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VeggieTales Official

► Subscribe to VeggieTales for brand new videos: http://bit.ly/2sUlO2y Through hilarious storytelling, silly songs and lovable characters, VeggieTales presents meaningful lessons with faith-based values - like forgiveness, honesty and thankfulness - that are easy for kids to understand and that help guide them in their day-to-day lives. VeggieTales is a children's animated series created by Big Idea featuring anthropomorphic vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity. Through hilarious storytelling, silly songs and lovable characters, VeggieTales presents meaningful lessons with faith-based values - like forgiveness, honesty and thankfulness - that a

  • 288K Subs.,
  • 653 videos

MadrasaTech Official

تطلق قناة مدرسة تك "MadrasaTech" من الولايات المتحدة الامريكية, ويقوم بادارتها زهير وهو طالب علوم وهندسة بكلية فيلاديلفيا.الهدف من القناة هو نشر الوعي وخصوصا في المجال التكنولوجي وكدالك محاربة الأمية المعلوماتية. القناة ستبدأ في المجال الافتراضي وان شاء الله ستنزل الى الواقع حتى تجعل من مشروع محاربة الأمية التكنولوجية ونجعل منها أولويات المجتمع والمؤسسات. المرجو تشجيعنا على اتمام هدا الهدف النبيل وخصوصا أننا لا نتلقى أي دعم من أي جهة سواء خاصة أو عامة وانما نقوم بكل شيء في سبيل نيل الأجر اوالتواب ومن مالنا الخاص. قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: "أحب الناس إلى الله أنفعهم للناس " "We Learn By Teaching Others What We Learnt "

  • 229K Subs.,
  • 281 videos

Rg Official

Hit that subscribe button, I’m Rg with videos about really everything. And really want to get somewhere with YouTube, So go subscribe and join our path to greatness! Join #OfficialGang For Business Inquiries Email: Greenronnie23@gmail.com

  • 467K Subs.,
  • 259 videos

Gearbox Official

About Gearbox Software Gearbox Software is an award-winning, independent developer of interactive entertainment based in Frisco, Texas. It was founded in 1999 by game industry veterans, and its first release was Half-Life: Opposing Force. Since then, the company has become widely known for successful game franchises including Brothers in Arms, Borderlands, and Battleborn, as well as acquired properties Duke Nukem and Homeworld. About Gearbox Publishing Founded in 2016, Gearbox Publishing was established with the goal of helping developers around the world bring their products to market while retaining their unique creative visions. With the release of 2017’s Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, developed by People Can Fly, and most recently delivering Epic’s Fortnite to retail stores worldwide, Gearbox Publishing remains committed to its promise to entertain the world and become the most developer-friendly publisher in the industry.

  • 206K Subs.,
  • 317 videos

มหาวิทยาลัยประชาชน Official

TPRUD- Thai People's Revolutionary University for Democracy (http://tprud.org) หรือ มหาวิทยาลัยประชาชน มหาวิทยาลัยของประชาชน โดยประชาชน และเพื่อประชาชน บนหลักเสรีประชาธิปไตยและการเคารพสิทธิมนุษยชนสากล

  • 238K Subs.,
  • 3.1K videos

Official Cricut

From the beginning, our dream has been to help people lead creative lives by providing tools to make their do-it-yourself projects beautiful, fun, and easy. When we built our first cutting machine, we saw the potential for a simple yet powerful tool to completely transform the way people think about crafting, designing, and making. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate with new machines, materials, and tools, and Cricut users worldwide continue to amaze us with the personal, meaningful, and unique things that they make. Every day, our customers share their inspiring stories with us. We’ve learned that DIY enriches people’s lives in countless ways. It’s a creative outlet, a therapeutic tool for self-expression, and a way to give and connect to others. We are truly inspired to be part of an experience for our customers that is both personally meaningful and universally inclusive. This channel is dedicated to educating our Members on how to live more creative lives.

  • 290K Subs.,
  • 319 videos

Midland Official

With all the chest-thumping going on in Nashville today, where bluster and swagger have replaced heart and soul, you half expect some of country music's male stars to be sporting bruises. Which is what makes Midland, a trio of friends based in Dripping Springs, Texas, so undeniably refreshing. Made up of singer Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist Jess Carson and bass player Cameron Duddy, Midland is the embodiment of Seventies California country, all smooth Eagles harmonies and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics. Their songs are intoxicating country sung with the twang of George Strait. And it's impossible to resist. Midland — the guys took their name from a Dwight Yoakam song — excel in setting a mood, transporting the listener to another place and time. This is music made for wide-open skies, endless deserts and wondering where the road is going to take you next.

  • 243K Subs.,
  • 102 videos

GSMArena Official

Welcome to the official GSMArena.com YouTube channel. Here you'll find hands-on videos, user interface walkthroughs, unboxings and many more videos related to the world of mobile technology. To check out our main website, visit www.gsmarena.com

  • 1M Subs.,
  • 2.5K videos

NERF Official

Official channel for Nerf™ We've been pushing the limits of fun since 1969, and in our nation, IT'S NERF OR NOTHIN'! *Never modify any NERF blasters or other NERF products. Use only the darts, water, rounds and discs designed for specific NERF blasters.

  • 533K Subs.,
  • 454 videos

SPACE (Official)

Follow the latest Rocket launch webcasts, Conferences & more space-related Livestream events. SPACE (Official) provides a Platform for Aerospace companies, nonprofit organizations & scientists to communicate their work to the general public, decreasing the knowledge gap between academia and society. At the start of 2019, we have hidden all of the published videos on our channel so that we can give Spaceflight/Aerospace companies, the center stage to share their startup video with the worldwide space community, as well as our audience of nearly four million subscribers. We love ❤ Space SPACE (Official) Team, For licensing please contact us.

  • 3.5M Subs.,
  • 8 videos

SharaX Official

🌺 She/Her Music Producer ❚ 22 Years Old ❚ Eight years of FL Studio experience ❚ I really love Undertale & AU's ❚ Commissions currently closed ❚ 🌺 ~Impersonators exist, always remember to only trust my verified accounts (those linked from my Youtube/Soundcloud). [Quick FAQ:] ▶"Do you still like undertale?"◀ A: Yaya! ▶"Do you plan to stop remixing undertale & AU's soon?"◀ A: Nop. Curiously, I love it just as much as I did in 2015. I am very active in exploring the AU fandoms and read way too much fanfiction. It's a lot of fun! ▶"What's your favorite AU's?"◀ A: Underfell & Dusttale are my top favs, followed by Underswap, Fellswap, etc. There's a lot I like and I hope to do a few remixes for each of them! ▶"When will you open commissions?"◀ A: I don't have a specified date decided yet, but I will be sure to make an announcement when I do! [UT Amino] Profile: http://aminoapps.com/p/n2ksv [UT AU Amino] Profile: http://aminoapps.com/p/ypk1ix7

  • 405K Subs.,
  • 118 videos