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RETRO REPLAY is a comedy gaming and talk show featuring modern-day industry icon Nolan North. Join us every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday for new episodes of Get Good, Retro Replay, Advice From Uncle Noly, and more as Nolan, Liam McIntyre, Todd Lassance, and special guests play games, tell stories, and more often than not have a good laugh.
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A idiot who loves video games. For business inquiries please email me at retrospect@moreyellow.com
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Blue Television Games

Welcome to Blue Television Games! This channel features tons of Nintendo content such as Super Mario Maker 1 & 2 as well as classic games like Super Mario Bros. on the NES. At BTG I try to keep things positive and enjoyable to all viewers. I release tons of videos and also do live streams where viewers can interact with me. Thanks for checking out the channel! ✪ Follow us on: Discord: https://discord.gg/b994sc4 Twitter: https://twitter.com/bluetvgames Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluetelevisiongames/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluetelevisiongames ✪ BTG Merch Store: https://teespring.com/stores/blue-television-games-store ✪ Send fan mail here: Darby BTG P.O. Box 415 Kirkersville, OH 43033
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This Does Not Compute

Video games, tech reviews, DIY and more! I create videos about retro video games, computers and technology, product reviews, DIY projects and content creation. Wanna send a postcard or donate an item to the show? You can send it to: This Does Not Compute PO Box 131141 St. Paul, MN 55113
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ProJared Plays!

Hey! It's me, ProJared, and welcome to ProJared Plays! Here are daily Let’s Play videos for games of all genres: RPGs like Final Fantasy, card games like Magic: The Gathering, horror games like Resident Evil 7, and straight up comedy - ever play a drinking game with Mario? Plus every December is D&December, where we play old-school Dungeons and Dragons games and celebrate all that tabletop games have to offer! New videos 7 days a week: Story-focused games Mon/Tues & Thurs/Fri! One offs and other series Wed/Sat/Sun! Sound good? Then subscribe and join in!
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Weekly coverage of retro tech, PC games, and more! Classic computer gaming, Oddware, thrifting, Tech Tales, Sims, etc If you'd like to ask a question or just send greetings, the LGR Twitter is the best option! __________ Host: Clint Basinger
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Gaming Historian

The Gaming Historian is a documentary series all about the history of video games. I also like to review books and certain games that I find interesting. The show is researched, written, edited, and created by Norman Caruso. If you like what I do and would like to support the show, please consider joining my Patreon. http://www.patreon.com/gaminghistorian Intro song composed by Ryan Caruso & arranged by Game Dave (http://www.youtube.com/nextgamedave) Mailing address: Gaming Historian PO Box 3583 Kansas City, KS 66103
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Pat the NES Punk

Comedic reviews of the Nintendo Entertainment System's games, the Completely Unnecessary Podcast every other week, Flea Market Madness, Ask Frank, and more! Business inquiries: pat@thepunkeffect.com If you have any games or such you'd like to donate, you may send to: PO Box 7695 San Diego, CA 92167 I have a patreon page if you'd like to pledge your support! http://patreon.com/patcontri If you'd like to donate via paypal, you may donate to address pat@thepunkeffect.com
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Tara Babcock Games!

Hi! This is my main YouTube channel. I'm a model that loves games, and I want nothing more than to have fun playing as many as I can while creating entertaining content that makes people laugh. I promise to always be real and open with my viewers, and stand for what I believe in. GO GAMES, GO ESPORTS! GO MTG! Check out my gaming livestream at www.twitch.tv/tarababcock! I'm live most nights!
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My name is Billy [Billiam] I run a variety channel about Millennium-Era nostalgia [TV & Movies, Anime, Toys, Games, Etc] Y2K BABY! I'm very silly. I look at these topics through a sobering lens: Everything Was Weird and it’s fun to remember it that way. Weird is good! [hipster trash]: to accept, love, and appreciate the uglier messier things. William Thies PO Box 781352 Orlando,FL 32878 My E-Mail is for business use only. Topic requests are not business. If you want to request a topic you can comment on youtube or message me on social media. I will see it even if I don't respond.
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Do you like Pokemon? Well then you've come to the right place. My name is Michael, and I've been obsessed with Pokemon since age 6. Now, I share that knowledge and love of Pokemon with all of you guys through my videos! **IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BRANDS** My business email is shared between 2 channels. Please SPECIFY WHICH CHANNEL your inquiry is for in your contact email.
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Hey, it's me, ProJared! 🎮 This is a retro gaming channel with heavy emphasis on RPG games, such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, especially from the NES/SNES era! BUT going beyond just video games, I also LOVE to talk about table top gaming, such as DUNGEONS & DRAGONS or card games like MAGIC: THE GATHERING! 🌟 I like to focus on games that I have a personal connection to, things that I've played in my childhood or one that has resonated with me ever since I played it. I try my best to focus on positive aspects and games that are good, but sometimes, one of those games I played as kid was real, REAL bad. I'm looking at you, Hydlide. 🎲 For more of me, be sure to check out my Gameplay channel with full playthroughs of a lot of games I've done videos on here AND be sure to follow me over on Twitch for live streaming!
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The Game Chasers

This is the Home of : The Game Chasers,The Game Chasers Animated Adventures, as well as other various game related and non game related non-sense. for Game Chaser DVD Merchandise go to http://thegamechasers.com/shop For those who dont want merchandise and still want a way to help support us making videos for you, we have a Patreon https://www.patreon.com/thegamechasers PLEASE NO PARTNERSHIP REQUESTS!
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Gaming videos AT LEAST weekly ➤➤➤Support the channel! Become a sponsor: https://gaming.youtube.com/user/wulffden#action=sponsor PO BOX: !!! PLEASE leave a note in the box if product is EMBARGOED !!! Wulff Den 696 Old Bethpage Rd #508 Old Bethpage, NY 11804 Only emails from @screenwavemedia.com or @thewulffden.com are official.
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Sooo Mungry

Let's plays, walkthroughs, reviews, comedy gameplays of new video games, retro games, and indie titles w/ commentary and many fails! Subscribe and join in the fun :)
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Just a gaymer bread with an odd talking voice. I like helping folks get into games I like through comedy guides, retrospects & reviews. Subscribe or else plz & thank SEND ME STUFF! SuperButterBuns PO BOX 64069 Virginia Beach, VA 23467 ***THE NEXT "FOR BEGINNERS" WILL BE ON.....Kingdom Hearts 3***
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SNES drunk

One person making short, to-the-point reviews of retro games. Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Arcade, PC, NES, GBA, and more.
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Snazzy Labs

Snazzy Labs has brought the most honest consumer tech reviews to the Net since 2008. We do: Apple Mac Reviews | PC/Hackintosh builds | DIY Projects | Computer Mods | Smartphone Reviews | Tutorials | and More! Business contact email (companies only!): videos@snazzylabs.com
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