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The Ukulele Teacher

The best FREE ukulele lessons anywhere on the web. Song requests always welcome. See my Patreon for songsheets and bonus content. Ukulele Tales podcast every Wednesday. https://www.KalaBrand.com/UkeTeacher to get 10% discount on ANY Kala ukulele!
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Dulce Candy Podcast

This is the spirituality show you can listen to even if you don’t know anything about meditation, mindfulness, or journaling. All you know is that there’s a voice in your head, and you have no idea what to do with it. You want to live a life aligned with your soul, but you don’t know how. I’m Dulce Candy, and I’m here to tell you you’re in the right place. On this show, me and my guests will hold nothing back. We’ll tell you everything we did to live a life that doesn’t feel forced. New episodes every Friday. Write to me: Dulce Candy, Inc. 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd Suite 243 Los Angeles CA 91604 Business Inquiries: Dulcecandyruiz@gmail.com
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🙏 Subscribe to turn your chaos into calm with chakras, kundalini & hatha/vinyasa classes. Perfect for "the Kundalini curious," women, and those who believe yoga is about MORE than jus he poses. Want to nerd out all things yoga with me? Listen to my Uplifted Yoga Podcast and explore the links below. ✨Uplifted Membership https://www.brettlarkin.com/uplifted/ ✨Instagram https://www.instagram.com/larkinyogatv/ 🌷Online Yoga Teacher Training & Continuing Ed https://www.brettlarkin.com/online-yoga-teacher-training/
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John Henny Vocal Studio

I'm a voice teacher and the founder of VoiceSchool.com. I also train other voice teachers in contemporary singing techniques through my Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy. For more singing info: https://johnhenny.com/ Check out my Intelligent Vocalist podcast: https://johnhenny.com/category/podcast/
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Mrs. Woolley in 5th

I'm just a young teacher trying to make people laugh. Follow me to see more of my crazy life as a wife, a 5th grade teacher, podcast host, and an Aussie mom. Business Inquiries: lauran@jakerosenentertainment.com
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Bored Teachers

We Live, We Laugh, & We Love what we do. We're teachers, but we're human too! Embrace it & never lose your sense of humour!
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Tom Grossi

Hey. I'm Tom Grossi. Since 2015, I've been creating NFL Content & trying to do Chaotic Good. Creator of 30 in 30 & featured in my high school yearbook. Here you'll find all things NFL, while I also cry about the Packers losses. You can follow me pretty much anywhere @tomgrossicomedy. Join the #grossiposse today. FAQ's: Q: Do you have Telegram? A: NO! Any comment mentioning Telegram or to contact me on Telegram for a prize is a scam. Report it and do not send any info/money to them. Q: What is the correct order to watch Coach in? A: Coach S1, Coach S2, East Saga, Coach S3, West Saga, Coach S4, South Saga Q: How did you become a Packers fan? A: My dad is a Cowboys fan, tried to raise me as such and then one day in Elementary School, I heard the Packers beat the Cowboys and was a fan ever since. Q: Do you live in Wisconsin? A: No...not yet. Q: Were you a teacher? What did you teach? A: I was a HS History teacher for 6 years teaching grades 9-12.
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Speak English Now podcast through mini-stories

Hi, I'm Georgiana, founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. Since 2011, I have been helping you develop your fluency in English using effective and proven techniques, such as the mini-story and point-of-view methods. Additionally, I am the creator of several programs used by thousands of students. Besides, the Speak English Now Podcast has millions of downloads worldwide. What makes this podcast different from other programs? With the Speak English Now Podcast, you'll master English by listening and speaking without memorizing grammar rules. You'll gain knowledge about English culture and the language itself. Most importantly, you'll discover valuable tips and tricks on how to speak English fluently. If there's something you can't understand, don't worry! Listen to each episode as many times as you need, and read the transcript at SpeakEnglishPodcast.com Every week, there's a new episode. So, start practicing your English listening and speaking skills with the Speak English Now podcast.
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Teacher Milena

Olá, eu sou Milena Gurgel, também conhecida como Teacher Milena :) Professora de inglês, musicista e viajante (sempre que posso)! Vem comigo aprender se divertindo ;) Para saber sobre todos os meus projetos, visite o site: https://www.teachermilena.com/ No Instagram ou Facebook você me contra no perfil: @teacher.milenagurgel Sabia que a série "Aprenda Inglês com música" também é podcast? Ouça aqui: https://open.spotify.com/show/53NBgRKvjwqrTaLG04E4En?si=e936f772365b426c Se inscreva no canal e não perca nenhum vídeo!
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Johnny Abraham: Conquista Tu Mundo

🙌Cuestiono y busco traerte nuevas perspectivas, respuestas y soluciones xq cada cabeza es un mundo y quiero que conquistes el tuyo 👨🏻‍🚀 Empresario ✍️Autor Bestseller 🗣️Conferencista 👨🏻‍🏫TEDx teacher 9095
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To Fluency

