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Welcome to GIANTS LIVE Strongman! Yes, we changed our name! OFFICIAL STRONGMAN is now Giants Live STRONGMAN Why? Over 50,000 fans attended Giants Live in 2021. So it was time to leave generic names behind Giants Live has lifted the sport from car parks all the way to the best Arenas We are 'The World's Strongest Man Arena Tour' + our 120 televised contests inc: - EUROPE'S STRONGEST MAN - WORLD TOUR FINALS - NTH AMERICAN OPEN - BRITAIN'S STRONGEST MAN - World DEADLIFT Champs - World LOG Challenge - World AXLE Champs World Records at our shows: - Ed Hall's 500kg Deadlift - Biby's 217kg Axle Press - Savickas' 500lbs Log Press - Biby's 229kg Log Press For all our amateur strongman events go to GIANTS LIVE Directors: Colin Bryce Darren Sadler Contributors: James Nethercoat Neola Wilby Jordan Tear Andrew Quinn Yousef El Awage Scott Rider James Rowat Joe Schofield Oli Plant #GiantsLive #WorldsStrongestMan #OfficialStrongman
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Larry Wheels

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  • 745 videos
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Strongman Burner

Osei Kwaku Vincent also known as Strongman or Strongman Burner or Strong Gee is an award winning Ghanaian rapper.He rose to fame after winning the maiden edition of the Next Big Thing in GH Rap music which was a rap competition in Ghana.
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Strongman Tarrako

"EL DOLOR ES TEMPORAL, EL ORGULLO ES PARA SIEMPRE" Hola soy Carlos Demattey exculturista y como muchos sabéis actual profesional de los deportes de fuerza entre mis títulos más destacados están el de Campeón del Mundo de Peso Muerto 2018 GPC y el Europeo 2017 GPC. Como gerente de Strongman Tarrako abrimos con único afán de enseñar a todos los amantes del hierro nuestra forma de vivir los entrenamientos, la nutrición, las competiciones y todo lo que os pueda interesar relacionado con nuestros deportes. Aquí intentaremos resolver vuestras dudas, motivaros y ayudaros hacerlos ejercicios de forma correcta para que podáis progresar de la forma que deseáis. Esperamos vuestra suscripciones y que la fuerza os acompañe amigos. ►►Redes sociales ►►Contacto ►►Web www.strongmantarrako.NET
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Davis Diley

I’m here to give all of my best info I’ve gained over 15 years of training & coaching. I’m a retired ASC Professional Heavyweight Strongman and a Natural Athlete.
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Mike O'Hearn

Like the bodybuilding greats before him, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, Mike holds 4 Mr. Universe titles and was voted one of the 12 greatest physiques of all time by the fitness industry. Mike has been Team Captain for, and has just been signed to be the Team Captain of MAGNUM Nutraceuticals. Background in natural bodybuilding, strongman, power lifting, and mixed martial arts. 4 Mr. (Natural) Universe, Mr. California, Mr. USA, Mr. American and Mr. International. He is also a 4-time Power Lifting Champion, and 2-time Iron Warrior: Decathlon of Strength Strongman Champion, 2 Time California Judo Champion. He is also the creator of -Power-Bodybuilding- a style of training and the principles he uses to achieve the longevity and success in his physique, and in the health and fitness industry.
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Dr. Beau Hightower

DN, DC, MS, EP-C, DAAPM, CSCS, CES, FMS Naprapathic Physician that treats muscoloskeletal pain to help people live better lives. Results Matter! Naprapath, Chiropractic Physician, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Master of Science Education Bachelor of Science: Biology Bachelor of Science: Anatomy Bachelor of Science: Health and Wellness Master of Science: Exercise Science Doctor of Chiropractic Doctor of Naprapathy Post Doctoral Diploma: Neuroscience Director of Sports Medicine: Jacksonwink MMA Academy Clinical Faculty: Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine Co-founder: Elite Ortho-therapy and Sports Medicine
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Alan Thrall

Informative and educational videos about barbell strength training. Untamed Strength is a Powerlifting and Strongman gym located in Sacramento, CA.
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Martins Licis

Worlds Strongest Man 2019. The Most Serious Goof in Strength Sports. IG: @martinslicis
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Barbell Brigade

The first time we put the words "barbell" and "brigade" together, we knew we were onto something. Inspiration created momentum, and momentum turned into a culture of people that wanted more than just the norms of corporate fitness. As the Barbell Brigade Brand grew, the more we found ourselves occupying an unexplored space. We didn’t try to be anything other than ourselves. We created a lifestyle brand that filled the void and navigated the challenges of the industry to spread our stories and culture. We’re not tied down to traditional approaches or beliefs; rather, we’re defined by the rules that we’ve chosen to ignore. We are a designed system of stories and symbolisms that reflect the attitudes and beliefs of our community. Here are our stories. Welcome to the Barbell Brigade World!
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American Monster Productions

I am Robert Oberst "The American Monster" Professional Worlds Strongest Man Competitor. Thanks for checking out the channel if you like the content please subscribe. Stay Strong and Pretty!
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ELLIOTT HULSE answers your questions about lifting, business, love and life. If you are on the journey of Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself then let Elliott Hulse be your guide by sending your questions through the community tab. YO ELLIOTT question and answer videos uploaded several times per week; as well a my new training vlog, teachings, inspiration and anything related to GROWING STRONGER.
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Educating & Outfitting the Strongest Athletes Around the World Since 1998
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Milan Strongman TV

Dosta putujem, čitam i razmišljam. Dosta toga sam doživeo i preživeo. Toma Zdravković nalazi smisao u pevanju ja u snimanju. Svaki video radim temeljito sa dosta istraživanja, podešavanje kamere, svetla, mikrofina, ... editing svetski
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This video channel, by Brian Shaw, 4 time World's Strongest Man (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016) is dedicated to entertaining viewers with world-class feats of strength while humbly teaching others to become stronger in body and mind so that they can achieve whatever they believe in. We will visit popular topics like strongman diet and nutrition, strongman workouts and routines and go thoroughly into proper form, technique equipment. We'll talk about professional and amateur strongmen coaching and instruction. Brian Shaw prepares year-round for strongman competitions in the USA and around the world. Brian is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is dedicated to be an ambassador of the strongman sport.
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Fitness is FUN! Hang out with us!
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Big Boy

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OE Fitness

Bringing you educational content about fitness, workout and exercising. You can also find Bodybuilding News, Coverage, and Information here. You are too shy to get yourself a gym membership and working out around people makes you feel uncomfortable? Well, the videos here give you some motivation and help you to master your first day at the gym by guiding you through the different types of workouts. All my videos are created by me. I put your favorite clips together that you send me, overlay them with funny clips and react to the final edit myself. All of my videos are created with the purpose to educate, motivate and especially to make you smile. I workout myself and have a massive love for the bodybuilding scene and everything that happens around that. If you enjoy my work, then check out my Instagram Page aswell as my Facebook Page. You can also buy T-Shirts with different Quotes of this Channel: Just visit:
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Hey there and welcome to the TG channel, home to the best kid friendly Roblox videos on YouTube! I am "That Guy" who makes ROBLOX videos. I upload family friendly content, daily!
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Big Loz Official

The number one channel for Strongman fans, sponsored by Mirafit.
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