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Mobile Dwellings

Stories and Tours from those who live on the road Inquiries: Mobile Dwellings, formerly known as Gilligan Phantom started as a family chasing their dreams of living nomadically. Justin, Val and newborn baby Nova set off to convert a 40 foot rare school bus known as a "Gillig Phantom" into a luxurious home on wheels in late 2017. After 2 years of building they set off on an epic 3 year adventure traveling both coasts of the USA while pausing first to complete a bus conversion for their friends Katy and Sam and then again to have their second daughter, River. During their travels Val, Justin, Nova and River were inspired by the stories of their fellow nomads and have now set out to share their stories with you. If you believe that your dreams are possible as a result of seeing others walk alternative paths unique solely to them, well then our mission is accomplished. Get one on one help with you bus conversion:
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Jess & Jake

We are Jess & Jake a Florida based travel couple currently converting a school bus into our first home. We plan on traveling the U.S. and Canada with our two cats the year after we graduate college. Watch us document our entire skoolie build via social media to share our struggles, accomplishments, and to catalog a video diary for our future selves. Once on the road we will be sharing our travels with everyone who has watched us build out our dreams. Until then we are workin' hard to be able to break away from the societal norms and live the nomadic lifestyle we crave. In the near future, we plan to quit our day jobs and make content creation our full time gig. Help make that dream a reality by subscribing to our channel and following our other socials.
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Us Plus a Bus

🚌Traveling all the Lower 48 to find our ‘Forever’ State🇺🇸 🚌 We're Eddie and Beth, alongside our 2 kids we are planning to take the trip of a life-time as we slow travel around the country in our self converted school bus to find our 'forever' state. Subscribe and follow along as we document our story and show you what it's really like to live life on the road as a family of 4. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
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Tío Aventura

just an adventure family of 4 converting luxury off-grid adventure rigs. help us stay full-time and grow! business inquiries:
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Builders Blueprint

A master at building things that sort of already exist.
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Wildness - Self Discovery - DIY I don't have the answers. In fact that's why this online diary exists. It's my journey to finding myself; To finding peace in this messy world. I'm following every growl inside me and riding by the seat of my pants. Because who knows how much time I have left? If somehow, you find yourself reading this, maybe your soul is growling too. BUSINESS Inquiries: PERSONAL Notes: Lyss.
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New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

This channel is about van life, camper van and RV walk through tours, DIY campers and motor homes. The host of the channel, Patrick Botticelli finds all these amazing creations, films and edits the videos. If you are in the New Jersey and would like your RV, campervan, skoolie, shuttle bus conversion or travel trailer featured on this channel, please write to Patrick Botticelli at We like DIY, Homemade, self built and production models so we have a great variety for our viewers. Follow New Jersey Outdoor Adventures on Instagram Facebook For New Jersey Outdoor Adventures NJOA Merchandise NJOA TikTok NJOA Website Patrick Botticelli on Cameo #986169
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Tiny House Listings

Launched in 2010, Tiny House Listings is the world's tiny house marketplace. We have helped 1000's of people buy and sell tiny houses and look forward to the opportunity of helping your sell or buy your perfect tiny house.
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The Nomadic Movement

For Sponsorship Inquiries: For Coffee Related Business: Channel Banner Art By: @nenineko
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Logan Duranto

Tattoo Artist On a Journey Fixing Up a Short Bus! Inquiry: Dm on Instagram to schedule a tattoo in the Short Bus :)
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Johnny Mullet

Business up front!
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  • 5 videos
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Tiny Home Tours

Welcome! Here at Tiny Home Tours, we are passionate about all things tiny living. You’ll find tiny homes, school bus conversions, camper vans, ambulance and box truck conversions, RVs, shipping containers, and more. We’re excited about showcasing how people make this life work, whether that’s through multiple streams of income, remote work, seasonal work, or plain old ingenuity and creativity. Living life outside of the four walls of a traditional home takes courage. We’re eager to tour with anyone who has taken the plunge to minimize and live more intentionally. It doesn’t matter if your build costs $5K or $100K! Below you’ll find links to our social channels, courses we’ve created on everything from turning a school bus into a tiny home on wheels to how to make money on the road, our podcast, and our newsletter subscription. Our Podcast - Our Website -
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Austin Coulson

I'm Austin, I fabricate custom vehicles for a living. I've built a 10 ton mobile Pizza truck from a shipping container and the smallest roadworthy car in the world and lots of stuff in between. I'm always on the lookout for unusual vehicles that I can get back on the road. Reach me at
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Project 681

Just a guy doing what he loves to do, mainly involving school transportation. Instagram: Project_681
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Alternative House Short

I’m Roman, a traveler documenting and sharing stories of people living in alternative homes, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along my journey. Thank you to all the wonderful people who welcomed me into their unique homes and gave me a tour! I hope my content inspires those considering alternative living options. Here I’m sharing short videos. Watch the full episodes on my main channel Get in touch
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Hall of the Elders

We are a CRABCORE band Albums: BALLS DEEP (2018), Just The Tip (2017)
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Bus Conversion ( Skoolie ), Travel, Dashcam I am going to show everyone it is amazing to travel to other countries and explore and that is also not as scary as they were taught growing up.
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The Lofti

Family of 4 in the Loftbus - our 40' skoolie we built ourselves. Traveling the Southeast USA We are what we believe we are - C. S. Lewis -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me us on Instagram! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Brandon Gross

My name is Brandon and I'm currently travelling the US in a damn Minivan! I've been living a life on the road for the last 7 years, first in a Mini Bus and then a converted Ambulance and now, in a Minivan, seeing everything the US and beyond, has to offer. I major in Cliff Jumping, Traveling, Adventuring, and Van life, I love long walks on the beach and I'm happy to have you be a part of the journey!
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Backroad Purpose

We sold our house and quit our jobs to restart our lives and live the life we wanted. We gave up everything for this. Along the way, we had a new little boy., Milo. So now we are converting a 2005 School Bus into our home on wheels.
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