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Destiny - Guides, Locations and Solo PVE Challenges. I like to create honest, straight to the point videos & guides with no extra filler, intros, clickbait or pointless commentary. I focus on giving the exact information needed and nothing more, coupled with helpful descriptions for those who prefer reading instead of videos! Business enquiry email is listed below, however currently I am not interested in joining an MCN or YouTube network as it stands. I'm just happy with where the channel is and maintaining/managing it myself. Sponsorships that require intros or outros added, or in-video promotion wouldn't work either sorry, would conflict with the simple format I have going here.
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Your Overwatch

Three YouTubers combine efforts to cover Overwatch from top to bottom, new player tips, esports coverage, news and balance discussion. Eddythechump, Weagal & FREEDO.
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I enjoy making videos for many to see, If it makes their day a bit better, Makes them smile then that is all that matters to me.
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Aidan Harris

Awesome Genshin Impact videos is what this channel is about! Daily videos! Guides Loot Live Reactions Walkthroughs News And so much more! — Be sure to SUBSCRIBE✔ to stay updated and connected with all my NEWEST content!
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Nazywam się Johnny Oraczewski zwący sam siebie "Nexos". Jestem graczem World of Warcraft od początku roku 2007, gdy po raz pierwszy zalogowałem się do gry na moją postać Nexos, Hunter na serwerze Terenas. W grę gram od tamtej pory praktycznie bez przerwy. Nabierając trochę doświadczenia oraz czerpiąc radość z gry postanowiłem podzielić się tym wszystkim na kanale youtube. Od 2011 tworzę w miarę regularnie kontent z World of Warcraft z okazjonalnymi materiałami innej tematyki. CO? GDZIE? KIEDY? Filmy pojawiają się na kanale prawie codziennie (pracuję nad regularnością), natomiast streamy na Twitch.tv gdzie gram w World of Warcraft i inne gry zaczynają się od 20:00 każdego dnia. Potrzebne Linki: STREAM TWITCH - https://www.twitch.tv/nexos FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/Hunternexos W sprawach biznesowych kontakt pod: nexos@fantasyexpo.pl
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I'm that one guy that does Destiny speedruns, pve challenges, and about everything else Destiny. A part of Redeem, and happen to have 4 World's First Raids: Normal Mode Wrath of the Machine, Prestige Mode Leviathan Raid, Normal Mode Spire of Stars, and Normal Mode Last Wish. You can donate to help support me directly by using the link below! All donations are used to help pursue gaming/youtube/twitch as my full time job! Everything is greatly appreciated. https://streamlabs.com/ehroar
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I cover MMOs such as World of Tanks. My channel provides: 1. guides on PVP (Player Versus Player) combat 2. insights on game design and mechanics 3. interviews with game developers Cheers, Ed Park aka Taugrim Patreon: http://patreon.com/taugrim YouTube: http://youtube.com/taugrim Twitter: http://twitter.com/taugrim Blog: http://taugrim.com My channel has been a YouTube Partner since 2012; all YouTube Network solicitation emails will be ignored.
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Plunder thabooty

Hey, Plunderthabooty here! I mainly play Destiny 2 at the moment and you will find great PVP and PVE videos here on the channel! I mainly just play for fun and I have always wanted to put my content out there for others! The most type of videos will be PVP videos and montages showing of some great builds and game play! Please Like and Subscribe if you enjoy the content! Thanks! This is a Gaming Channel.
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Greetings and Welcome Friends! My name is Kargoz and I'm a San Francisco based content creator, U.S. Army Soldier, and life long gamer who enjoys making content on topics im most passionate about such as Gaming, Entrepreneurship, or Military Life. Most of my videos / streams are related to the highly anticipated World of Warcraft: Classic! For more find me at: Livestream: twitch.tv/kargozgaming Facebook: facebook.com/jheldridge Fan Page: facebook.com/kargozgaming/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=13155418 Instagram: jheldridge Twitter: @jheldridge
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TikTak Gaming has been a passion project turned real life goal over the past 2 years. Starting from not knowing how to record videos, to putting out informative, funny, and relatable content for almost 3 years. As we continue to evolve and learn, your welcome to take this journey with us. From someone who didn't know what they were doing, to being flown out to Epic Games HQ to give my feedback on the game I love...never stop following your dreams! Thank you for 25,000 subscribers, here is to 25,000 more! **IMPORTANT LINKS DOWN BELOW ** SAC- OOTIKTAKOO DISCORD - https://discord.gg/aHuk4jT - 4,500 MEMBERS TWITCH - https://www.twitch.tv/roundedtiktak - 10,000 FOLLOWERS TWITTER - https://twitter.com/RoundedTikTak - 1,100 FOLLOWERS See you guys, for more amazing videos and streams!
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Black Desert Family Name: BDO_Anders on EU server Discord: AndersGallar#0001
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What’s up guys! Welcome to my channel 😎 My goal is to bring you guys quality content so make sure you hit that subscribe button and stay tuned!
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Skill Capped WoW Guides

Skill Capped is the ultimate League of Legends and World of Warcraft instructional resource. We feature videos, articles, and a PvP community from some of the best players in the game. We are dedicated to helping all League of Legends and World of Warcraft players strengthen their gaming skills by meeting and exceeding their instructional needs through several different means of guidance. We pride ourselves on creating the most efficient and effective tutorials to cover all bases, whether you're on summoner's rift or in the arena, with content submitted by only the highest ranked players in the game. Follow our Twitter and Facebook to receive updates on what's happening around Skill-capped.com.
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Xeleko - 100% MultiGaming

Pour découvrir des nouveaux jeux regardez la rubrique "Coup d'oeil sur..." Ma config PC : Processeur : Intel Core i7-4790K (4.00 GHz) Carte mère : Asus MAXIMUS VII RANGER Carte graphique : Asus GeForce GTX 970 STRIX DirectCU II, 4 Go Disque dur : Sandisk Ultra II, 120 Go, SATA III + Seagate Desktop SSHD, 2 To RAM : DDR3 G.Skill RipJaws X, 2 x 8 Go, 2400 MHz, CAS 11 Ecran : 24" Acer S242HLAbid Graveur/Lecteur : Asus DRW-24F1ST, Noir Boitier : Zalman Z11 Neo Alimentation : Cooler Master G650M, 650W - Les arnaqueurs sont partout, tout autre demande email qui n'est pas issu du mail ci-dessous sont des Fakes : - Scams happen and any users who aren't on this email communication list are fakes ! Email Contact Pro : xeleko@orange.fr Epic Creator Code : AU6QTC
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