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YB Chang

Former BuzzFeed / currently Try Guys editor. Foodie. Owned by my dog & cats. I make whatever videos I feel like, mostly food and lifestyle related. Thank you for watching 💗 Business inquiries:
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The Try Guys

a new era. episodes every wednesday and saturday podcasts available at official try guys merch at join the tryceratops at 2nd TRY LLC STAFF Rachel Ann Cole - Executive Producer & Chief Creative Officer Nick Rufca - Executive Producer & Chief Operations Officer Devin Wangler - Finance Manager Jonathan Kirk - Physical Production Coordinator Desiree Hurlbut - Production Coordinator Jack McGill - Production Assistant Nick Morell - Social Media Manager Aiko Igasaki - Short Form Editor & Graphic Design Associate Miles Bonsignore - Podcast Producer Rainie Toll - Podcast Editor Devlin McCluskey - Senior Editor YB Chang - Senior Editor Elliot Dickerhoof - Editor Mishelle Martin - Editor Skyler Klingenberg - Editor Will Witwer - Assistant Post Production Supervisor Moira Joy Smith - Assistant Editor
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Celebrity status

Welcome to our completely independent channel, featuring the same guys, with better videos. New episodes every Wednesday & Saturday! Get tickets for our worldwide tour “Legends Of The Internet” at The TryPod podcast available everywhere at Order our book “The Hidden Power Of F*cking Up” at Official Try Guys merch at THE TRY TEAM Executive Producer – Keith Habersberger Executive Producer – Ned Fulmer Executive Producer – Zach Kornfeld Executive Producer – Eugene Lee Yang Producer – Nick Rufca Producer – Rachel Ann Cole Production Manager – Alexandria Herring Assistant Production Coordinator / TryPod Producer – Miles Bonsignore Editor – Devlin McCluskey Editor – YB Chang Editor – Elliot Dickerhoof Assistant Editor – Will Witwer Social Media Manager – Kaylin Burke Office Production Assistant – Sam Johnson Production Assistant – Jonathan Kirk The Try Guys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC.
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Thợ rừng YB Vlog

Thợ rừng YB Vlog là kênh khám phá - trải nghiệm - Du lịch sinh thái - ẩm thực núi rừng của 2 chàng trai dân tộc thiểu số tây bắc, các bạn xem nhớ ấn đăng ký ủng hộ kênh mình nhé, xin cảm ơn./.
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