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Hi guys! I focus on makeup, hair & fashion videos. I believe in the products that I feature on my channel and I hope to bring you the best makeup tutorials/ get ready with me(s), fashion try-on hauls/ lookbooks/#OOTD(s), and hair/product reviews . I hope you enjoy my videos and always be sure to leave a comment and like so I can know your thoughts and what else your interested in seeing here on my channel. Thanks for supporting my me. KEEP UP WITH ME: Instagram: Snapchat: @petite3ssence
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Petite Dressing

My name is Chi Li, 5'2" founder of, the clothing site dedicated to women under 5'4" . I created this channel to share a smarter approach to petite fashion. I had a finance career in an investment bank for many years. After seeing the petite section diminishing in all major department stores in the last decade, I became an entrepreneur in 2021 to focus on Petite Dressing, the clothing site for petites. Come join our fun and supportive community! For starters, we have weekly live sale with petite models trying on our new arrivals, a "petite girls' night in" to connect with our customers.
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Ma petite TV

Bienvenue sur la chaîne YouTube "Ma petite TV" ! Découvrez les vidéos avec jouets pour enfants sur notre chaîne! Ici, vous trouverez les jeux avec la Pat Patrouille, les Pyjamasques et les autres personnages en jouets ainsi que des jeux avec voitures... Abonnez-vous à la chaîne et pour ne plus rater nos nouvelles vidéos!
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Namsai Petite Engineer

ชีวิตของนายช่างน้อย 😁
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PETITE TV - JMV Creative Productions and Management Inc.
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Petite cuisine شهيوات أم نزار

الطبخ أو الطهو أو الطهي أو إنضاج الطعام هو عملية لجعل المواد الغذائية جاهزة للأكل بتسخينه. يمكن الناسَ طهوُ الطعام على النار عن طريق استخدام الخشب أو الفحم، مع موقد يستخدم البروبان أو الغاز الطبيعي، أو مع موقد يستخدم الكهرباء. الفرن هو مكان به نار يشبه الصندوق. الناس أيضا بنَوْا أفرانًا من الطين و الطوب. لطهو الطعام عدة طرق. عادةً يُغلى الطعام بطهوه في الماء. وعادة في طهو الطعام نستخدم بعض أنواع الأوعية كالفرن الهولندي وأدوات القلي. الناس في بعض الأحيان يطهون الطعام من خلال وضعه مباشرة على النار. قبل أن تُطهى الأطعمة، يُقال أنها خام. بعض الأطعمة جيدة وهي خام. هناك أنواع متعددة من المطابخ في الوطن العربي مثل: المطبخ المغربي والمطبخ المصري والمطبخ الشامي والمطبخ الخليجي. ويطلق على طاهي الطعام بالطباخ.
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Transparent Try Ons With Kelsey

Your favorite Army Vet & Natural Petite Playmate! Watch me try on all kinds of outfits & heels 😳 Make sure to subscribe to ALL my socials! New educational try on hauls posted throughout the week Business Inquiries 💌
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Lola Brooke

Packed into Brooklynite raptress Lola Brooke’s petite frame are all the makings of the music world’s next superstar: a boisterous personality, the versatility to carve her space in any creative medium; and above all the lyrical ability to hold her own against any competitor
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La Petite Gaby

Une chaine beauté, 100% naturelle & bio, avec une bonne dose de sarcasme et d'ironie. Garantie 0% greenwashing.
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la petite bette

Coucou!! 😄Bienvenue dans la famille! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦La petite bette c'est moi, Manon mais c'est aussi la Bette Family: BetteMan (chéri), et les jumeaux BetteGirl (Alizée) et MiniBette (Malek). Vous trouverez ici 🍕Beaucoup de bouffe ✈️Des idées voyages 📝Des astuces & recommandations 💼La série de vlog, le MaLa, nos vraies vies et notre aventure de Youtubeurs. On vous aime ❤️. Sans vous, rien de ceci ne ferait de sens. Merci de vous abonner, de commenter, de partager, d'être là tout simplement. Vous trouverez des articles additionnels ainsi que nos recettes sur notre blog, des interludes de vie sur Instagram et InstaStories et des partages inspirants sur Facebook aussi. Blogue: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Patreon: Pour toute demande commerciale:
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La Petite Culotte

