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POV Parkour

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Parkour Twins

Hey everyone! We are the Parkour Twins! We love to shoot interesting and cool concepts! For any business enquires please email me Parkour Twins Make sure to follow us on Instagram @dylanpawson 132k Followers @brodiepawson 453k Followers make sure to subscribe for weekly videos! Website:
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Ampisound is a Parkour channel featuring the best Parkour content! POV, Cinematic edits, Analysis and Compilations! We also maintan a community presence with self-produced content on our YouTube Channel. We have been involved within the Parkour world since 2005, and shooting movement since 2007. The focus of Ampisound is to capture any and all forms of movement or action shots in an authentic and dynamic way. Its our priority to create content which truly displays the level of skill and talent that an athlete has developed throughout their practice. We’ve been first movers on a range of filmmaking techniques within the movement culture, and look to create new and exciting films.
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Thunder Freerunning

Hi, we are Thunder Freerunning team, The original channel of Thunder Freerunning had over 800,000 subscribers and, it was hacked in June 2019, we've contacted YouTube and, they couldn't do anything about the situation EXCEPT deleting the channel, we had no other choice except creating a new channel, if you are a fan of us, we really thank you for sticking around and, if you are new hi, we are Thunder team we make fun Parkour videos for entertainment, we've been struggling for more than 8 years and, we will never give up. one of our favorite quotes ... (YES, MAYBE WE WERE BORN AS LOSERS, BUT WE WILL DIE AS F*CKING LEGENDS)
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Hi ich bin Laurens und auf meinem Kanal Birdseye findet ihr Videos über Abenteuer, Reisen, Sport und vieles mehr worauf ich bock habe. Stay adventures my friends! Combining Parkour, Skydiving, Cliffjumping, Skateboarding and Surfing in one lifestyle. Instagram: @birdseye
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Best Parkour & Freerunning Content. . Snap :Parkour.1
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Juned Fitness

My Age 7/8/2004 My Height 5.8 L.U.C.K.N.O.W.🇮🇳 Instagram - junedfitness Dm for business enquiries📥 🌱All Natural -No supplement🌱 Online Coaching
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Nick Pro

What's up! I'm Nick Pro, a parkour athlete from Canada who is also a bit of a geek. Whether you like parkour, freerunning and tricking, or you're into superheroes and video games, make sure you subscribe to see some exciting videos! Lots of stuff with Spiderman, Dragon Ball, and especially Star Wars. New videos every Friday! Don't forget to check out my instagram and facebook below.
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Emphasizing high-quality instructional video production, Howcast brings you leading experts and accurate, reliable information on topics ranging from makeup tutorials, cute hairstyles, and nail art designs to soccer tricks, parkour, and skateboarding, plus how to dougie, how to kiss, and much, much more. Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information wherever, whenever they need to know how.
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existential hot potato
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YO! It makes me SO happy to see that you're here checking out the channel. I sincerely hope that the content brings you joy as well as encouragement to diligently sow into the wonderful and unique gifts that God has placed inside of you! Remember that only YOU can be who God created you to be, so choose TODAY to live joyfully and courageously, through every mountain and every valley. One of my goals for the channel is to cultivate a community of WORLD CHANGERS, acknowledging that as we sharpen each other and love our neighbors as ourselves, that we can change the world one person at a time. If you would like to join the World Changers family...hit the SUBSCRIBE button! If you were wondering..yes! I am an unashamed disciple of Jesus Christ! Whether we believe the same or different, I'm SO thankful to have you here. With all of that being said, have a fantastic rest of your day! For anything related to business, please send me a message at the email address linked below! 👇
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Grisha Garaz

Hi guys ! This is the POV specific channel of Grisha Garaz 👀 FOLLOW US HERE (exclusive content!) ☐ Insta Grisha - @GrishaGaraz ☐ Insta Pasha - @PashaGaraz ☐ TikTok Grisha - @GrishaGaraz Business Contact : 100 Sub - 30.03.2019 _ 1000 Sub - 18.01.2020 _ 10.000 Sub - 15.03.2020 _ 20.000 Sub - 18.04.2020 _ 30.000 Sub - 30.05.2020 _ 40.000 Sub - 18.08.2020 _ 50.000 Sub - 27.09.2020 🥉 _ 60.000 Sub - 20.10.2020 _ 70.000 Sub - 09.11.2020 _ 80.000 Sub - 22.11.2020 _ 90.000 Sub - 04.12.2020 _ 100.000 Sub - 16.12.2020 🥈 _ 200.000 Sub - 07.05.2021 _ 300.000 Sub - 04.08.2021
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DevinSuperTramp is more than just a YouTube Channel! From Super Bowl commercials to start-up ads. Located in Provo Utah, we are a passionate team of filmmakers open to working with various products, talent, and family friendly brands. For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here:
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Parkour POV's action videos, Training videos . I am Toby (Turtlepkvn), I'm 25 years old and I spend the last 12 years practicing and mastering Parkour! I Started to be inspired by watching the movie and some POV video on Youtube, also found inspiration in Jackie Chan movies where he used a lot of stunts and acrobatics, I was always stocked with his stunts, fails and epic fight scenes. Find me on Instagram as @tobypk_
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Ronnie Street Stunts

I am a parkour/ free running athlete and stunt man. I love making parkour tutorials and epic youtube videos featuring various types of stunts and characters.
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Trường Quân TQ97 Gaming

Fb Cá Nhân: Liên Hệ Tài Trợ/ Quảng Cáo:
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All About Games
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