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Rajesh Payal Rai

Darshan Namaste Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. produce, market and promote the Nepalese music
  • 269K subscribers,
  • 235 videos
Last Updated5 days ago

Bisalchautari Tv

Official Channel of © Bishal chautari Media Pvt. Ltd. Bisalchautari TV www.bisalchautari.com nepali movie, song, comedy, artist interviews, sports, fashion show, nepali movie award, and fun etc. 1 ghar bhitra celebreality (घर भित्र सेलिव्रेटि) 2 celebreality को car भित्र 3 musically nepali videos 4 life performance 5 top 5 6 street video 7 birthday celebration (celebreality) 8 nepali beauty pageant 9 Nepali Food And Nepal Lifestyle 10 politics and news reporting 11 nepali celebrate interview 12 Bisalchautari Tv interview
  • 529K subscribers,
  • 2.4K videos
Last Updated8 days ago


Wilson Bikram Rai Takmebuda, Takmebuda.com's official YouTube channel.
  • 596K subscribers,
  • 217 videos
Last Updated13 days ago

Bishal Rai

Bishal Rai - Nepali Youtuber from Nepal kathmandu Business Inquiries: bishalraihasin@gmail.com
  • 24K subscribers,
  • 56 videos
Last Updated7 days ago

Rajesh Rai

Official You Tube Channel of Rajesh Rai. My Released Music Videos are Teen Paneko Jhol , Todiyo Todiyo 2015 , Gharbar 2015 , Todiyo 2 2016 , Arkhaule Bazar 2016 , A Kanchhi 2017, Aaitabar 2018 , Kalo Kalo Badal 2019 , Chheparo 2021 , Dhalkiyo Jawani 2022 ETC. Subscribe the Channel for More My Music Videos. - THANK YOU - © Rajesh Rai #rajeshrai
  • 92 videos
Last Updated8 days ago

Studio King

Greeting, Studio King is that the one-stop destination wherever you'll get approx all quite Music services. Studio King offers top-notch services like recording, Mixing, Mastering and Music compose, Music Arrange etc. We would like to request to all, please do subscribe ours YouTube channel "StudioKing". Thank you ! For business inquiry: stdkng@gmail.com
  • 105K subscribers,
  • 482 videos
Last Updated17 days ago
Last Updateda month ago

Jibihang Rai Official

This is Authorized Official YouTube Channel Of Jibihang Rai. ( Singer/Songwriter / Composer / Arranger)
  • 59K subscribers,
  • 124 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Pathibhara Channel

Pathibhara Channel is a Kathmandu, Nepal based Online TV which brings you interviews/talk shows/news /reports on film, music, social issues & more. We promote new talents, upcoming artists and their creations.
  • 123K subscribers,
  • 889 videos
Last Updated2 months ago

Rewat Rai

The singer/performer Rewat Rai is a versatile young nepali singer. He has given more than 200+ mind blowing songs. He is "Khoji Pratibha 2" finalist and also "Khotang Tara" first runner up. Rewat has released two solo album Emerge & Laya. Recently his song "Timi Tare Bhir" (Male Version) is superhit.
  • 43K subscribers,
  • 38 videos
Last Updated21 days ago

Sungabha Entertainment

The official home for Sungabha Entertainment on YouTube. Subscribe for new videos
  • 129K subscribers,
  • 325 videos
Last Updated12 days ago


Origin Nepal's official YouTube channel.
  • 57K subscribers,
  • 328 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

RPR Music Academy

Hello It's me Rajesh Payal Rai. I have created this channel to upload shooting reports, behind the scenes, music tracks and teasers. Hope you all subscribe this channel. Stay blessed. Love you all.
  • 27K subscribers,
  • 40 videos
Last Updated14 days ago

Tube Nepal TV

Welcome to our Official Youtube channel "Tube Nepal TV". Our goal is to provide the news about local, national and international burning issue,Entertainment politics & Support from being abuse,humiliating & being victim.I humbly request you all to SUBSCRIBE and Watch our All Videos. Beside it, you can give us Feedback for our daily videos. If you have any video/news/skill or problems or if you have to take action about something wrong in your society than please contact us without any hesitation.We will be supporting them who are under the societal criteria. Contact : 9817352985 "Nepali Youtube Channel" "Nepali Entertainment Youtube Channel TV" "Nepali TV" "Naya News Khaber TV" "Tube Nepali TV" "Tube Nepal Tv"
  • 100K subscribers,
  • 271 videos
Last Updated7 days ago

Silver Entertainment

Event Management I Music Producer I Video Producer I Publisher
  • 46K subscribers,
  • 626 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Hait Nepal

Hait Nepal is a company established under the Companies Act of Nepal on 21 February 2018. We primarily started by providing content (Audio, Video & SMS) aggregation services and we are proud. We feel proud that we have helped the Nepali Music, comedy serial, Nepali films, tutorial, cultural video, industry regain its once lost footing by giving them an alternative route to revenue generation. We would like to invite you to bring your content to us so that you will get the optimum outcome though it. Thank You! यस च्यानलमा अपलोड भएका हरेक रिपोर्ट तथा अन्य Video हरु कपि, Download गरी अन्य Channel मा upload गरेको पाइएमा प्रचालित कानुन बमोजिम कडा भन्दा कडा कारबाही गरिनेछ । (Embedding to the websites is allowed) *********** ************** *************** ************** *********** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haitnepal/ Follow Bishal Rai On Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/mfu.bhai... Mobile No: 9808349809
  • 32K subscribers,
  • 388 videos
Last Updated2 months ago

Shambhu Rai Shradha Recording

This is the official YouTube Channel of Shambhu Rai. Please SUBSCRIBE for all of the upcoming Songs, Music Videos, and Performances. Thanking You!
  • 37K subscribers,
  • 18 videos
Last Updated8 months ago

Badal Ghimire

Nepali creator Badal Ghimire's official YouTube channel.
  • 98K subscribers,
  • 21 videos
Last Updated25 days ago

Mundhum Studio

  • 23K subscribers,
  • 32 videos
Last Updated19 days ago

Rani Shakya

Rani Shakya has collaborated with musicians: Nhyoo Bajracharya, Shila Bahadur Moktan, Madhu Chhetri, Om Karmacharya, Bikram Thapa, Hari Lamsal, Dipak Sharma, Jeevit Jalmi, Bikash Chaudhary, Chandra Singh Ghale, Arjun Pokharel, Kalyan Singh, Babul Giri, & Nakul Karki; lyricists Raman Ghimire, Arun Tiwari, Sahadev Dhungana, Laxmi Shrestha, Om Karmacharya, Hari Upreti, Rajesh Shakya and Bharati Regmi. Rani Shakya is a medical doctor by profession, and pursuing her singing passion and career in parallel. 🎧Listen Live and follow RANI SHAKYA on: Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/0MsJRhKaih0iwznKmGiFMs iTunes - https://music.apple.com/us/artist/rani-shakya/1351167100 Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/us/artist/rani-shakya/1351167100 Deezer - https://www.deezer.com/us/artist/14166931 Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/music/artist?id=Axq5b74d2yplmimcvazesgge4ee Amazon Music - https://music.amazon.com.au/artists/B079YN3NSS?tab=CATALOG&ref=dm_wcp_artist_link_ad
  • 32 videos
Last Updated2 months ago