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Les Kinkos

kinkeliba et la kenfi sans oublier la petite franka sont pret pour vous zigouller les cotes😂😂😂
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Ta petite dose de good vibes ♡
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♡ Bel Petite ♡

✧.* hiii baby! my name is bel petite and I'm 19 ♡ 👙💗 get to know a lil' more about me 🎀🌷 ꕥ asian / colombian girl ༊ height: 5'1" ✧ clothing size: x- small 🙈 ꕥ camera: cannon eos m50 ༊ editing app: capcut - Final Cut Pro ✧ spicy content -
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Jay Petite

Hey guys. This channel is just really about fun. I like to express myself in creative ways, being hair, clothes, music taste, and even by the way i speak. Lol this channel can become serious at times as for when i might do topic videos, but for the most part its just for comedy and creativity ( sometimes DIY videos.)
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Petite Aiwa

✨ Welcome to my Fashion Corner ✨ My name is Rita 💖 Tell me, can you imagine life without beauty and sophisticated clothes? No? Me neither! 😏 From this day on, I promise to find super cool and stylish clothes and film it for y'all with a detailed description of my feelings and my cute face talking about it, haha 🤭 I'd be trying on all the best fashion treasures on my petite (XS) size body and give some useful advices on how certain items can be paired. You may show some love and appreciation by following my other socials. 💖 Let' get this trendy party started! Please note that all our videos are diligently safeguarded by fair use principles by Section 107 of the Copyright Act. The development, promotion, and management of the YouTube channel "AiwaOnly" are under the purview of Promo Team Production. For cooperation, please, contact us via the email provided below.
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Petite Danse

A Escola Petite Danse é uma das maiores Escolas de Dança do Brasil, se destacando através de prêmios conquistados nos maiores festivais de dança do Brasil e Exterior. Há mais de 30 anos a Petite educa através da dança. Nessa trajetória, já formou mais de 100 alunos que atualmente são bailarinos contratados em grandes companhias no Brasil, Europa e Estados Unidos (como Royal Ballet, Ballet Arizona, Theatro Municipal do RJ, Dutch National Ballet, entre outras). Atualmente, a Escola tem 4 unidades no Rio de Janeiro (Itanhangá, Tijuca, Vogue Square e Shopping Metropolitano Barra) e espaços alternativos dentro dos melhores Colégios. Além de educar o aluno como um todo através da disciplina e comprometimento, oferece aulas de diversas modalidades para adultos e crianças de todos os níveis: Ballet Clássico, Jazz, Sapateado, Street Dance, Dança Flamenca, entre outras! Você pode fazer uma aula experimental gratuita! Fale com nossa equipe de atendimento:
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  • 764 videos
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April Whitney

Welcome to my channel! My name is April Whitney and I am a certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and a fellow petite woman like you :). I'm also the founder of the popular healthy lifestyle membership and program for petites, Petite PWR. The Petite PWR community is for any petite woman living or seeking a lifestyle of health & wellness. My Instagram: Petite PWR's Instagram: Website:
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Zelda Sykes

petite model with a sweet voice Female try ons ᧔♡᧓ lingerie & bikinis Zelda’s height: 5’5” 164cm measurements: hips: 35-36” (90cm) waist: 24” (62cm) bust: 32” (83cm) business inquires are welcome
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DAM - Documentaires Auto / Moto

Course Poursuite, Runs, Reportages complets, Documentaires & même des films ! Incroyable, autant de plaisir sur une si petite chaîne !
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