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Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks! News in Haikus! YIAY! Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Enjoy your stay!
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Nailed it.
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Meme Machine

All my memes/videos are made by me. My content is transformative to create something unique. Giving the topics new creative perspectives or meanings. I **DO NOT** simply reupload other YouTuber's videos I create custom thumbnails for my videos Follow me on Twitter for updates -
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The KAZS Games

Το gaming κανάλι μου. Εδώ παίζω παιχνίδια Για το κανονικό κανάλι μου πάτα εδώ :
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The Man Downstairs

My memes are plunderphonic, my anxiety is chronic Submit mashup ideas in my asks ( or through my DMs (@ThManDownstairs) My name isn't really rick btw I just wanted to make a good joke in a YIAY comments section
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I am Marcus Ayrton, a multi-threat creative who loves to create stuff using my various skills/talents. I specialise in Music production, Editing, Animation and Design, and all my content is for all to enjoy. Over the years my work has gained a following on multiple platforms including youtube, instagram and facebook. I have officially released an EP in 2016 which was then released on 2 compilation albums. And to see all my other work visit "Everyone go subscribe to MJ9, I just did" ~ jacksfilms (YIAY 500) INSTAGRAM TWITTER: SITE: MUSIC SITE: Thanks for subscribing guys, hope you like my stuff :)
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A channel featuring content of different varieties, such as analyzing pieces of media and pop culture. Also, ANTS ~ Michael O
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i am a scripter who made a game called copyrighted artists and didnt promote plagiarism in that game | pfp + banner by @KxraDrawsRBLX
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