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Nick's Strength and Power

The #1 most followed source for Bodybuilding News, Coverage, and Information. *Interact with me on social media* -Instagram- @NicksStrengthPower -Facebook- @OfficialNickMiller -Twitter-@Dank_Nick -Website v v v v v REDCON1 10% OFF CODE: NICK10 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ *Discount Codes* -Body Analyzer 1 Scale Discount Link- Use code "NickFit" for 60% off Body Analyzer -Tare Kitchen Scale Use code "power50" for 50% off Food Scale -AWESOME Bodybuilding style weight plate necklace- Use Code- NICK10 for 10% off the Necklace
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DailyIndian Fashion

Dear All, This channel is about to showcase Indian fashion trends, It includes fashion accessories, traditional wears, and ethnic accessories. It keeps the viewers aware of what is happening around Indian fashion trends, which gives an idea about what they can look for when they shop around. We are a team of like-minded people who enjoy and cherish Desi fashion trends, always having constant contact with the Indian fashion industry. We collect, tailor & compile the best pics for our viewers. Our team collects pics by spending an enormous amount of time with Jewelers, Weavers, Ethnic Wear experts, Textiles & Industry experts. and We carefully compile those pics for our viewers. We would like to thank our viewers for being part of our success, We always encourage our viewers and subscribers to reach us for any concerns, questions, and appreciations. Please enjoy our videos and cherish Indian fashion industry. Thanks and Regards, Daily Indian Fashion's Crews
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Huong Handmade

Hello! Welcome to my channel ! On this channel you can find understandable tutorials on making beautiful beaded earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings... Every Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work. So don't forget to leave a comment and like, share, subscribe & hit the notification bell. It's FREE. I'm working full time for creating tutorials. I'm appreciate if you are interested in my videos and want to support me. Scroll down for the donate link. Thank you to everyone for subscribing, rating, donating, and commenting my videos and channel. It really means a lot to me. I WILL POST VIDEO TUTORIALS WEEKLY, SO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL. THANK YOU 💌 © Copyright by Huong Handmade ☞ Do not Reup 🍀June 26, 2019🍀 ———————————
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7undying life

Do you want our friendship/love/family to leave a memory? More ornaments on our website, worldwide free shipping. Purchase link:
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Shridhi Vlog

Our channel is to showcase the latest trends in Fashion, Food, Crafts, and Health. Subscribe to our channel here:- Follow us on Facebook @
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Musarrat Jabin

Assalamualaikum everyone i am Musarrat Jabin. Its a shopping guide and food reviewer for Bangladeshi people. Where you can know all types of Jewellery, cosmatic, Beauty product, kitchen items,baby items, ladys items, Clothes price etc. Or it could be a food review. I try to blog daily 6 days i blog about shopping review and Friday i blog daily life/family blog Please subscribe to my channel like comment and share my videos আমি বাংলাদেশের মানুষের জন্য একটি শপিং গাইড। যেখানে আপনি সমস্ত ধরনের জুয়েলারী, কসমেটিক, সৌন্দর্য পণ্য, রান্নাঘরের আইটেম, শিশুর আইটেম, ল্যাডি আইটেমগুলি, বস্ত্রের দাম ইত্যাদি জানতে পারেন। খাবার এর রিভিও ও হতে পারে মন্তব্য মত আমার চ্যানেল সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন এবং আমার ভিডিও শেয়ার করুন My Facebook id link : To connect with me My business mail: Started my channel = 10 march 2019 10,000 suscriber = 18 May 2019 50,000 subcriber = 3 October 2019 1,00,000 subscribers = 13 February 2020
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Smart BhaiG

WELCOME GUYS About This Channel, Subscribe My Youtube Channel Press The Bell Icom Select All NOTIFICATION For NEVER Miss ANY Updates , Follow Here For MORE Updates, Join Discord For Live Chat Instagram. Facebook Page, ---------------------------------------------------------- Contact For Video Shoot. अपने दुकान का वीडियो बनवाने के लिए संपर्क करें. Email. WhatsApp. 9582064117 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ .ATTENTION PLEASE. This Video is Uploaded Only For Education and Information Purpose, If You Want Buy Any Items Through This Video Please Before Buy Do Research By Yourself, This Channel Not Responsible For Any Kinds Of Profit Or Loss Thanks For Your LOVE and SUPPORT , Don,t Forget To LIKE and SHARE
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Inventions World

Welcome to Inventions World, the future of this generation. We are committed that we will introduce the future technologies, innovations, new gadgets and new inventions to you. So take part in tech revolution by staying with us and subscribing our channel. All videos we publish are either for educational purposes or a news related to the new and latest technology. The purpose of this channel is to educate people about inventions, latest technology and top homemade inventions. Invention World is a You Tube channel that shows the latest- Gadgets, Inventions, Innovations, Kitchen appliances, Technology, New Tech, Inventions and Inventors, Science and Technology. All videos we publish for educational or news purposes. Subscribe to stay tuned..
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A look in to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. We explore the world of watches, mansions, supercars, jewelry and more!
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Iram's World of Jewellery

