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Shortwave radio enthusiast and broadcaster who critiques comestibles, beverages and beyond, with intermittent postings of random videos and talk shows on a variety of topics. I produce a VORW Podcast on YouTube ► I also host VORW Radio International. VORW RADIO SCHEDULE: THURSDAY 5 PM EST - 7780 kHz - Europe 6 PM EST - 9955 kHz - S. America 8 PM EST - 9395 kHz - N. America 9 PM EST - 5010 kHz - Caribbean 10 PM EST - 5850 kHz - N. America FRIDAY 10 PM EST - 5850 kHz - N. America SATURDAY 3 AM EST - 1300 AM - Nashville 6 PM EST - 6115 kHz - N. America 10 PM EST - 5850 kHz - N. America SUNDAY 10 PM EST - 5850 kHz - N. America Listen to VORW Radio ► HELP SUPPORT on Patreon ► PayPal DONATE ► MERCH Store ► AMAZON Shop ► INSTAGRAM ► IAmReviewbrah TWITTER ► IAmReviewbrah
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GossipGirl XOXO

Home of Gossip & News I'm your host miss GIGI, I will inform you with information on your favorite celebrity & keep you informed with the daily news, rumors & Gossip... I give my own commentary on all of my videos, so subscribe here GOSSSIP GIRL XOXO, so you won't miss a beat, Honey Chile... We have a different location for Live Gossip Talk at the Party Crashers, Crash the party.. + $ C A S H A P P = $PINKLIPS100 + $ P A Y P A L = GETITGIRL411 + E M A I L (business + tea) YUMMYGIRLXOXO@YAHOO.COM
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Ghana Music

SUBSCRIBE to 🇬🇭Ghana Music Channel - The largest source of latest Ghanaian music videos, music news, interviews, shows and more! Explore and discover new Ghanaian hits and new/upcoming artistes and reminisce your old favourite hits. Ghana Music is owned by MiPROMO, a neo media company and operates from Accra, Ghana. #GhanaMusic Ghana Music - Just log on! Email: Tel: +1 732 723 7071 Tel: +233 (0)55 597 9767 Tel: +233 (0)30 293 0199
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Hotep Jesus

Tech Entrepreneur & Co-host of Hoteps BEEN Told You
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El_Alien 2. 0

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шиппер уай

Меме мейкеры говно которые не хотят создавать норм контент
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Spiel und Spaß mit Peci wenn dir gefällt was du siehst und hörst lass doch ein Abo da :) Ich bin Peci aka Tom bin um die 30 und mache Let´s Plays und Videos aller Art direkt aus dem tiefsten Bayern. Ich arbeite Vollzeit, was bedeutet, dass es sein kann, dass ein Video mal einen Tag später kommt als geplant. Bei Fragen zu meiner Person oder technischer Ausstattung etc schreib mir doch eine PN hier oder auf Facebook Viele Grüße und viel Spaß! Meinen Merch findet ihr hier: Gameserver werden gesponsort von Nitrado! Sendet mir Spiele oder anderes an meine Packstation: DerPeci Postnummer 845012331 Packstation 130 85356 Freising Impressum: Stellvertretend c/o Webedia Gaming GmbH allyance Cuvrystr. 3-4 10997 Berlin E-Mail: Telefon: +49 (0) 89 244 136 705 Web:
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The New Adventures of Peter Pan

The beloved stories of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and the Darling children are masterfully retold in this animated series for kids! Wendy Darling, along with her brothers John and Micheal, are swept away to Neverland where they don't have to worry about their mundane lives in London and all of their wildest dreams can come true. Peter Pan leads the trio of siblings on countless adventures, navigating the perils of malicious mermaids, wild Indian tribes, and the unrelenting Captain Hook. While Peter Pan doesn't want to grow up, Wendy and her brothers inevitably learn valuable life lessons about friendship, family, and responsibility that they take home to London at the end of every episode. ----- Imprint © Streamwerke GmbH, Berlin. All rights reserved. Streamwerke GmbH Hedemannstr. 14 10969 Berlin Germany Tel: +49 (0) 30 88 69 210 Mail: CEO: Andreas Geier Streamwerke GmbH, Berlin (Amtsgericht Berlin (Charlottenburg) HRB 178007)
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Happy Mist

Welcome to Happy Mist! Gameplays, interactions, and reactions of your favorite games will be uploaded. Please subscribe if you're interested and like the videos if you want to see more! Milestone! 100 subscribers - Nov.29, 2020 200 subscribers - Dec.06, 2020 300 subscribers - Dec.13, 2020 400 subscribers - Dec.16, 2020 500 subscribers - Dec.20, 2020 600 subscribers - Dec.25, 2020 700 subscribers - Dec.28, 2020 800 subscribers - Jan.03, 2021 900 subscribers - Jan.07, 2021 1,000!!! THANK YOU! 💕 Jan.09, 2021 1,250 subs - Jan.13, 2021 1,500 subs - Jan.17, 2021 1,750 subs - Jan.23, 2021 2,000 subs!! Thank you! 😊 Feb.03, 2021 2,250 subs - Feb.15, 2021 2,500 subs - Mar.02, 2021 2,750 subs - Mar.15, 2021 3,000 subs!!! 😊💕 - Apr. 09, 2021 Thank you so much :3
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Wizzi 2.0

