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안녕~! (Annyeong!) Dollightful is a channel where old toys are transformed by the power of art into unique, one-of-a-kind characters. Whether you're here for a tutorial, or just to laugh and enjoy the ups and downs of the creative process, there's something here for everyone. "Come for the dolls, stay for the cats" as they say. Etsy (doll clothing patterns): Merch (shirts, buttons, posters): Merch (prints, blankets, mugs): Other social media handles: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Not interested in partnerships or sponsorships. © 2024 Dollightful LP. Dollightful®
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Hello, I'm Hextian, and I like to create One of a kind (OOAK) art dolls. You know the ones you don't play with and collects dust on the shelf haha! I also love drawing, so I'm trying to learn more art mediums to see which one sticks. Oh yeah, I also like to dress up in drag!
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Morg’s Dolls

Doll Collector & Customizer! 💓
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Dolls, makeovers & animation 💕 Hey! I’m Kelsey, also known as EverythingDolls! I love doll collecting, animation, and customizing dolls. I create doll series with episodes, fix dolls, give them makeovers, and share new doll stuff! I have a P.O. Box! If you’d like to write a letter, send it to: EverythingDolls P.O Box 48453 Minneapolis, MN 55448 💌 For business or promotional inquiries: © 2024 EverythingDolls
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Nicholas K. Rico | @TruePlatform Also known as 'Lyfestyle' or 'Truleyy.' Age 29. | Proud Father & Lucky Husband. Certified Audio Engineer & Sound Designer. Computer Hardware / Audio & Video Technician. YouTube Content Creator. Music Composer, Post-Production Editor & Business Owner. 2023 © OOAK | Licensed Media Group.™
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Hi, welcome to my humble art magic! I am a self-taught mixed media BJD/doll artist and love bringing my vision to life! Airbrushing, sculpting, casting resin, painting... I love doing all of it and mixing it together. My creations are fragile pieces/sculptures that I made using professional art equipment, tools, materials and different techniques, with a lot of invested time and patience. I sincerely hope my work will inspire you and bring you even a little bit of magic. 💕 Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more: @ marialazarsart If you love my work, honestly the best way to support the channel is just by being here, leaving a comment, sharing and liking the videos. This is all that I could ever ask for. Thank you💕
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💜 miss_rosi_ooak doll artist 💜 Shop my custom dolls on instagram: Join my Patreon to see my new dolls first:
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MusicGirl Pro

Hi, hello, how are ya? Welcome to my channel! My name is Eliza, I'm 22 years old and I film & customize plastic animals known as LPS or Littlest Pet Shop. I’ve been in the LPS community for 10+ years. First only making music videos (those mvs are all deleted sadly) before making my first short film “Gone”. My content is always changing but as of now, most videos are customs/hauls/nostalgia LPS related content! Anywho, See ya around! Parents of little ones!! Hello! Fair warning! just know… NOT all my content is for younger audiences! I cannot express this enough! Thank you.
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I make dolls Socials: Instagram Twitter Business:
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Lady Dynamite Creates

Welcome to my channel! Lady Dynamite Creates is where old dolls are given new life. I hope to provide some insight of my creative process and some tricks that maybe you have not learned. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I have always been a creative person and was a user interface artist for video games until I became a stay at home mom. I became enamored with customizing dolls when I discovered Dollightful and decided to try it for myself. I was hooked. I came to the art form with a background in metal-smithing, sewing, cosplay, 3-D modeling and photography and I try to incorporate my knowledge from my other artistic endeavors into my doll art. With the encouragement of my husband, I started selling my dolls and sharing my art with others. Etsy - Instagram - Facebook -
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Sister customizing duo established November 2017 Alexandra | concept artist | repaints | photos Barbara | outfits | accesories Business inquiries:
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Poppen Atelier / Doll Art Studio

Doll Artist Creative Studio. I repaint Monster High, Barbie, Ever After High Dolls and big styling doll heads. Next to my very detailed speedpaint drawing tutorials where I show how to draw a realistic face, eyes and lips, I also show how to make doll clothes and accessoires. Every Friday on my channel you can find a new work in progress video tutorial showing how to customize your dolls. So, if you love dolls and just crazy about custom OOAK bjd or want to learn how to customize dolls, how to make doll clothes and shoes very easy, I'm sure you will find a lot of new interesting, entertaining and useful information on my channel. Maryna My dolls can be purchased here: Instagram: @poppenatelier Poppen Atelier BE0712594266
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딩가의 회전목마 DINGA

안녕하세요 딩가 입니다😀
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Welcome to my Channel, Here you will find many different reviews of Toys, Dolls, Disney Limited Edition Dolls, Tutorials, Ooak Dolls, Hot Toys and other random stuff I Collect :)
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Pilimonika :3

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I love art. It has no rules...
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The Dolly Geek

Hello and welcome! This is a channel to explore creativity in a geeky way :D Custom dolls and toys based on videogames, anime, TV shows and more. Enjoy!
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슬기로운 견생을 위해🙋‍♂️ 푸우와 함께하며 공부하고 터득한 훈련, 일상, 용품리뷰를 함께해요 궁금한 교육방법이나 반려견에 관한 모든 것 연락주세요 : ) 🙋‍♂‍ 푸우형 비즈니스 문의 : 한국애견협회 3급 지도사 건국대 반려동물 행동수정 전문가 보듬컴퍼니, 클릭커트레이닝 수료 🐶 푸우 이름: 푸우 나이: 5살 성별: 남 생년월일: 2017.05.10 견종: 비숑 프리제 벌러덩 누워서 잠들기를 좋아합니다 🐾구독해주시개🐾
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Moonlight Jewel

Hi I make dolls. You should too! 💕 ADD ME: Patreon: Shop: Email for sponsorship and partnership requests: (Disclaimer: This email is for professional business related requests ONLY!): FAN MAIL? Of course! You can mail it to my studio here: MOONLIGHT JEWEL Bahnhofstraße 20 17335 Strasburg (Um.) GERMANY
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Dutch face-up artist who likes to bring dolls to life with Stop-motion animation. You can also find me on: 🦊The Divus series: 🦊Patreon: 🦊YouTube Memberships: *Click the join button* 🦊Instagram: @dollymotion 🦊Instagram (Divus): @thedivusseries I'm NOT interested in partnerships or sponsorships!!!
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