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MMORPG.SU. Онлайн игры

По вопросам рекламы на канале: mmorpg@mediacube.in На канале mmorpg.su Онлайн игры мы публикуем ежедневные новости игр, кино, технологий, проблем феминисток и так далее. Так же выпускаем еженедельный новостной дайджест, видео-обзоры игр, обзоры новинок компьютерного железа.
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League of Legends

Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world—100 million play every month—League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA). Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield. Sign up for a free League of Legends account at http://riot.com/signup
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Have information you think would make interesting content? Email it here! → sirpuggertipoff@gmail.com → Follow me on Twitter → Link: https://twitter.com/SirPugger → Play Runescape now, a free online MMORPG: → https://www.runescape.com
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Xin chào, ►Đây là kênh Youtube chính thức của KL7 - caster kỳ cựu của làng Dota2 VN. ►KL7 còn là 1 streamer đa năng có thể chơi hầu hết các loại game như MMORPG (đi cảnh nhập vai), FPS (bắn súng) và Survival (game sinh tồn). --------- Các kênh và hoạt động khác của KL7 ► DONATE : playerduo.com/killernhoc7 ► FACEBOOK : facebook.com/Killernhoc7 ► DISCORD : discord.gg/DsnC9M2 --------- Liên hệ khác ► CONTACT : killernhoc7@gmail.com
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MMOByte is an MMO gaming channel that messes around in every MMO we can find, offering first impression gameplay of the MMO and showing how it plays currently. We're not a *serious* gaming channel by any means, so if you take or expect anything we post as *Official*, or some type of *Review*, then you're clearly watching the wrong people.
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I mostly cover games of the multiplayer variety, mostly MMORPGs but sometimes you'll see FPS, MOBA, RPG or Survival games pop up, I try to approach games from the perspective of your average gamer, if something about a game annoys me I'll let you know, If there's a game that I really enjoy I give it a lot of praise, I try to be somewhat objective when making my mind up about a game but everyone has their own bias as to what they think is fun, don't take me too seriously as a reviewer as my focus is more on making entertaining content ---Business Contact--- - For sponsored videos send me an email, I have a lot of videos planned for 2020 and I'm mostly interested in pre roll opportunities although dedicated videos and integrations are also welcome.
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I make gaming videos for Oldschool Runescape (OSRS, the Free online MMORPG by Jagex). Along with slaying dragons and players on RuneScape, I have a passion for sharing my adventures with others. Feel free to message me on Twitter. My DMs are open to everyone!
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DEATHWEAVER é o canal onde você encontra curiosidades, guias e notícias sobre MMO e RPG. Vídeos novos todos os dias! Seja bem vindo! E-mail para contato profissional: deathweaverftw@gmail.com Mídia Kit 2019: https://goo.gl/AZKvoz
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AdK ก้องไก่กุ้กๆ

Seven Knights เซเว่นไนท์ - Summoners War - MMORPG - Turn-Based RPG Gameplay by Admin Kong from Seven Knight Thailand Page สวัสดีทุกคนครับ แอดก้อง เองจ้า ติดตามพี่ออฟได้ที่ https://www.facebook.com/adaoftv/?fref=ts
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Guild Wars 2

The official YouTube channel for Guild Wars 2, the award-winning and fastest-selling MMORPG. Messages and livestream chat is moderated by ArenaNet staff members. The full Moderation Policy is available here: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/legal/social-media-moderation-policy/ ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence. Visit www.esrb.org for rating info. Europe: PEGI 12 -- US/Canada: Teen. PEGI 12 for violence, bad language.
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Bei Spieletrend gibt es Videos zu Pokémon GO, kostenlosen MMORPGs, Browsergames und weiteren Onlinespielen. Alle Games, die einen Spieler im Trend interessieren! Pokémon GO, Shakes & Fidget, MMORPG Let's Plays und mehr - auf Deutsch.
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Check out MMOHuts at http://mmohuts.com Our streaming is currently on hiatus. We publish a new First Look every Monday! Welcome to the Official MMOHuts YouTube channel! MMOHuts is your #1 source for MMOs and MMORPGs. Find reviews, previews, videos, screenshots, and more for over 500 FREE to play games at MMOHuts.com! Browse through hundreds of client and browser based MMOs & MMORPGs today! Find Reviews, Screenshots, and Videos for hundreds of MMOs at: http://mmohuts.com Please leave video requests, comments, and questions on YouTube or on our official forums! COMMUNITY GUIDELINES ----------------------------------------- 1. No hateful language. 2. No personal attacks. 3. No promoting other channels.
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I make videos about Oldschool Runescape! Who doesn't love a hot bowl of Soup. Stefan - Soup
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King of Thieves

An official YouTube page dedicated to the mobile multiplayer game King of Thieves from the creators of the famous Cut the Rope series. Avoid deadly traps, steal gems and compete for power with players all over the world! STEAL SHINY THINGS. Collect gold and gems from other players to become the wealthiest thief in the world! DEFEND YOUR LOOT. Design your dungeons and watch other thieves getting into your traps. Muhaha! CLAIM THE THRONE. Compete with other players worldwide, leaving your rivals on the bottom of leaderboards. GET CRAFTY. Create new outfits for your character. The most nifty thieves should look really cool! TRAVEL AND EXPLORE. Test your agility through 80 levels Reviews: “I'm totally blown away by this game, really really good.” “Very fun and addicting game, I love the unique mechanics and the overall feeling of the game.” “A lot of fun! I mainly just play Clash of Clans, but this game has made a permanent home along side it.”
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I make Oldschool Runescape videos, mainly PKing videos with a different theme every video. I also do other videos because I play this game way too much but I don't seem to have the ability to stop myself from playing it.
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