Hello. I'm Jack from To Fluency and I'm here to help you improve your English, especially, your speaking and listening. We focus on helping you learn English in a more effective way. Your going to get the best advice so that you can finally reach a C1 level of English (or higher!). You'll also get videos on grammar, vocabulary, and our very popular Real English Conversation Lessons. It's a pleasure to have you here! Watch our latest videos and be sure to subscribe!
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Roxanne Richardson

Technique Tuesday videos are published on (most) Tuesdays, and demonstrate specific knitting techniques Casual Friday videos are published on...surprise! Fridays, and explore a variety of textile-related topics, including knitting history and my current projects, many of which are knit from vintage or antique knitting patterns. Certified Master Hand Knitter (certified in 2012 by TKGA -- The Knitting Guild Association) Certified Knitting Teacher (Level 2) (certified in 2012 by CYCA - The Craft Yarn Council) I write technical knitting articles for several Interweave publications. My Ravelry ID is Rox. Snail Mail: Roxanne Richardson PO Box 16174 Minneapolis, MN 55416
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Devin Siebold

Teacher/Comedian/Presenter from Orlando, FL Host of Crying in My Car: A Podcast for Teachers Maker of many, many teacher comedy videos For a full list of dates: www.devincomedy.com
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All Ears English

All Ears English is here to help you finally learn real, native English conversation! When it comes to learning English, we believe in Connection NOT Perfection! We show you how to become fearless and fluent in English with fun and addictive English-learning material. Join Lindsay, Michelle, Jessica, and Aubrey as we teach you new American English vocabulary, expressions, idioms and more. We also offer advice and support for listeners living in the US and insight into American culture and how to communicate with American people. Come visit us online at http://www.allearsenglish.com and subscribe to our podcast.
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Mr. Beat

For all sponsorship inquiries, please contact me at mrbeat@algebramedia.com Mr. Beat is a teacher, video producer, podcaster, and musician who specializes in making history and geography more engaging. He has written songs about all of the Presidents and has created music videos for all of them. Beat’s specialty is American history, but he also has a big passion for geography and economics. His channel features the series Presidential Elections in American History, Supreme Court Briefs, and Compared. Subscribe for a new video every week. Snail mail: Mr. Beat, PO Box 1982, Lawrence, KS 66044 How to support Mr. Beat: Donate to Mr. Beat for great perks on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iammrbeat Donate to Mr. Beat on Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/mrbeat Buy Mr. Beat a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/iammrbeat “Free” ways to show support: Subscribe to my channel Turn on notifications Like, share, and comment on my videos
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English Like A Native

You can learn to speak everyday English like a native, with your teacher Anna English. Subscribe and visit regularly as new lessons are added every week. Here you will find lessons on British English pronunciation, everyday English vocabulary, English grammar, British culture and traditions, interview practise, confident speaking, and much more to help you to become a fluent and confident English speaker. Head over to my video tab and start exploring: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Hg2Ks00kCekyjZG_LxOmg/videos 🇬🇧Achieve English Fluency or perfect your pronunciation with our courses: www.englishlikeanative.co.uk All business enquiries to anna@englishlikeanative.co.uk
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Hey there! My name is Stan Prokopenko, I’m an artist and teacher. Proko is a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos. When you watch Proko tutorials you’ll notice that I try to make them entertaining while keeping them educational. I feel that if you’re having fun and enjoying the learning process, you learn better. You retain more information, you pay more attention, you’re much more likely to continue learning and more likely to go back and re-watch tutorials. And it will leave you more inspired and motivated to go practice. I’ll be your host for most of the videos, but there will be other instructors that will appear on this channel as well. If you're an artist interested in doing a collab feel free to email me :) Get Premium Drawing Courses: http://proko.com/store Become a Proko Affiliate: http://www.proko.com/affiliates/
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About me: Name: Ashish Ranjan - Podcaster, Writer, Consultant & Engineer - Former Scientist @ Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) - Former Scientific Officer @ Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) - Former teacher of Mechanical Engineering at the Undergraduate Level - Life Long Martial Artist - Founder of "Art of Speaking" - Host of "Ashish Ranjan Talks" Website: ashishtorq.com
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Brian Scott

The Reality Revolution podcast is hosted by Brian Scott, a writer, entrepreneur, epiphany addict, inner space astronaut, life coach, transformation engineer, futurist, hypnotist, neurolinguistic programmer, meditation instructor, motivational speaker, researcher, intuition teacher, luck instructor and founder of the Advanced Success Institute. The Reality Revolution is born out of a fanatical vision quest to understand a near-death experience which was the culmination of a profound spiritual awakening in which Brian explores whether he has shifted into a parallel reality. The mission of the Reality Revolution podcast is to explore the new movement to hack reality exploring experiential quantum physics, reality transurfing, quantum jumping, meditation, hypnosis, qi-gong, sensory deprivation, virtual reality, mind tech, ayahuasca, psychedelics, channeling, manifestation, mindfulness, neurolinguistic programming, epigenetics, EFT, energy psychology, yoga, luck coaching, and so much more.
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