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local news and weather
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WSB- Pesca Esportiva

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Roensch Capital

Roensch Capital helps to simplify the potentially intimidating world of stock and options investing while providing unbiased analysis on long and short-term wealth building vehicles.
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Matt Kohrs

Sharing my own finance journey! TO THE MOON! 💎🙌
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  • 357 videos
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서핑 매거진 - WSB FARM

서핑의 모든것 - WSB FARM 대한민국 최초의 서핑 라이프스타일 매거진으로 한국의 대표적인 서핑해변을 실시간 파도웹캠(Surf Cam)을 통해 볼 수 있습니다. 파도웹캠 대한민국 주요 서핑스폿 16곳의 해변상황을 실시간으로 볼 수 있는 파도웹캠 서핑 매거진 입문자부터 상급자에게 필요한 최신 서핑 정보 제공 서핑 스폿 가이드 전국의 서핑 스폿 정보를 한눈에 서핑 배우기 오랜 경험을 토대로 만든 최정상급 선수들의 노하우
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Wall Street Millennial

This channel is about stocks and investing. We keep up to date with the hottest disruptive growth stocks and do deep dives into their business fundamentals so you can really understand the companies before deciding to buy their stock. We also monitor the wall street bets forum to find some of the craziest trades (both gains and losses) and analyze how they happened. This allows you to learn from other traders' experiences.
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Jor Stocks

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in the stock market, trading, and investing. This channel discusses stock purchases, options calls, options puts, buying options, buying calls, buying puts, wall street bets, r/wallstreetbets, WSB, robinhood app, gme short squeeze #shorts #robinhood #optionstrading
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Mateusz Grzesiak

Doktor Mateusz Grzesiak to psycholog, międzynarodowy trener i konsultant mający 14-letnie doświadczenie w branży szkoleniowej i wykładający w 7 językach. Ukończył studia magisterskie z prawa i psychologii, jest doktorem nauk ekonomicznych w dyscyplinie nauki o zarządzaniu. Obecnie robi doktorat z psychologii na University of Southern California i doktorat z pedagogiki w Akademii WSB. Jest autorem 14 bestsellerowych książek z zakresu psychologii rozwoju. Uczestniczył w licznych konferencjach jako mówca motywacyjny, występując u boku Roberta Cialdiniego, Briana Tracy’ego, Tony’ego Robbinsa czy Randy’ego Gage’a. Spędził 20 100 godzin, ucząc innych. Jest autorem Mixed Mental Arts – zintegrowanego modelu umiejętności miękkich, który można zastosować w 5 obszarach życia zawodowego i osobistego: w marketingu, samorealizacji, zarządzaniu, relacjach i duchowości. Jego motto brzmi: „Stwórz życie, w którym jesteś najlepszą wersją siebie, masz, czego pragniesz, pomagasz innym i zmieniasz świat”.
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Market Chasers

This channel is dedicated to all things investing. In the past we have mainly focused on reacting to posts from the wallstreetbets subreddit but that's not the entirety of what this channel is about. With this channel I hope to inspire individuals to learn how investing works by giving them informational videos like my "what is options trading" video and by increasing their interest with entertaining content. Starting in late Feburary 2021 this channel will seek to move more towards general finance lessons and reactions to market news and begin to diverge from the wallstreetbets reactions. The change will be made after seeing how passionate my viewers are about learning finance and how to invest and I feel that I would really like this channel to help them achieve that knowledge while educating them on the risks. The overall goal is to spread the love for investing. (NO DISCORD, TELEGRAM, PAID PRODUCT, OR SOLICITED SERVICE IS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CHANNEL BEWARE OF BOTS).
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Stonk Options

We create videos about popular companies & stocks.
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Welcome to the official MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship YouTube channel
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  • 1.9K videos
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Belmont Capital

Belmont Capital focuses on long-term investment analysis and whole market research. We find and provide information on investing for not only long term but short term as well.
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  • 868 videos
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MotoGP Championship Quest