WIZZI 2.0 Né A Carrefour Passioné De La Technologie (Gamer) Je Joue A: PUBG_____ CALL OF DUTTY___ HITMAN_____ FIFA 20_______ . Alors Je Compte Sur Vous Mes Amis ______________________________________ Abonnez Vous A Ma Chaine! E-mail____________________ Facebook________________ K-Deux WizziIG Instagram_______________ @djk2_official Twitter__________________ @djk2_official Snapchat________________ @djk2509 My Website°____________ Discord________________ K2WIZZIOFFICIAL Twitch_________________ k2wizziofficial Telegram_ +590 690 96 04 99 _________________________________________________________________________ Whatsapp Number____________ FR___ +33 758 38 2325 GD_ _________________________________________________________________________
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Skye Sweetheart

♥ 'Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will' ~ George Bernard Shaw ♥ ▼ Skye, 19, Sweden ▼ Using Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 to edit videos ▼ My absolutely stunning wallpaper & icon are made by my wonderful bestie Lawl / Lawliettte2 ♥♥♥ ~ Currently Vidding ~ ▼ OUAT ▼ Mirror, Mirror (2012) ▼ Peter Pan (2003)
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Hello :P it's me SouthparkEvolution but I decided to stop putting the south park Episodes cause they would just keep suspending me ;( so for now on I won't do it anymore and will just do whatever is fun ;D PLEASE SUB HERE/on my Back-Up Account D: -my Favorite Characters of South park Are Stan x Kyle x3 **Video Projects** -------- Stan x Wendy~Here We go Again-100% Stan,Kyle,Cartman~Toxic-100% South Park~hypnotic dancefloor-100% Cartman x Wendy~Love Story-0% Depending in being on meps D: I don't have time anymore.. :( **South park MEP parts** -------- Nothing now ~ xD -------- ^^~
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juanfe studios

Caja informativa Soy un gachatuber quiero llegar a los 100k de suscritores💙💙 Me llamo juan felipe XD tengo:11 años Vivo en : Colombia Naci: en yopal Mejor amigo:Carlos Mejor amiga: pilar Novia:emily Mejor amigo en YT:no tengo Mejor amiga en YT:Alejaneko Soy blanco (No me gusta ser blanco) Mi color favorito : azul agua marina 💙💙 Ispirancion de ser un gachatuber:Wendy studios Metas: 50 sub ✔ 100 sub ✔ 150 sub ✔ 200 sub ✔ 250 sub ✔ 300 sub ✔ 350 sub ✔ 400 suv ✔ 450 sub ✔ 500 sub ✔ 550 sub ✔ 600 sub ✔ 650 sub ✔ 700 sub ✔ 750 sub ✖ 800 sub ✖ 850 sub ✖ 900 sub ✖ 950 sub ✖ 1000 sub ✖ 1500 sub ✖ 2000 sub ✖
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Wendy Neo / 温妮娘 Dedicated to the patriotic and nationalistic causes of Singapore / 爱国不爱党,爱党不爱国! Native ex-Singaporean / 土生土长的本土奴隶 Currently in Australia / 人在"澳"营心在"新" A late-1980s, post-teenager / 幼齿。黄毛丫头 Studied in SG till O-level / 十六岁前,未经"认"事 Neighbourhood pri. sch / 勤慎端朴的邻家小女孩 SAP sec. sch / 在太平洋的西岸,在印度洋的东滨 Vital Stats: 1.64m, 48kg / 娇小玲珑 Likes: patriots / 佩服精忠报国的有志之士 Dislikes: ball-carriers / 鄙视唯利是图的走狗 Like 250,000 other Singaporeans, my family tak boleh tahan the Por Alien Party and emigrated to Australia to give my 2 brothers and I a better future. I am now an undergraduate in Perth. / 受够了。是可忍,孰不可忍。走! Emigration is a tool - like workers going on strikes, to force employer back to the negotiation table. I "QUIT". WHY HAVEN'T YOU? / 里应外合。内外夹攻。妙!
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Wendy Valencia

We are a family of three (Wendy, Mauricio and Melina - Age 9), living in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC and getting our financial life in order! We earn a solid multi 6 figure income but in the past we have struggled to pay for unexpected expenses and emergencies. We truly lived paycheck to paycheck even though we had a positive overall net worth because of our retirement savings. But in 2016 everything changed. We decided to get out financial act together and since that time we have gotten 1 full month ahead in our income (which means what we earn this month goes to pay next month's bills), paid off well over $250,000 worth of debt, started planning ahead and saving for big financial expenses. We are now creating our own plan and showing you every step along the way!
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