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My name is Christi, better known as Yummybitestv and I loooooove to eat! So I thought it would be a great idea to film myself eating, that's how I got here! I hope you enjoy my love for food!
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도나의 재미있는 ASMR 먹방! 맛있게 보세요:) DONA exciting ASMR Mukbang! Watch me deliciously~! Thank you :) 비지니스 문의 :
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DONA English

DONA MUKBANG English version channel. DONA exciting ASMR Mukbang! Watch me deliciously~! Thank you :)
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Pico Pocky

ASMR Mukbang Show! Watch us deliciously:)
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Animal Home Monkey

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ASMR Lilibu

ASMR, Eating Sounds, Food Challenge, Mukbang, Candy Race ASMR LiLiBu
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Zach Choi ASMR

Silence Is Golden Support me as a creator and subscribe to my Fanhouse at for weekly bonus videos, Fanhouse subscriber recognition, groupchats with me, BTS content, exclusive livestream mukbang, recipe videos, cooking videos, early access to merch, IG Close Friends-type content (unfiltered, selfie, etc), and ability to vote on what I cook next! Business Enquiries:
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Hiii beautiful friends (◕‿◕) My name is Snega and I love all things ASMR. I do my best to deliver relaxing and original content for you to enjoy regularly! Thank you so much for all your support!💜 Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you’ll never miss my latest video. FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram (@snegasan): TikTok (@skincarebysnega): BUSINESS/PR INQUIRIES:
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Magic Mikey

i love food!
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Mukbang Reversed

You are here because you loved Mukbang vidoes right! Eating videos with ASMR had been quite so satisfaction for many indeed. Well, in this channel you will be watching the most popular Mukbang eaters on youtube doing their stuffs in reversed. Yes. you heard right. You will see people like Zach Choi, SpiceASMR, StellaASMR, Fureb, Bongill, SAS ASMR popping out the food from their mouth to their plates! Sit back and watch this videos on my channel. If you loved them, send this to your ASMR friend circle, share these videos on your social medias and dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more such videos. Because we post videos daily. Thank you for watching. For Sponsoring our videos, contact us via email. 100 Subs on May 11, 2021 500 Subs on July, 2022 1000 Subs on November 2022 10,000 Subs on November 2022 100,000 Subs on January 2023
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hi! i'm a 21 year old girl who makes funny mukbang/asmr videos. follow my personal instagram & tiktok: @rachiies :) if you have any issues or would like to get a video removed, please email me through the link provided!
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VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED ! SHUT UP AND GET OUT YO FEELINGS🤠 DESTINTROYCE@GMAIL.COM --MILESTONES- ------------------------------- First time getting noticed in public 9/19/17 (6:20p.m)500+ Subs- 4/17/16(7:57pm) 1,000+ Subs-7/18/16 (6:18am) 10,000 subs 6/11/17 (12:45pm) 50,000+ Subs-9/17/17 (11:14am) 100k+ subs -1/16/18 (7:20am) 200k+ subs -7/31/18 (8:30pm) 300k+subs -1/22/19 (1:00am) 400k+ subs -9/29/19 (12:20pm) 500k+subs - 1/08/21 (2:28a.m) 600k+ subs -05/11/22 (3:25pm)
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Mukbang asmr

Hello guy, my channel make short videos about content Eating fat pork rice sausage and pork rib, Hope you all love and like it! Thank you:)
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HunniBee ASMR

Hello :) This is an ASMR channel, which hopefully helps you either fall asleep or just feel relaxed ^__^ ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which can feel like a tingling sensation on the skin that usually starts at the scalp and moves down to the back of the neck and upper spine. (Got that definition from wikipedia lol it's not my own). But if you've ever had someone play with your hair or draw on your back, which I'm sure you have, you would have experienced this feeling!! (It is the bessstttt) So my goal on this channel is to give you those brain tinglezzz and help you sleep 😴 IG: @nay_macraycray TikTok: @realhunnibee Facebook: @officialhunnibee Snapchat: @nmacc07
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NCR Animation

Welcome to the NCR Animation. Please subscribe NCR Animation and click on the Bell Icon. Email : Thanks NCR Animation.
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Flip Mukbang

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Hello and welcome to the home of the Lego MUKBANG channel, thanks for dropping by! I create stop motion videos and catchy eating sounds. Please take a look around, watch my videos, and enjoy it. Thanks for your support. Hit the bell next to the subscribe button for new videos. ➜ WARNING: This is not real, don't eat it!
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Konten tentang makanan unik dan enak Mencari rezeki bareng sikecil.. Terima kasih buat support dan dukungan kalian semuanya.. Kalau kalian suka konten ini subcribe ya.. Terus tonton dan dukung saya terus ya..
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Eat Spicy with Tee

Welcome to EatSpicywithTee, this channel's content will include all things food, my journey as a Youtuber, and a dab of vlogging. This entails cooking tutorials, Mukbangs, ASMR, trending challenges, vlogs, hauls, relationship tips, and friends/family activities. If you would like to connect with me through different foods, vlogs, and conversations then subscribe to my channel and join my growing group of friends. Please like, comment, subscribe, and share my channel with all of your friends and family! I look forward to hearing from you 😊 Its all love, Tee Snapchat: EatSpicywithTee Facebook: Eat Spicy with Tee Twitter: @eat_tee IG: @EatSpicywithTee EatSpicywithTee PO BOX 22347 Tucson AZ 85734 United States
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Xiaofeng Mukbang Official

Hello everyone I'm bottom My name is Xiaofeng, I am Chinese and I like to eat food like Turkey noodles, fried sauce noodles, salted egg yolk noodles, spicy cabbage and other. Thank you very much for your support 🙏❤️
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