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Voice of America

Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of 236.8 million people. VOA produces content for digital, television, and radio platforms. It is easily accessed via your mobile phone and on social media. It is also distributed by satellite, cable, FM and MW, and is carried on a network of approximately 3,000 affiliate stations. Since its creation in 1942, Voice of America has been committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the news and telling audiences the truth. Through World War II, the Cold War, the fight against global terrorism, and the struggle for freedom around the globe today, VOA exemplifies the principles of a free press.
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VOA Swahili

Sauti ya Amerika - Idhaa ya Kiswahili inawafikia zaidi ya watu milioni 100 wanaotembelea tovuti, mitandao ya kijamii, radio na televisheni zetu. Tunawasilisha maudhui kuhusu Afrika Mashariki na Kati kwa nchi takriban 11 huko Afrika na wale walioko ughaibuni na kwingineko duniani. Vipindi vyetu vimejikita katika maudhui mbalimbali ikiwemo habari, vijana, wanawake, siasa, sayansi, teknolojia, afya, biashara, michezo, muziki na burudani na pia tunawashirikisha wasikilizaji wetu. #voaswahili Voice of America - Swahili 330 Independence Ave., SW Washington, D.C. 20237 Email:
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Radiyoyacu VOA

Isoko y'amakuru yerekeye u Rwanda, Uburundi, Afurika, n'ahandi ku isi. Voice of America/Central Africa 330 Independence Ave, SW Washington, D.C. United States 20237 Email:
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Studio 7 has been providing Zimbabwe with objective and balanced radio news since 2003. It broadcasts up-to-the-minute reports on Zimbabwean politics, the economy, health, society, sports and the best Zimbabwean music. Studio 7 in Shona, English and Ndebele can be heard each Monday through Friday evening in Zimbabwe and other parts of the Southern African region from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 8 p.m. Studio 7 broadcasts at 909 on the AM or medium wave band, and on short wave at 4930, 7210 and 12130 kiloHertz. Listeners in the Harare region in particular may experience jamming on 909 AM. Voice of America - VOA Zimbabwe / Studio 7 330 Independence Ave., SW Washington D.C. 20237 +1 202-465-0318 Email:
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美国之音视频节目,从政治动态到社会新闻,从尖端科技到英语学习,内容包罗万象,应有尽有! 《时事大家谈》:专家与观众即时互动,深入剖析美中关系热点,全方位探讨中国重大议题 《美国热搜》:萃取西方主流媒体报道,搜罗网友街头巷议,美国热搜,让您听到墙外的声音! 《美中对标》:中国热点对标美国论据,爱思考的妖妖酱用一杯咖啡的时间让您了解中国热点的美国冷思考! 《鹰与盾》: 立足美国,放眼世界,帮助观众洞晓全球军情,识兵戈,知天下。 美国之音卫星电视2024年4月8日起改变下行频率,观众可以在美国之音网页查询最新频率信息,或者重新扫描卫星频道,即可正常收看。 美国之音节目内容平衡客观、多元全面。请浏览美国之音中文网 查询相关信息,收听、收看多媒体报道和英语教学内容。 如果您对我们的网站有任何建议或意见,欢迎发电邮给我们。来函请寄 欢迎订阅美国之音中文网YouTube频道!
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VOA Deewa

وي او اې ډېوه د پاکستان-افغانستان سرحدي سیمو، امریکا، او د نړۍ په اړه تاسو ته باوري خبرونه درکوي. تاسو وي او اې ډېوه په ډيجيټل، آنلاین، ټي وي او رېډیو ۲۴/۷ لیدلی او کتلی شئ. مونږ تاسو او تاسو مونږ سره خپل حال شریک کړئ. وي او اې ډېوه په ۲۰۰۶ کې خپرونې شورو کړې. او دا وخت د ورځې ۲۴ ساعته، او د هفتې اووه ورځې خپرونې لري. کوي. تاسو د خپل موبایل فونونو نه د وي او اې ډیوه سوشل مېډیا (FB,IG,Twitter,YT,Telegram @VOADEEWA)، ټي وي، او وېب ( ته تللی شئ. ډېوه ټي وي هره ورځ ۲۴ ساعته په سټلایټ، سوشل مېډیا او وېب سایټ لیدلی شئ. ډېوه هره ورځ نهه ګېنټې رېډیو پروګرامونه (خبرونه، نظرونه او موسیقي) په ۶۲۱ منځنیو څپو او انلاین د پاکستان په وخت ماښام ۷ بجو نه تر سحر ۷ بجو پورې (افغانستان په وخت ماښام ۶.۳۰-سهر ۶۰۳۰) اورېدلی شئ.
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প্রবাসী মেয়েদের প্রতিবেদন

hey guys welcome to my channel please like comment share and subscribe and support my channel
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The Voice of America

