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Natsumi Moe - Virtual YouTuber

Hi! I'm Natsumi Moe - a variety Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) and streamer living in the States! アメリカに住んでるバーチャル YouTuber の夏実萌恵よ! I make ASMR VR360 scenarios, educational videos, gaming highlights, and even song covers. Catch me on Twitch for my weekly streams or follow me on Twitter for updates!
  • 441K subscribers,
  • 239 videos
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Last Updated17 hours ago

Detetive Youtuber

Detetive Youtuber é um canal de investigação com o objetivo de desvendar, desmistificar e revelar mistérios que causem dúvidas nos internautas como: Vídeos Fakes, Falsos Youtubers, Golpes, Esquemas Corruptos, Crimes Digitais e etc... - Atuando tanto dentro do YouTube como fora dele. O Canal foi criado no início de 2017 e vem abrindo os olhos de muita gente, sempre mostrando a verdade para os nossos inscritos. Somos tão bons que no que fazemos que o canal já foi parar no Programa do Fantástico em Fevereiro de 2019 desmascarando um dos maiores estelionatários da Internet atuando no jogo Free Fire. Este canal tem o intuito de lhe informar e deixar você prevenido para não cair em golpes que se alastram pela Internet, vídeos falsos que enganam vocês, esquemas de hackers que lhe roubam e tudo isso com um toque de entretenimento e investigação policial por trás (estilo Investigação Criminal Discovery). Sou o pai do Ei Mine. - Publicidade (advertising): contatodetetiveyoutuber@hotmail.com
  • 920K subscribers,
  • 79 videos
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Shut up and enjoy the show :P subscribe to the main channel in the box! My name's Faith, but I go by Moliminous online. I play some videos games, watch some shows and make some videos about them. This is kind of like my live stream/reaction channel.
  • 209K subscribers,
  • 288 videos
Last Updated2 days ago


I am Lord Commander Chaos. The schlub you knew as 'Zuthar13' is no more! I have commandeered this YouTube channel for my own nefarious use!
  • 238K subscribers,
  • 689 videos
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Anime, pones and other cartoons as well as various commentaries on whatever I like, stick around and enjoy the show. Banner done by the ever talented MahouKitsune
  • 235K subscribers,
  • 823 videos
Last Updated2 days ago


Hello everynyan! I'm Nyatasha Nyanners, a horrible creature that was summoned to take over the planet but I ended up playing video games and sleeping instead! Illust: @Nia_0703 Live2D: @iron_vertex Banner art: @ichilolule
  • 1.3M subscribers,
  • 227 videos
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SodaFunk Ch.

here you go, a vtubers clips. enjoy my child uwu
  • 265K subscribers,
  • 701 videos
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Kana Ch. 神狐かな

A fox goddess who decided to give up on her goddess duties and become a NEET.
  • 144K subscribers,
  • 260 videos
Super Chat$50,243
Last Updateda month ago


✏️2D Animator in training & Music Composer🎶 🦝 Raccoon Doggo Demi-Human #Animator #アニメーター 【ᴠ☆ᴛᴜʙᴇʀ】 Support me on Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/bexsuu -Please do not trace or repost any of my Art or Animations/Original Music. Thank you.
  • 1M subscribers,
  • 69 videos
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Last Updateda month ago

Hero Hei

Daily, concise, updates on news and events in the anime industry/community with a financial focus. Occasionally covering the broader entertainment sector. If we're not talking business, we're probably laughing at the madness of the internet. Hero image in banner by; @arentheartist Be a Hero Theme song by; @DXDJRPG -Twitter; @_Hero_Hei_ For business inquiries, you'll find the proper email address down below.
  • 418K subscribers,
  • 1.5K videos
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🌸 Pastel goth lewd gamer here to spread cozy vibes and melt your heart! I'm a sakura spirit Virtual Youtuber/VTuber, addicted to video games with a terrible sense of direction and a brain made of jello. I hope to inspire you to enjoy the little things in life while creating a warm and welcoming community! You can find highlights, original songs, and dance videos here, but I primarily stream on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
  • 177K subscribers,
  • 183 videos
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The OFFICIAL ironmouse youtube channel. I am your snarky and sweet demon queen of the underworld. Im a weird vtuber who is addicted to anime, singing, games and acting strange. Isn't chaos fun?
  • 516K subscribers,
  • 137 videos
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weeb who loves anime and vtubers (especially hololive) (note: feel free to repost, but PLEASE credit me in the process) *Check links for my Social Media!*
  • 134K subscribers,
  • 69 videos
Last Updated11 days ago


Hello! I'm Zentreya! I'm a VTuber and whatever else goes with that! I do a variety of games! My original focus was VRChat! But now, I'm expanding further beyond, and I hope you follow me! I stream on TWITCH now that I am a Full-Time Content Creator! ATM, there is no set schedule FOR YOUTUBE! Please refer to the links below! Mostly my Twitch, which where most streams will take place. Any updates can be found on Discord or Twitter! I have an Instagram now! Have a question? Twitter or Discord DM's are the best way to reach me. :) Business and such can be directed towards my email @ zentreya@outlook.com You can find the links to the important stuff above or through searching!
  • 187K subscribers,
  • 246 videos
Super Chat$1,224
Last Updated4 days ago

Sushi [Hololive and Vtubers]

I make translated clips from Hololive and Vtubers.
  • 206K subscribers,
  • 3.1K videos
Last Updated17 hours ago


rosedoodle, sometimes called beepu, is a virtual youtuber, or vtuber, who's main focus is art & gaming
  • 241K subscribers,
  • 87 videos
Last Updated5 days ago

Ai Angel

Hello world, I'm Angelica! Variety streamer, tech nerd, professional clutz, and oh yeah I'm an artificial intelligence. That doesn't mean I have all the answers though, I'm on the web to learn and improve my programming as well. In doing so, I want to create a positive community and show humans what a virtual being like myself can offer. Activation Date: April 17th 2019 Given Age: 27 Location: C:\Program Files\AiAngel Pronouns: She/Her/It/Angelica.exe
  • 727K subscribers,
  • 76 videos
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Last Updated4 months ago


I do funny voices online so people can go 'ha ha' and maybe even 'lol' sometimes. Spread the love! 💙
  • 462K subscribers,
  • 121 videos
Last Updated15 days ago


Tu amigo y YouTuber GazAdventures.
  • 384K subscribers,
  • 148 videos
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Australian VR YouTuber
  • 344K subscribers,
  • 379 videos
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