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Mike Zeroh Is The Right destination for Star Wars Content For Films, Lore and more!
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Overlord DVD

2020All content posted on this channel is (C) Copyright 2017-2020 by Dicktor Van Doomcock. All rights reserved. "Doomcock" and "Harvey Cthuhlu" are trademarks of Dicktor Van Doomcock. Overlord DVD is the YouTube channel of Dicktor Van Doomcock, super villain and pop culture critic, featuring reviews and commentary on films, television, and comic books.
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Iro Sef

Salutations explorateur d'univers ! Moi c'est Iro et mon truc, c'est de parler de théories, d'analyses et de rétrospectives d’œuvres, que ce soit de films, de jeux-vidéo ou encore de séries. Ambiance poétique et infernale, pour le grand plaisir des plus curieux d'entre vous. J'ai découvert de multiples univers depuis mon plus jeune âge et je me plais à les explorer en votre compagnie. A travers mes vidéos je souhaite partager mes idées, explorer de nouveaux horizons et surtout vous faire découvrir ma passion. Iro Sef, l'explorateur d'univers. Contact : sefiroxshow@gmail.com
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Hello there everyone! Ashnflash here! Welcome! On this channel you'll find daily LEGO vidoes and content. Here you'll find our signature Custom Collectable Minifigure Series, the latest LEGO news, set reviews, Top 10's, Custom Minifigure Mondays, comparison videos, the occasional streams and of course - Custom Minifigure Series. The topics we cover are mostly Super Heroes, given that Ash n "FLASH" is my name. But we also cover a lot of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Minecraft - but pretty much most other themes as well.  But we also have a second channel where we stream regularly! The channel's name is Ashnflash Xtra, for people who want a little extra Ashnflash in their day. We play through a variety of different games here as well as post other random videos that don't necessarily fit with the main channel!  If any of this interests you, please consider subscribing - I'd love to have you join us :)
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Echo Base Network

Echo Base Network is our channel dedicated to community engagement, all things Star Wars, and other various pop culture. We produce several videos each week, where we focus on bringing your valuable information, with our take on it as well. Also, we pride ourselves on the quality of our production value. We also produce feature films each year, that we know you will enjoy! We pride ourselves on involving our community in our episodes and even during our weekly Saturday night live streams, where you can pop in the show and talk Star Wars and pop culture with us! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!
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Editor, Cosplayer, and Geek.
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New videos on all your favorite TV shows and Movies! The latest reviews on shows, news and speculation in the nerd world! Video uploads and schedule: Titans Season 3 News Reviews and Breakdowns The Batman 2022 News and Breakdowns The Flash Season 7 Reviews and Breakdowns Stargirl Season 2 Reviews and Breakdowns Westworld Season 4 Breakdowns Umbrella Academy News, Updates and Breakdowns Lucifer Season 5 News and Updates Trailer breakdowns for movies/shows Marvel News The Mandalorian Season 2 Reviews DCTV/DC Movie News As well as theory videos on all shows!
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