VOA, the people's choice.
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INKUNGA YAWE NUGUKANDA SUBSCRIBE HANO KURI FLY250TV TV UKAZAJYA UBONA AMAKURU KUGIHe #bbc_news#VOA#m23#paulkagame#burundi#ijwiryamerica #amakurumurwanda #hamas #amakuruagezweho #rdf #frdc #isreal #isimbitv
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Hiiraan TV

Hiiraan Online:: Somali news :: Your source of news and information about Somalia
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Iqra Khan Technical

Hi Welcome To My Channel Iqra Khan Technical My channel is related to all earning platform here I share with you guys all new usdt investment site and also sharing without investment earning platform platform hope you all enjoy my channel and getting alot of benefits from my channel if you have any questions can contact me on my telegram also contact for business inquiry on my telegram Best Regards: IQRA KHAN
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Parrot 24

We'll Come To My YouTube Channel "Parrot 24". This channel is all about parrots and for nature lovers. This channel will be updated regularly with beautiful parrots, birds and nature videos. Don't Forget To like, Comment, Share And Subscribe For More! YouTube Channel: FaceBook Page:
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英語リスニングにピッタリの英語ニュースを毎日配信しています。 日英字幕を同時に見ながら英語ニュースをリスリング。 短く、難しくないので、初心者にも勉強しやすいです。 この英語リスニング・英語ニュースの無料アプリやツイッターもぜひご利用ください! 【アプリのご紹介】 YouTube未公開の限定ニュースを配信中! 圧倒的な聞きやすさと使いやすさが支持されています。 YouTube同様の日英字幕はもちろん、 速度調整、聞き流しなどの便利機能も充実! 無料アプリのダウンロードはこちら→ 【Twitterのご紹介】 「これなら聞けるリスニング動画」 「クイズ・ネイティブの使い分け」 「いざという時の英会話フレーズ」 など、英語お役立ちコラムを毎日配信中! フォローはこちら→ ※ このチャンネルが配信する動画には、VOAのCopyright Statementに基づき、voanews.com内の”Public Domain”ライセンスが適用される英語textと英語audioが含まれます。 Based on the Copyright Statement of VOA, this application uses the English text and English audio licensed as "Public Domain" within 学習効果が高まるよう、独自に編集、最適な和訳を独自に作成し、英語音声に合わせて日英字幕を同時に表示しています。ぜひ英語リスニングの勉強に、この英語ニュース・英語リスニング動画をご活用ください!
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VOA Lingala

VOA Lingala ezali service ya basango na lingala ya VOA, Voice of America too la Voix de l'Amérique. Basango ya RDC, Congo-Brazzaville, Afrique, Etats-Unis mpe mokili mobimba. Voice of America - Lingala 330 Independence Avenue, SW Washington D.C. 20237 Email:
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Preapsor News HD

Welcome to Preapsor News HD Channel If you are Khmer and love Khmer, please help like and share this news to our people, so they can understand our society and give them transparent knowledge. Our channel, we upload Khmer news, Khmer hot news, Khmer breaking news, Cambodia News, Khmer hot news, RFA news, RFI News, VOA news, VOA news, VOA news, and other real news in Cambodia. Sources and References: RFA Khmer: RFI Khmer: VOA Khmer:
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Rabee News

Welcome to YouTube Channel #Rabee_News Hello everyone I want to show you about: Khmer Social Network, News & Politics, and general news in Cambodia. ►We love Khmer, Like Share to send to our people so he can understand our territory and News in society. ► We Upload about: Khmer News, VOA Khmer, VOD Hot News, Cambodia hot news, breaking news, news today, CNRP TV, CPP News, Khmer news, Khmer hot news, Khmer Social Network. ►Thank You For Watching video please Subscribe my Channel ►Sources and references: RFI Khmer: RFA Khmer: VOA Khmer: Thank you for Watching.. Please Subscribe to get new videos which update every day. Thank you for watching and subscribe.
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The Voice of America is one of the world's leading international broadcasters. VOA produces radio, television, and Internet programming in 43 languages. Including Hindi. Look at some of our best and most interesting news and feature report videos here on YouTube. For more, go to our Web site: or
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