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Mike Zeroh Is The Right destination for Star Wars Content For Films, Lore and more!
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Midnight's Edge

Welcome to Midnight’s Edge, the channel devoted to analysis and intelligent discussion of your favorite stories and characters, as well as their various film and TV adaptations. We put all news and official statements into a wider context, and ask the questions no one else does, thereby providing you with a spin-free bigger picture. In addition to learning more about the drama and politics that frequently happens behind the scenes at Hollywood, you’ll learn more about your favorite fictional characters, and maybe pick up some new favorites along way. Also check out our sister channel Midnight's Edge After Dark: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBNyrK-MTsjnQ7y6U-Eg3kA And support us on Patreon for exclusive content: https://www.patreon.com/midnightsedge
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Star Wars Coffee

Star Wars Fan? Welcome Home.
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Rawrist features anything Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror related. TV/Movie reviews, history and character reviews, comic reviews, geek/nerd content, and more. Our Site: www.myrawrist.com
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Welcome to NewScapeGames! Here you'll see plenty of GMOD Murder Mystery, Prop Hunt, TTT and so much more! We'll also pay other games like GTA V and indie games! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a video, and get ready for some epic gamer moments, gamers. Memes, horror games, and more...that's what this channel is. God, I am really doing a number on this already terrible channel description. Who am I kidding? Nobody reads these anyway. Are you reading this? Doubt it. Since I'm alone here, just me...with my thoughts, might as well play a game of tic tac toe with myself. |x |_|o| |_|o|_| |_|_| x|
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Star Wars auf Drogen. (manchmal auch nicht...) 💥Exklusiver Bonus-Content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIYJOK5ekDGQ_kawqNrmOJw/join Wenn du auch Star Wars Videos machst und Bock auf ne Kooperation hast um z.B. deinen Kanal zu promoten, dann schreib mir gerne auf Insta, wenn das Video passt, kann ich es gerne auf meinem Kanal veröffentlichen und dich überall verlinken. YT-Ziele: 60k (13.12.19) 70k (02.02.20) 80k (01.01.21) 90k 100k
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3 Buck Theater

Hi, my name is Matt Jarbo, and this is 3 Buck Theater. This channel is 100% dedicated to movie news, info, rumors, leaks, reviews, and maybe a video about pop culture from time to time. You might know me from my other YouTube channel, MundaneMatt, where I post daily videos about current events in the social sphere. You can find me at the following links: http://mundanematt.com http://twitter.com/mundanematt http://facebook.com/mundanematt http://youtube.com/mundanematt
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Hello there everyone! Ashnflash here! Welcome! On this channel you'll find daily LEGO vidoes and content. Here you'll find our signature Custom Collectable Minifigure Series, the latest LEGO news, set reviews, Top 10's, Custom Minifigure Mondays, comparison videos, the occasional streams and of course - Custom Minifigure Series. The topics we cover are mostly Super Heroes, given that Ash n "FLASH" is my name. But we also cover a lot of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Minecraft - but pretty much most other themes as well.  But we also have a second channel where we stream regularly! The channel's name is Ashnflash Xtra, for people who want a little extra Ashnflash in their day. We play through a variety of different games here as well as post other random videos that don't necessarily fit with the main channel!  If any of this interests you, please consider subscribing - I'd love to have you join us :)
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Hasan Malik

Hi my name is Hasan! I like to talk about and give my opinions on all the latest Star Wars, Marvel, DC and Harry Potter LEGO sets. I try my best to reply to every comment, so feel free to ask me anything. My videos are NOT made for viewers under the age of 13.
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Yo hows it going? Welcome to my Channel! Here we’re constantly on the grind, I love making high quality videos and making people laugh! so I’m attempting to do both...Cod fan since cod 3, Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember.
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The Triple S League

