believe has kept my skin looking young. I've never done Botox or fillers, but use many at-home devices, including microcurrent, LED masks, lasers, and radio frequency. I truly believe that a healthy lifestyle along with taking really good care of your skin and protecting your skin from the sun has a major impact on how your skin ages. Thank you for watching! Follow me on Instagram and TikTok @trinaalbus for more content.
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Siti Awe

  • 190K subscribers,
  • 84 videos
Last Updated13 days ago

Santoor Stay Young

  • 104K subscribers,
  • 839 videos
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