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Angelo Shoe Shine

pride in my work, I love what I do, new videos every Sunday, contact: Website:
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comedic social commentary email for sponsorship inquiries:
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Xavier Kickz

I post shoe content that I think you will love!
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  • 345 videos
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Steve Natto Sneaker Reviews

Breaking down every new shoe… Shop the shoes in my videos👇🏼 Business Inquiries:
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Welcome to the official YouTube Channel! WearTesters is the first channel to bring performance reviews to the YouTube platform. We've been bringing you the best and most accurate in-depth performance reviews & product reviews on some of the latest basketball shoes since '09. We create sneaker review and performance review videos covering brands that include Nike, Jordan Brand, adidas, Under Armour, Way of Wade, Li-Ning, Anta, 361 Degrees, some brands you've never heard of and sometimes Yeezy. If you enjoy sneakers, basketball and real sneaker content for real sneakerheads then make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications. Note: WearTesters is viewer-supported. When you make purchases using links from our channel or site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The commissions support the continued creation of world class shoe review content by the WearTesters team. #WearTesters #Sneakers
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Angelus Brand

Angelus Shoe Polish Company Made In America Since 1907 We will show you how to use our products Whether it is cleaning, customizing, or restoring
  • 640K subscribers,
  • 332 videos
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🚨NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!🚨 Comedy Channel: Skits, Pranks, Reactions, Challenges. Shoe reviews and shoe vlogs Goals: 500 subscribers[✔️ ] 1,000 subscribers[ ✔️ ] 5,000 subscribers [✔️ ] 10,000 subscribers [✔️ ] 20,000 subscribers [✔️ ] 50,000 subscribers [ ✔️] 100,000 subscribers [✔️ ] 500,000 subscribers[ ] 1,000,000 subscribers[ ] ~Reach out to me on any social media~ Instagram: TheChichicagloKId Twitter: TheChicagloKId Snapchat: stceswag34 PSN: warriboy300
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  • 516 videos
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Cool Kicks

Welcome to the official Cool Kicks YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of content including challenges, shopping, vlogs, and more. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications for a chance to win FREE kicks & gear!
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Liz Sanchez

Model, Dancer, Actress & Singer, Liz Sanchez is known for being the creator of shoe throw + stool transitions, her love for the performing arts, and fashion videos. Subscribe & turn on post notifications to be notified the moment a new video has been uploaded. Follow Liz’s social medias ♡
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The Shoe Master

Hi!! I'm an expert on shoe restoration and I hope you enjoy the videos!! And if you do please consider to subscribe so i can make more content for you!! For any business contact me:
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  • 35 videos
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Trenton & Heath

Hello and welcome to our channel! We're Trenton and Heath. We are brothers and business partners in two businesses (Potter & Sons Shoe Artisans) and (Southern Polished). We created this channel to share helpful and entertaining videos about one of our favorite topics...SHOES. As two guys that have been in the shoe industry for a while now, we have a lot of insight on this topic. Along with our dad, we are both shoe cobblers in our shop. We have polished and repaired THOUSANDS of shoes, and we hope to use this channel to share our thoughts on which brands of shoes are best, how to polish your shoes, when to have your shoes repaired, how to repair shoes...and much, much more. We're currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. We're always down to connect and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out on social media, and if you'd like to reach out to us for business purposes, please contact us at
  • 433K subscribers,
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The Pointe Shop

the Ollivander's of pointe shoes.
  • 337K subscribers,
  • 627 videos
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John Manalo

Bay Area
  • 890K subscribers,
  • 209 videos
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Foot Doctor Zach

Welcome to your home for the latest performance shoe tech with reviews and teardowns of the most advanced shoes for athletes by a real foot doctor. Keep it here for the latest tennis shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, training shoes and more with performance reviews, playtests, durability tests and teardowns from the perspective of a foot doctor/ sports medicine specialist and former collegiate athlete where I deconstruct everything athletic footwear to discuss the science and engineering behind your favorite performance shoes. Business Inquiries: Typical disclaimer: This is not medical advice, nor can I give you medical advice. Everything here including videos and comment responses is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing medical advice. You should contact your doctor to obtain advice with respect to any health issue or condition. Nothing here should be construed to form a doctor patient relationship.
  • 201K subscribers,
  • 423 videos
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Our channel is all about diving into the latest trends and exploring the world of online content creation. We provide a fresh perspective on the memes that are taking the internet by storm and take a deep dive into the lives of the content creators behind them. From interviews with your favorite creators to breakdowns of the most viral memes, we've got you covered. Our goal is to bring you insightful and entertaining content that not only informs, but also leaves you with a smile on your face. So whether you're a die-hard meme enthusiast or simply curious about the world of content creation, be sure to subscribe to our channel and join us for all the latest and greatest.
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Dance Moms

Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom along with their doting mothers all under Abby Lee Miller's discerning eyes. Presenting a powerful cast of characters, the show immerses itself in the highs and lows surrounding dance competition season, delivering a captivating and dramatic look at the cast's intense pursuit of National Dance titles. Centered on the devoted Miller, who runs Abby Lee Dance Company with an iron tap shoe as she instructs her young, talented students while also dealing with impassioned mothers who go to great lengths to help their children's dreams come true, Dance Moms is about what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the fast-growing and controversial sport of competitive dance.
  • 2M subscribers,
  • 1.2K videos
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just tryna make it one day
  • 2.7K subscribers,
  • 14 videos
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The Elegant Oxford

This is The Elegant Oxford: We specialize and offer premium shoe shines, dyes, and artisan patinas for quality men’s brands and help others to learn art of shoe shining. Visit for all of your shoe care needs
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  • 188 videos
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Watery Shoe

Your source for quality content on YouTube
  • 180K subscribers,
  • 261 videos
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Kirby Allison

Join Kirby Allison as he helps the well-dressed acquire and care for their wardrobes while exploring the world of quality, craftsmanship, and tradition!!
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  • 1.2K videos
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