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Heyo! I'm Funneh, welcome to my channel! Here you'll find funny daily gaming videos, livestreams, and much more. I play a lot of games with my fam, we're known as Krew! If you enjoy our videos, subscribe today. Your support helps us continue to do what we love! :D
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Ana the Explorer

When solving the problem, dig at the roots instead of just hacking the leaves. Ana the Explorer is a Father & Daughter Vlog. Where ana is the daughter while Papa is the explorer. Ana the Explorer is a YouTube Channel focusing mainly on vlogs, Music entertainment using various settings, comedic commentaries, parodies, narratives on something; sense/fewer happenings in various walks of life, current social events, otherworldly things or anything in between to essentially contributing uniqueness & vibrancy to the social media community. A Little Girl who loves playing, Travelling, and Gaming. Enjoy Life to the fullest. Enjoy Ana's Daily Activities. This Channel was managed by Ana's Papa :)
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LunarStar Eclipse

Ayo, I’m Lunar and welcome to my channel. I’m looking to have a very big channel one day, even though it’s not necessarily my biggest goal in life Mini Q&A Age: ____ Favourite colour: 🖤💜 Channel videos: Speedpaint, Gacha and Roblox Friend: Strawberry Madison Drawing app: Procreate and IbisPaint X Favourite Youtubers: ItsFunneh and InquisitorMaster Favourite GachaTubers: RosyClozy, Hatsumi Rou and VeeahBee Favourite food: Lasagna Subscriber count goal: 30K If you want to help me grow my channel, you can give a like on my videos and even subscribe with notifications on, subscribers are called Dark Angels and I’ll be delighted if you become one. I hope you will love my channel! ❤️❤️💞💞 (Btw I’m not Lunar from the Krew so please don’t ask me for robux or a friend request ☺️)
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It’s Mia305

Hewo guys leave a like or click that bell 🔔 y’all mean a lot to me every like 👍🏻 mean's every thing I’ll be playing ROBLOX and gacha life and vlog's , and much more if you love the krew go check them out and Lurenzside , Aphmau bye y’all 🥳🤩😝🤪
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ღ KittycatGacha ღ

Plss subscribe ^^ i will really apriciated that you subscribe to me :) , 100+ subs Goal:✔ 200+ subs Goal:✔ 300+ subsGoal:✔ 400+ Subs Goal:✔ 500+ SubsGoal:✔ 600+ Subs Goal: ✔ 700+ subs Goal:✔ 800+ subs Goal:✔ 900+ subs Goal:✔ 1000 + subs Goal:✔ 1500+ subs Goal:✔ 2000+ subs Goal:✔ 3000+ subs Goal:(Not reached yet) ♢About me♢ •I only can speak indonesia and english• •My birthday is 16 july• •Im 11 years old• •My roblox account is "DianaGamerYT09"• If you guys wanna see gcmv ft.krew and aphmau help me to 2,5k and I'll be uploading at 3k ;)
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Hello hoomans I see you have come to this part of my YouTube channel ✨🧸 I am a 14 year old small youtuber hoping to grow even more! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— My future goal is to reach 100k but right now I’m trying to aim for either 5k or 10k!~ ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— My aesthetics: 🖤🥀 ⛓ or 🥺✨🧸 ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Name: ~Holly~ ✨ Age: 14 👑 Inspiration: Funneh and the krew 🧸✨ Roblox name: GoldenEclipse32 (come join me when I’m online!) Editor: KineMaster.. Nationality: 🇬🇧 🇬🇷 I AM A GURL XD ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/golden3clipse32/ Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/GEclipse32
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嗨 大家好!!😎我是阿峰😀我是一位 遊戲YouTuber🤓 我來自香港🇭🇰我目前是學生👨‍🎓!我想透過創作!分享我自己的影片!!我希望以我所創作的影片!!!傳染給大家一種快樂的一天!😀 我跟不同的YouTuber說過!其實當一位YouTuber只要努力就會獲得成果!!!我不會説 努力就成功 ,我只會説 努力就會有希望!!!😃 我相信很多東西不是巧合而來的!!需要自己去爭取每一樣的東西!!!😄 我目前遊戲主要拍 -ROBLOX 通常以 Jailbreak(逃獄)Bloxburg (模擬市民)來拍攝🎬 也會拍一些Roblox的免費外觀,教學影片和惡搞歌曲🎤等 不定期會更新影片!千萬別忘記開啟小鈴鐺🔔喜歡我的影片,希望可以多多分享支持一下!xD YouTuber一直以來都是我的夢想!從零開始去學習剪片丶拍片!真的很需要大家支持!!!! 非常感謝可以有一個這麼好的YouTube平台,來透過這平台分享我所創作的影片丶作品等!也感謝訂閱!
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; some things about me · gf: cloud · partnership: meeh · sweet krew: part of · fav game: ddlc · face reveal: no · pronouns: he, his, him ; roblox username · FriendsBloxYT8
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Welcome To TheRealAwesome! I Tend To Play Roblox, But Can Sometimes Do Other Things. As Of Now, (9/12/20) I'm About To Hit 2 Thousand, So Please Help Me Out By Clicking The Subscribe Button! I Try To Maintain PG Behavior, But Can Sometimes Go Beyond That. Thank's For Reading!
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Lightning Strikes Channel

Hello My friend! Welcome To Lightning Strikes Channel! Roblox Obbys, Roblox Roleplays, Roblox Tycoons And Some Of The Best Roblox Commentary On Youtube Is What You Will Find Here!!! And More ... Like Funny Videos and Toys reviews!!! SUBSCRIBE So That You Can Be Apart Of The Lightning Strikes Channel GANG!!!! Thank You All For Watching And LET'S CONTINUE GROWING!!!
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Unicorn Krew

Welcome to the unicorn krew. We try to post at least once a week. We do roleplays,animation, funny Roblox games etc. 100 👍/July 8, 2019 500 👍/ Sept 28, 2019 1,000 👍/ Oct 6, 2019 5,000❌ 10,000❌ 50,000❌ 100,000❌ 500,000❌ 1,000,000❌ Our dream goal is for 1 million subs. Hopefully we can get 10 k at the of this year :)/2020 Recording: OBS Studio Editing: WonderShare Filmora 9 If u want to collab comment and we can work out what to do. Q&A and face reveal at 100k. Ioanna's username: Ioannaplaysroblox Savannah's username: Lovablelizziehearts Jade's username: leeannwolf5 (when she decides to stop being an idiot.) Our roblox usernames.
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Sasha Z

Sasha Z's channel for fun and learning! I am a huge fan of ItsFunneh, and do lots of The ItsFunneh Krew merch unboxing to help the Krew fans decide if they can want to buy it for themselves or their kids! I also do gaming - Roblox, A Hat In Time, and more! I also regularly post speed draws, and plush series called ItsFunneh Plush Adventures! Subscribe to my channel and become a CatSZSquad member for a chance to get your character drawn, and get a shoutout from me! Hope to see you soon! :D :P :) XD
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