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Promoting Sounds

Revolutionary Hip Hop. If you like chill sad rap and aesthetic rap as well as underground rap trap, sad rap, emo trap rap & chill lofi hip hop - including artists like Basco, SadBoyProlific, Powfu, Ouse, 637godwin (2guady), tommy ice, Thekidszn, XXXTENTACION, 22december!, 1nonly, Juice WRLD, blackbear, Eredaze & more, this is the place for you. So sub now! Want YOUR music on Promoting Sounds? Music submissions/General Inquiries: Twitter: @PromotingSounds Instagram: @PromotingSounds
  • 2.9M subscribers,
  • 4.5K videos
Super Chat$53
Last Updated12 days ago

Wicked Sounds

Wicked Sounds works with artists and labels of all sizes to feature the best new R&B, hip-hop and pop songs from a variety of artists.
  • 1.5M subscribers,
  • 239 videos
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Last Updated16 days ago

Sofar Sounds

We’re Sofar Sounds, your global music community. We’re artists, music lovers and organizers who create, perform, listen and work to make intimate live music experiences that connect us all. Sofars bring people together in homes and unexpected spaces in over 400 cities around the world. They’re intimate, creative and inclusive... and they’re all about artists. To learn more visit Community Guidelines: We believe in supporting artists at all points in their careers, providing them with safe and inclusive spaces to perform. We respect them on and off the stage — in-person and online— and we ask that you do the same. We take a zero-tolerance approach to the following in our YouTube comments: • Harassment • Cyberbullying • Hate speech • Trolling • Doxxing If you commit any of the above in the comments of any of our videos, your comment(s) will be deleted and you will be blocked from participating in the Sofar Sounds channel. Thank you for understanding!
  • 1.3M subscribers,
  • 5.7K videos
Last Updated8 days ago

All Sounds

sound effects . ALL SOUNDS , YOU CAN FIND AND LISTEN TO ALL SOUNDS OF THE WORLD , and listen and relaxing by ASMR SOUNDS , very helpfull . SUBCRIBE , all sounds effects are free Our Channel Show Gaming Sound Effects , and animations , and Rounds to play , old and Modern. Sound Effect Sound Effect Sound Effect Alarm characters cartoon , anime , hollywood , sound effects gamers characters interactions sound effects Free Download .
  • 292K subscribers,
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Last Updateda month ago

SouthernASMR Sounds

Hi! I'm SouthernASMR Sounds, and I will be uploading ASMR videos with a Southern accent, whispering, and soft spoken descriptions of items.
  • 375K subscribers,
  • 3.2K videos
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Club Sounds

Welcome to the official Club Sounds YouTube channel! Here you will find every week the latest dance and house videos from artists like LIZOT, Drenchill, VIZE, Purple Disco Machine, Martin Garrix, Kygo, and many more! Subscribe and be a part of our community! 🙌
  • 646K subscribers,
  • 306 videos
Last Updateda month ago

GFX Sounds

Gfx Sounds is the Leading Sound Library for Professional and Free Sound Effects Downloads. Thousands of professional sound effects growing daily to get your projects to the next level!
  • 280K subscribers,
  • 639 videos
Last Updated5 days ago

Sounds Like Harmony

I'm Tyler :) I write music ^_^
  • 219K subscribers,
  • 174 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Sounds Like Reign

Inspirational songs for weary pilgrims on planet earth.
  • 523K subscribers,
  • 66 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Sounds True

Sounds True was founded in 1985 by Tami Simon with a clear mission: to disseminate spiritual wisdom. Since starting out as a project with one woman and her tape recorder, we have grown into a multimedia publishing company with more than 110 employees, a library of more than 3,000 titles featuring some of the leading teachers and visionaries of our time, and an ever-expanding family of beloved customers from across the world. In more than three decades of growth, change, and evolution, Sounds True has maintained its focus on its overriding purpose, as summed up in our Mission Statement.
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Nice Sounds

