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Yo, I am a 25 year old Danish/Korean idiot guy who makes videos on anything he wants. Merch: Twitter: 2nd channel: Banner by: @satomifuun Profile picture by: @Overlord_JC Business email:
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Smite Moments

Welcome to my channel! Enjoy Smite best of, best moments, wtf moments, top plays, gameplay, build and guide(game in arena, joust, conquest, clash, assault, 1v1, ranked, duel, pc, ps4, xbox), Smite pentakill, moments, top 5 plays, Smite pro, plays, funny moments, montage, videos. Smite by hi-rez studios Thanks for your support! I hope to enjoy! You can send your moments or Business Inquiries here:
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MythyMoo's 2nd channel where I upload full streams and possibly other stuff. Go subscribe to my main though for real :)
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MythyMoo VOD channel purely made to be an archive for my Twitch streams, and for content I don't feel should be on my main channel. Have a nice day I said :)
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Channel is dedicated to share my gaming experience with everyone who might occasionally enjoy such videos. The person creating content is a gamer with more than 20 years of experience in video games. I mainly focus on SMITE and tend to hover around Diamond/Masters division. Used to play it competitively at some point. I hope you will enjoy the content and will not forget to subscribe if you do. 02-April-2018 - 1000 Subscribers
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