Iram's World of Jewellery a Youtube channel showcasing latest Jewellery Designs Images/photos/Pictures of gold jewellery, today Fashion, silver, diamond, Pearl, Kundan, bridal jewellery, south indian jewellery, one gram gold jewellery, light weight jewellery, gold necklace, gold earrings, gold ring, gold bangles, gold bracelet, gold pendant, gold chain, gold mangalsutra, nose pin, anklet, indian Jewellers catalogues, online jewellery websites & jewelry stores. An exclusive channel only for all types of jewellery. Disclaimer: The information provided on this channel is only for general purpose. I do not sell the things and do not owe a shop. All the pictures are taken from jewellers facebook page and google. I have provided link of some of them. The original copyrights are with them. If someone feels that I should not use their content then please mail me to inform, I will respect your decision and immediately remove the said content. My email Id: Iram Khan
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DusBus is a fashion channel for Indian Women - Watch videos on Indian jewellery & ethnic fashion designs. Our focus is on traditional Indian women wear - mangalsutra, necklace, bangles, jhumka/earring, saree & blouse, salwar kameez / Punjabi suits. This channel is owned by DusBus and managed by the Diwan Group. To get regular updates of our new videos, subscribe and turn on the notification bell :) दसबस भारतीय महिलाओं के लिए एक फैशन चैनल है. इस चैनल पर आप पारम्परिक आभूषण और वस्त्रों पर वीडियो देख पाएंगे. फिर चाहे वो मंगलसूत्र हो, झुमके या हार, साड़ी या फिर सलवार सूट - भारतीय महिलाओं की हर पसंदीदा डिज़ाइन को हम अपने वीडियो में कवर करते हैं. इस चैनल का स्वामी दसबस है और प्रबंधक दीवान ग्रुप है.
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Beadaholique is an online bead, beading, and jewelry supplies store with free US shipping! We have enjoyed serving beginners, craftspeople and professional jewelers since 1999. We pride ourselves on our quality, low prices and friendly customer service. We carry major brand names and small studio artist pieces, with over 35,000 items in-stock including Swarovski crystal beads, pendants, charms, European style large hole beads, chain, and more. Can't decide what to make with all that? Our designers have created thousands of free inspirational projects with instructions and patterns, many of which you can see in our videos here on YouTube. We've been making jewelry tutorials here on YouTube for over 10 years, please SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos!
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Hi Friends..... Welcome to "DiyArtiePie". I am very passionate about many types of Home Decorations, Mehndi & Henna Design, Jewellery, Paper Quilling etc.... * HOME DECORATION :- i) Popsicle Stick Craft ii) Many types of Table Lamp iii) Many types of Show Pieces iv) Many types of Simple but Attractive Wall Decorations v) Etc...... *Jewellery Making:- i) Pearl Earring ii) Pearl Necklace iii) Pearl Bracelate iv) Pearl Bangles v) Different Types of Pearl Accessories vi) Paper Quilling Necklace Set vii) Paper Quilling Earrings viii) Etc......
  • 498K subscribers,
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Today Fashion

TodayFashion is designed for Fashion lovers of world wide. This channel contains a 100000+ latest Jewellery designs and Dress Collection and 100+ designs updated daily and all type of fashion apparels. We upload different categories like Latest Gold Jewellery Designs,Blouse Designs, Long Necklaces, Necklace Collection, Dress Designs,Prom Dresses, Drop Earrings, Earrings Collection, Fingerrings, Haram Designs, Saree varieties, Halfsaree models, Anklets, Mangalasutra design collection, Bangles set, Silkthread making videos, Nosepin collection, Bracelets Designs, Pendants, kids varieties of dress,Chains Design, All Fashion Jewellery For Women and other categories. #Earrings Design #Pendants Design #Finger Jewellery Designs #Prom Dresses #Jewelry making and design #Bangles Designs #Rings Design #Bracelets Design #Mangalasutra Design #Necklaces Design #Chains Design #Nose Pins Design #Costco Bracelets #Jewellery Design Gold for business queries please contact us on
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Last Updated3 days ago

Dipu Vlogz

  • 181K subscribers,
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Rama Arts

This channel is all about Arts and I am interested in it. The motto of this channel is to share the ideas on Crafts to everyone using waste materials and also preparing jewellery with low cost products. As everyone has interest in creative arts.., why can't we prepare ourselves simple things required in our home using priceless products in our free time. Every video is all about DIY(Do It Yours) ...Just try it in home and all the pleasure is yours. We value your time ,since each video can be done simply at less time. Add beauty to your home as well as yours with less cost less time and less work. It is quite economical for anyone. For further more detailed information about channel , just go through it...Have a happy Watching. Your Satisfaction is all we need.
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FUNtastic World

For Business Inquiries : We are here to show you some very cool stuff around world including different skills. It will be grateful and appreciated, if you just LIKE and SHARE videos. Subscribe the channel to get notifications when I upload a new video..!!! ♥♥♥ Original copyright of images in this channel belongs to the original copyright holder. If any of the image appearing on this channel which may belong to you and may not wish to be appeared on our channel, kindly request you to E-mail us with a link of the video along with your displayed image and we shall ensure that it will be immediately removed.
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Beaded Jewelry

❤️ I WILL POST VIDEO TUTORIALS WEEKLY, SO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL ICON ❤️ ❤️ THANK YOU ❤️ Follow me on: + My Website: + Subscribe now: ---------------------------------------------------- © Copyright by Beaded Jewelry ☞ Do not Reup
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Beaducation is a one-stop shop for all your jewelry making needs. In addition to hundreds of online video classes for beginners and advanced jewelry designers alike, we carry thousands of high quality tools and supplies. We are committed to offering you the best in education and inspiration. Taught by the best instructors in the business, our step-by-step video classes offer the perfect opportunity for you to learn the latest jewelry making techniques. Our YouTube channel is home to a selection of our free classes, while is a virtual clearinghouse for all of our classes (online and DVD) featuring more complicated designs and intermediate/advanced techniques. We offer product videos and design ideas, too! Please note that YouTube's viewer is bigger than the one on our site, so the videos shown here appear slightly stretched and out of focus. For crystal clear images, we recommend you view the videos directly from our website.
  • 209K subscribers,
  • 437 videos
Last Updated2 months ago