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Wall Street Millennial

This channel is about stocks and investing. We keep up to date with the hottest disruptive growth stocks and do deep dives into their business fundamentals so you can really understand the companies before deciding to buy their stock. We also monitor the wall street bets forum to find some of the craziest trades (both gains and losses) and analyze how they happened. This allows you to learn from other traders' experiences.
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Matt Kohrs

Sharing my own finance journey! TO THE MOON! 💎🙌
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New Money

Videos about stock market investing, personal finance, money saving, and building wealth. Content designed to help you achieve financial freedom sooner!
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Jor Stocks

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in the stock market, trading, and investing. This channel discusses stock purchases, options calls, options puts, buying options, buying calls, buying puts, wall street bets, r/wallstreetbets, WSB, robinhood app, gme short squeeze #shorts #robinhood #optionstrading
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SD Bullion

This is the official Youtube channel for SDBullion.com We offer the lowest priced physical Gold, Platinum, & Silver bullion in the USA. Subscribe to our channel for new precious metals and bullion-related content uploads to come!
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Stonk Options

We create videos about popular companies & stocks.
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Market Chasers

This channel is dedicated to all things investing. In the past we have mainly focused on reacting to posts from the wallstreetbets subreddit but that's not the entirety of what this channel is about. With this channel I hope to inspire individuals to learn how investing works by giving them informational videos like my "what is options trading" video and by increasing their interest with entertaining content. Starting in late Feburary 2021 this channel will seek to move more towards general finance lessons and reactions to market news and begin to diverge from the wallstreetbets reactions. The change will be made after seeing how passionate my viewers are about learning finance and how to invest and I feel that I would really like this channel to help them achieve that knowledge while educating them on the risks. The overall goal is to spread the love for investing. (NO DISCORD, TELEGRAM, PAID PRODUCT, OR SOLICITED SERVICE IS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CHANNEL BEWARE OF BOTS).
  • 61K subscribers,
  • 72 videos
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Kamikaze Cash

Welcome to the home of Kamikaze Cash by Mikey Millions. We bring you the Theta Gang lifestyle and pair it with the word on the street from WallStreetBets and slick financial information. Channel topics: finance, betting, stocks, options, crypto, bitcoin, interest, shares. Hot trades, dank memes, and the best of Wallstreetbets all in one place.
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Meet Jason

Tip tricks and cheats for F2P free to play mobile games. Currently playing Atlas Empires come play together! Archeage money making guides and breaking news covered here! Never be poor in archeage and have more fun buying the things you want in game rather than struggling to make gold and stressing over gold! The best guides, tips, tricks and cheats for Royal Revolt 2. RR2 is a tower defense game that is free to play but has a premium currency that you will have to buy if you want to get high in the leader boards. You can play 100% for free just don't plan on being number 1 in the world leader boards =p. Add me on facebook as a friend to check out more too!
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True Trading Group

*** What is True Trading Group? *** True Trading Group (TTG) is the fastest growing & highest rated online trading educational community, with 1 simple goal: To Learn, Trade & Profit Together. TTG is led by former award-winning hedge fund trader Michael Edward and his team of pro trader moderators, focusing on all trading facets of trading stocks and options. *** What is TTG-Three? *** TTG3 is a 7-day trial to True Trading Group for a 1-time non-recurring & no-obligation $3 payment. This 7-day trial includes 3-days in our chat room, 3 trial courses guaranteed to make you a better trader, and 7-days of access to our stock profile tool which is the ultimate due diligence companion. The TTG Stock Profile Tool allows you to look up every ounce of information on any stock including analyst ratings! Sign Up for TTG3: https://TTGThree.com *** Interested in a Full TTG Membership? *** Learn More Here: https://truetradinggroup.com/offer/ Want More Info? Text: +1-201-775-9702
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Follow my second channel dedicated to wallstreetbets - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpN4S4B9WlcjWqpytVQHGSA Join my discord and interact with thousands of other traders - https://discord.gg/G4QTZbdNcF Lucid Tracking (Track Ark Invest, Blackrock and other ETF's) - https://lucidtracking.com/#/join/tech-conversations Stocktwits - https://stocktwits.com/TechConversations Instagram - guillermorosiles_ My Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheTechConvo My Discords Twitter - https://twitter.com/GetmoneyTraders Robinhood referral link - https://join.robinhood.com/guiller432
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I'm millennial money Batman if his utility belt only had nerdy gadgets to make and save money. As a 26-year-old cryptocurrency data scientist in Silicon Valley that built 9 streams of passive income in 2020, I want to help you find your own path to 6 figures in 6 months. Subscribe to keep up with weekly uploads, cool kids are all doing it. Let's leap together. Business inquiries should go to andrewmobusiness@gmail.com.
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Invertir Aprendiendo

Invertir Aprendiendo es el lugar donde los futuros y actuales inversionistas tienen la oportunidad de aprender a invertir a través del éxito y el fracaso de otros inversionistas, que ahora tienen éxito pero que tuvieron que recorrer el mismo camino que tu intentas recorrer. Aprenderás a invertir de forma didáctica y entretenida a través de los mayores casos de éxito bursátil y de crisis financiera de la historia. Todo lo que se contara aquí sera real y tienen el objetivo principal de que tu aprendas de la experiencia.
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  • 242 videos
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Stockwits Acade〽y

This is a collaborative FREE knowledge sharing community. We have a zero-tolerance policy on promoting (via public or private message) any outside channels, services, communities, or events of any kind that have not been expressly approved by the Stockwits Academy team and our mod panel. This includes all fee-based investment training/mentoring channels and any kind of crypto offerings. ***Your decision whether or not to make a purchase should be based on your own due diligence and not any representation we make to you.***
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MMT Investing

How to profit and build wealth in this crazy MMT modern monetary environment! Stocks, financial education, passive income, investment assets, and macroeconomics. Only here will you get: stock market technical analysis, drawn inside of Elliott Waves, set up in macro-cycle formations, adhering to the new MMT world-monetary fundamentals.
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Cash Daddies

The Cash Daddies podcast is an entertainment purposes only podcast that discusses all the ways internet rich people can invest their money. If you are killing it on Patreon, YouTube or even Only-Fans and you want to learn about how to invest, then this is your show. Invest at your own risk. Don't invest more than you can lose.
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Company Breakdown

Here we look at companies and how they are planning on adding value to investors. Along with other news on wall street. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!! This channel is in no way financial advice, this is for entertainment purposes only.
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Red Rabbit Reader

Red Rabbit Reader wants to be the best producer text-to-speech (TTS) content. We want to produce the most watchable, highest quality Reddit videos. We do this with our own, in-house produced, software that allows us to quickly edit content. This isn't freeware, each comment is edited for spelling, grammar, and improved readability. If you have ideas for improvement, let us know!
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