The Fan World Championship is the pinnacle event for fans of MotoGP to compete on a global stage against each other, and to Join Your Favorite Rider On The Podium. Competition is open to everyone who downloads MotoGP Championship Quest and purchases and races as their favorite riders in-game. Downloading your favorite rider requires premium currency called "Diamonds". Diamonds can be earned for free over a period of time or purchased as an in app purchase through your selected app store. As such, entry is open to everyone. At the end of the Season and final Fan World Championship Round, The MotoGP rider who achieved the highest aggregate FWC Score across all rounds of the 2016 Fan World Championship will be crowned the “2016 Fan World Champion” Likewise the riders who achieve the second and third highest aggregate FWC Scores will earn 2nd and 3rd place, joining the championship winner on the podium.
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Meet Jason

Tip tricks and cheats for F2P free to play mobile games. Currently playing Atlas Empires come play together! Archeage money making guides and breaking news covered here! Never be poor in archeage and have more fun buying the things you want in game rather than struggling to make gold and stressing over gold! The best guides, tips, tricks and cheats for Royal Revolt 2. RR2 is a tower defense game that is free to play but has a premium currency that you will have to buy if you want to get high in the leader boards. You can play 100% for free just don't plan on being number 1 in the world leader boards =p. Add me on facebook as a friend to check out more too!
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MoonTV on alunperin vuosina 1997-2003 Suomen suurimmissa kaupungeissa kaapelikanavilla toiminut televisiokanava, joka aloitti uudelleen samaa asennetta ylläpitäen vuonna 2010. Kanava näkyy myös osoitteessa, jossa kaikki K18-materiaali sensuroimattomana, sekä muu mikä Youtubelle ei sovi. OSTA HUIKEAMUCHOHIENO FANITUOTE: Käy ostoksilla! TILAA INSTAGRAMISSA: Liity FB-ryhmäämme: Seuraa meitä twitterissä: Discord:
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True Trading Group

*** What is True Trading Group? *** True Trading Group (TTG) is the fastest growing & highest rated online trading educational community, with 1 simple goal: To Learn, Trade & Profit Together. TTG is led by former award-winning hedge fund trader Michael Edward and his team of pro trader moderators, focusing on all trading facets of trading stocks and options. *** What is TTG-Three? *** TTG3 is a 7-day trial to True Trading Group for a 1-time non-recurring & no-obligation $3 payment. This 7-day trial includes 3-days in our chat room, 3 trial courses guaranteed to make you a better trader, and 7-days of access to our stock profile tool which is the ultimate due diligence companion. The TTG Stock Profile Tool allows you to look up every ounce of information on any stock including analyst ratings! Sign Up for TTG3: *** Interested in a Full TTG Membership? *** Learn More Here: Want More Info? Text: +1-201-775-9702
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Kito Abashi

Kito Abashi is definitely NOT a damn diet. Hell in fact, i eat any damn thang remotely close to being edible. Well anything that allows me to sleep. But that's besides the point. I'm a Songwriter, Artist, Comedian, Vlogger, Blogger, Jogger, Robber, and clogger. The last one means probably what you thought it did. But yea. That's it! Ohhh. And i own some vacation homes. P.S Never rub crack on your ankle wounds. Best advice to date.
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Kamikaze Cash

Welcome to the home of Kamikaze Cash by Mikey Millions. We bring you the Theta Gang lifestyle and pair it with the word on the street from WallStreetBets and slick financial information. Channel topics: finance, betting, stocks, options, crypto, bitcoin, interest, shares. Hot trades, dank memes, and the best of Wallstreetbets all in one place.
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Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson is host of the Erick Erickson Show weekdays 9am to noon ET and host of Atlanta's Evening News on WSB Radio from 4pm to 6pm ET.
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  • 5 videos
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MAS Presents is the official events and touring company of Marco Andre Selorio. and MAS Music Group. You will find all our street dance tours, hip hop dance battles, World Supremacy Battlegrounds competition videos. Soon we will upload a series of BEST OF videos featuring some of our past and upcoming tours. MAS Events: World Supremacy Battlegrounds WSB ASIA WSB Battlegrounds Qualifiers MAS Collab MAS Campus Tours MAS Concerts MAS Dance Workshops Champions Tour Elite International UrbanStar National Talent Quest To connect with MAS, contact us on for business enquiries, interviews, brand partnerships and collaborations. Facebook: Website: Launched by Maribelle Salinas 2012
  • 73K subscribers,
  • 729 videos
Last Updated5 months ago