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Adam Neely

Video essays, lessons and vlogs on new horizons in music and music theory. NYC-based bass player and composer Adam Neely brings you a new video every Monday exploring what music means, and what it means to be a musician.
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I like to make comedic tutorials that are hopefully effective to the learner. I also like making saxophone memes and nerding out for new sax gear. Thanks for checking out my channel. Universities I attended: ECU 2020 - Frost at UM 2022 - UoMemphis 2025 Here is a link to my technique eBook, merch, instagrams, Boston Sax Shop coupon codes, and more:
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  • 231 videos
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George Collier

i transcribe music clips that you might find interesting VIDEO SUGGESTIONS: (email requests will not be checked)
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  • 255 videos
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The 8-Bit Big Band

The 8-Bit Big Band is a full sized Jazz/pops orchestra that formed to celebrate and realize some of the best musical themes written from various video games from all consoles! The orchestra ranges from 25 members all the way to 65 members depending on the music, and draws from some of most sought after musicians from New York City, and around the world. Thanks for watching and helping us celebrate this awesome music :)
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  • 79 videos
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Adam Neely 2

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  • 32 videos
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Ben Levin

I have a songwriting course called "Getting Songs Done" at
  • 166K subscribers,
  • 518 videos
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Leon Waves

All about the tastiest harmony. Harmony and Music Theory Lessons or General Questions: Instagram/Twitter: @leon_waves
  • 98K subscribers,
  • 25 videos
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Shawn Crowder

Drummer for Sungazer & more.
  • 78K subscribers,
  • 62 videos
Last Updated2 months ago

Lucia Sarmiento

Lucia Sarmiento + Saxofón = Love
  • 34K subscribers,
  • 45 videos
Last Updated4 months ago

Pigeons Lover's

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Evan Marien

Bassist, composer + producer making all kinds of music
  • 23K subscribers,
  • 89 videos
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Thee Pregame Show

#THEE #1 source for #Exclusive in-depth #CoachPrime #DeionSanders content - we take you inside the game before the game begins! #TheePreGameShow #AllAccessPass #iBelieve #Colorado #ColoradoUniversity #WeComing #ShoulderToShoulder April 26, 2021 - First Video Published June 8, 2022 - 10,000 Subscribers September 14, 2022 - 20,000 Subscribers November 4, 2022 - 30,000 Subscribers December 17, 2022 - 40,000 Subscribers January 12, 2023 - 50,000 Subscribers February 11, 2023 - 60,000 Subscribers
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Sebastien Zunino

Hello, I m Sebastien Zunino, guitarist-composer from France. I m making backing tracks and lessons to practice improvisation.
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  • 1.7K videos
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Rotem Sivan

The YouTube Channel of NYC-based Guitarist, Producer and Composer Rotem Sivan. New videos out every Tuesday
  • 120K subscribers,
  • 406 videos
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Pigeons Cup Wale

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When Leon Levine opened the doors to the first Family Dollar store over 50 years ago, his goal was to provide quality merchandise at everyday low prices in easy-to-shop neighborhood locations. Leon was a firm believer that his "customers are the boss, and you need to keep them happy." That spirit of customer service continues today and it doesn't have to end when you leave our stores. Through our YouTube page, you're able to connect with other customers and share your experiences. Subscribe today and never miss out on our latest recipes, makeup & fashion tips, product reviews, and more!
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My Name Is My Name

I'm not apart of the Black Conscious Community or the Counter-Racist Collective.
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  • 34 videos
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Christoph Sietzen - Percussion

Welcome to my channel! You will find more and more music videos in the near future here, including live concerts, brand new compositions as well as some practice insights, so stay tuned!;) All the best, Christoph ————————————————————————————— “...he took up position at a marimba and coaxed from it sounds of rapturous fragility.“ The New York Times Named a Rising Star of the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO) for the 2017/18 season, percussionist Christoph Sietzen has been praised by the media as an outstanding talent – a refreshingly natural musician notable for his technical mastery and powerful stage presence. He was a prizewinner at the prestigious ARD International Music Competition in 2014 and received the ICMA Young Artist Award 2018. His first solo CD “Attraction”, which features a work written for Sietzen by Emmanuel Séjourné, received the Pizzicato Supersonic Award.
  • 38K subscribers,
  • 19 videos
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my channel is about uplifting the young generation on the problem we facing as a community. this channel is promoting truth so that it brings people face to face with themselves. we are all broken that's how the light gets in. we just trying to find meaning in our suffering. this channel is using a different approach to sensitize the problem that we are facing. cartoons are a great way for the message to pass through. a message of love , unity and equality. I hope my contribution to an attempt in fighting our struggle will not go in vain.subscribe to my channel like and share.
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  • 432 videos
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Simon Fransman

A channel dedicated to jazz where nothing and everything makes sense!
  • 46K subscribers,
  • 224 videos
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