Welcome to the League! Enrich your gaming experience with our premium blend of news, reviews, guides, lore & comedy, brought to you by a hard-working team of gamers, media professionals & Nuka-Cola addicts. Join the League on Discord! Here's your invite: https://discord.gg/WDQJTJw Catch our LIVE gaming news podcast, AUGMENTED REALITY, twice weekly on this channel! (See the Discord server for the current schedule.) Some other stuff we do: GUIDES & WALKTHROUGHS NEWS & LEAKS about current events & upcoming games, gathered from reputable sources & industry contacts IN-DEPTH GAME REVIEWS DEVELOPER INTERVIEWS COMEDY VIDEOS MUSIC VIDEOS made with in-game footage set to great original music Plus cosplay videos, let's plays, random funny stuff & more!
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I'm Joel and I make videos about Call of Duty BLACK OPS 5, Call of Duty WARZONE, Call of Duty MODERN WARFARE 2 REMASTERED. Call of Duty MODERN WARFARE, Call of Duty BLACK OPS 4 and Call of Duty WW2. Every now and then I will post videos of other games. I upload tips, gameplays, news, leaks and more! Follow me on Twitter to see what I'm working on, and what I've been doing when I'm not making videos :)
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New videos on all your favorite TV shows and Movies! The latest reviews on shows, news and speculation in the nerd world! Video uploads and schedule: Titans Season 3 News Reviews and Breakdowns The Batman 2022 News and Breakdowns The Flash Season 7 Reviews and Breakdowns Stargirl Season 2 Reviews and Breakdowns Westworld Season 4 Breakdowns Umbrella Academy News, Updates and Breakdowns Lucifer Season 5 News and Updates Trailer breakdowns for movies/shows Marvel News The Mandalorian Season 2 Reviews DCTV/DC Movie News As well as theory videos on all shows!
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LEGO stop motions, set reviews, making custom Minifigures, mocs, a little bit of everything here in McBricks *I am not sponsored by any company's and don't own the rights to any logos or songs that may be in my videos.*
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Average Wil

Covering pop culture! Marvel, DC, Star Wars and much more. Reactions, breakdowns and updates. Join me as we keep up to date on everything pop culture. Covering leaks, theories and rumors. There is so much to geek out on.
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All about LEGO Technic and interesting LEGO aspects! See it to believe it make sure to subscribe to avoid those boring reviews and instead be entertained with juicy content! Note: All of my new content is made with people over the age of 13 in mind as the target demographic.
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Pixelated Knightmares

🃏 Knightmares & Daydreams 🃏 Everything is Better When It's Pixelated. (S)Laughter is the Best Medicine,Trust Me, I'm a Doctor! The Joker Mocks All & Defers to No One.The Rules & Roles of convention do not apply to him. He is beyond it all, but he can play any role, for he is the Wild Card. He is Pixelated. Now On SPOTIFY for GeekSpeak Podcast LIVE Shows. To Donate $1.00 or More to Help Our Channel Survive & Grow ➡️ https://streamlabs.com/pixelatedknightmares ❤️ THANKS for ALL the Support & Donations. Literally Couldn't Continue Without YOU 💜 ➡️ https://www.patreon.com/PixelatedKnightmares Join The Knightmares & Daydreams Community Or Just to get LIVE Stream Updates ➡️ https://discord.gg/NHFeRjR SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MADNESS ➡️ https://www.twitch.tv/pixelatedknightmares ➡️ http://www.youtube.com/c/PixelatedKnightmares #dbd #pixelatedknightmares #deadbydaylight #pixfam #pk
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Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay with commentary. Gameplay will include PvP, PvE, Flashpoints, Operations, Warzones and more!
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Brick Clicker

Welcome to Brick Clicker! I do all sorts of Lego content like Lego News, Lego Hunting, Lego Minifigure Openings, Lego To 10 Lists and so much more! I also do fun Lego Music Videos with talented artists a few times a year! I am one of the quickest uploaders when new Lego News comes out and bring it you with a high standard of video! Join the ever growing community here and remember Keep Clickin N Brick'n! Also feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications if you enjoy my content! Thanks Brick clicker
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RSPN Detours

Welcome to Digital Charcuterie, home to all things digital. We talk Movies, Streaming, and some of the finer things in life!
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