Welcome to the "Nice Sounds" label channel: Label "Nice Sounds" was founded in 2021 to help independent artists release their songs. ✉Send your demo for label:
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  • 402 videos
Last Updated7 days ago

Relaxing White Noise

White noise helps you relax and fall asleep fast. Our videos are 10 hours, so that you can block out extraneous noise all night long, meaning you get a full night of restful sleep. Browse our channel to find the perfect white noise for you. Also, use these videos while studying, relaxing or working at the office. All video/audio recordings on Relaxing White Noise are copyrighted by Relaxing White Noise LLC unless otherwise stated and are intended for personal use only. Commercial use by unauthorized third parties not permitted.
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Last Updated4 days ago

Liquid Sounds

💧 Liquid Sounds is a rising curation, always looking for new music and fresh talent. • Submit your song: (Submithub) or (Groover) ~ Sounds from another dimension ~
  • 335K subscribers,
  • 293 videos
Last Updateda year ago

ASMR Lilibu

ASMR, Eating Sounds, Food Challenge, Mukbang, Candy Race ASMR LiLiBu
  • 4.9M subscribers,
  • 965 videos
Last Updated3 days ago

Cilla Sounds

Cilla Classics showcases otherwise unheard classics, exclusive live performances and oldies hits that appeal to just about anyone with a good taste in music!
  • 155K subscribers,
  • 226 videos
Last Updated6 months ago

HunniBee ASMR

Hello :) This is an ASMR channel, which hopefully helps you either fall asleep or just feel relaxed ^__^ ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which can feel like a tingling sensation on the skin that usually starts at the scalp and moves down to the back of the neck and upper spine. (Got that definition from wikipedia lol it's not my own). But if you've ever had someone play with your hair or draw on your back, which I'm sure you have, you would have experienced this feeling!! (It is the bessstttt) So my goal on this channel is to give you those brain tinglesss zz_zz and help you sleep 😴 Xxo Naomi IG: @nay_macraycray Snapchat: @nmacc07
  • 8M subscribers,
  • 578 videos
Last Updated5 days ago

ONE Sounds

Precisamos entender o som da Igreja! O nome de Cristo está sendo propagado através de uma família. Não se trata apenas de bons músicos , mas de tangedores que conduzem a Igreja de Cristo a uma nova revelação. Nossa missão é anunciar às nações o pleno conhecimento de Deus através do som de uma casa paternal. "E a vida eterna é esta: que te conheçam, a ti só, por único Deus verdadeiro, e a Jesus Cristo, a quem enviaste." João 17:3. Esse é o som da nossa casa...O som de uma Noiva madura que em uma só voz com o Espirito clama MARANATA. Rasga os céus e desce.
  • 208K subscribers,
  • 40 videos
Last Updated20 days ago

Sunville Sounds

Welcome to Sunville Sounds! My name is Peter, I'm an independent videographer and photographer based in Belgium. I created this channel to share my vast catalogue of sounds, nature recordings and video content. From funny sounds for a laugh to relaxing sounds for meditation or sleeping, this channel has it all. Many of my original works are available to stream on all platforms! I created this channel to share my love for Sounds. From funny sounds for a laugh to relaxing sounds for meditation or sleep, this is the channel for you! There will be multiple video's uploaded each week so if you like to see more of my video's please subscribe to the channel. To see more of my portfolio, head to Appreciate your support!
  • 292K subscribers,
  • 2.4K videos
Last Updated10 days ago

Soulful Sounds

Welcome to Soulful Sounds, flagship channel of the Soulful Records label. Here you'll find a wide variety of legendary music classics ranging in all sorts of genres from funk, blues to even jazz but most importantly, soul! We thank you for taking the time to check out our channel and hope you'll enjoy our library of content and playlists for and endless stream of classic hits!
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Relaxing Rain Sounds

Welcome to Relaxing Rain Sounds. We have rain sounds to help with sleeping, studying, relaxing and much more. Here you can find what you need for a perfect good night's sleep!
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  • 29 videos
Last Updated3 months ago