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Real Talk by MOSG

The official video channel of Real Talk. Run by ordinary Singaporeans who seek to hear and share compelling stories of everyday individuals. We create a range of entertaining and thought-provoking content for Singaporeans of all ages. Don't hesitate to join in on the conversation through the comments section. We love to hear from everyone! To maintain a safe community for healthy conversations, we will be moderating comments. Help us spark conversations that matter!
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Coleman Hughes

Join Coleman Hughes, accomplished writer and philosophy graduate, for his brand new podcast, Conversations with Coleman. This is an honest conversation—with the sharpest minds— on some of the most difficult issues regarding race and culture in the West.
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Hotep Jesus

Tech Entrepreneur & Co-host of Hoteps BEEN Told You
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I am an authentic, encouraging catalyst for change! My desire is to inspire, empower and uplift. I will spread love, joy and positivity! I get excited when I meet others who have the same desires and goals. I immediately say, "I've found my Tribe." We are "The Positive Tribe" our goal is to spread light in dark places and positivity. This Platform is a SAFE place to have the UNCOMFORTABLE but NECESSARY conversations! EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE! We are all perfectly imperfect and this is a judge free zone. On this platform we KNOW that we are better together! Iron sharpens iron. You may contact via Email: iseashia@gmail.com Via Mail: Iseashia Thomas P.O. Box 111241 East Memphis, Memphis, TN 38111
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Talkin' Doctrine

“Talkin’ Doctrine”. This channel is focused on sound biblical doctrine while we host panel discussions, bible studies and one-on-one conversations live on air. Our main focus will be panel discussions and conversations with dissenting views, bringing clarity and a strong distinction between the views/doctrines/gospels being presented. What makes this channel unique is the fact that we want to talk to you. If you have bible questions and want to sharpen swords, or if you want to know what the bible says about how to go to Heaven, or if you disagree with what we believe, teach and preach, again, we want to talk to you! Please email us at TalkinDoctrine@gmail.com So please share and subscribe to our channel, we believe this experiment of trying to create dialogue between dissenting views could be edifying and sword sharpening for many, helping us all get closer to the Truth... Whose name is Jesus Christ.
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Rich Horwath

Is your team tactical or strategic? Research shows the #1 cause of business failure is bad strategy and the most important role of a leader is setting strategic direction. At the Strategic Thinking Institute, we provide executive teams with tools to sharpen their strategic capabilities in order to set clear direction and create competitive advantage. Our customizable workshops, strategic coaching, online courses, microlearning programs, and other resources built on the New York Times bestselling books on strategy will improve your team’s business acumen and strategy conversations. Visit https://www.strategyskills.com to learn more. What our clients are saying: “Rich takes the complex topic of strategy and provides a straightforward framework and practical resources to advance strategic thinking...” “Rich’s Deep Dive Strategic Thinking session with our global leadership team was incredibly valuable, serving as a springboard for our strategic planning process...”
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