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Calm & positive vibes in family-friendly LEGO reviews! I buy the stuff I review and I do my best to portray sets the way they really are, good or bad, while considering the people & ages they're made for and not just my own personal viewpoints. I'm a genuine adult fan of collectibles, I enjoy what I do, and I care about providing a clean, safe environment for viewers & fans while delivering fair, balanced information and entertainment. 📷 Instagram: jangbricks4real 🐤 Twitter: JangBricks 👤 Facebook: JANGBRiCKS All verified media accounts are listed at (Assume anything else is fake!) Opinions I express are mine and mine alone and not for sale for any price. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this content. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (via affiliate links which I mark as such and place on my own accord without prompting or advance payment).
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MGF Customs

Hey! Welcome to my channel, the center of MGF Customs. I'm a LEGO customizer known for showcasing custom minifigs inspired by the movies TV shows, & games that I love! I also review official LEGO products here and there! Best ways to reach me are via Twitter, Instagram DM, or my business email! Unfortunately, my custom LEGO minifigs are not for sale unless publicly announced by me. I currently just showcase them for inspirational and sharing purposes only. Each and every one of my minifigures is actually a huge project that requires a ton of time and effort. So sorry! ✝
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Brick Vault is dedicated to bringing you the best in Lego set unboxing, building and reviews. Created by a group of passionate Lego enthusiasts Brick Vault hopes to inspire and share our passion for Lego with the world.
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The channel for LEGO minidoll lovers. The minidolls are the figures included in the LEGO Friends, Elves and Disney Princess sets. I use them to create several types of videos. In dollify videos, I transform famous fictional and real people into the minidolls. Mostly just to see how they would look like. I do that by painting the dolls and creating custom accessories. Then I build a little something for the minis and I relish in how good everything turned out. Or not. Mistakes do happen. The comparison and how to videos satisfy the physics teacher in me and hopefully show you a thing or two you didn't know. In all of the other videos, I strive to answer LEGO related questions you didn't know you wanted answered. And everything I do, I do with patience and haste.
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Welcome to my YouTube Channel! I post LEGO Videos! Mainly LEGO Military, Custom Builds and Minifigure Reviews! My video schedule is every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday! Subscribe so you don't miss another epic LEGO Video!
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Bricks Planet

The Bricks Planet creates a lego videos and most of all lego star wars movies using stop motion techniques. In those videos You can see the entire building lego sets from the beginning to the end. By using the technique of stop motion, each viewer can know the detail presented sets. What contain elements, how they are built and what are the functions. Every time are presented the lego minifigs. Movies are a kind of self auto review. All videos on this YouTube channel are made by Planet Bricks and are his property.
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I'm a collector, avid gamer, and hold a 2nd black belt in SNES Super Street Fighter II. You can SUPPORT MY CHANNEL by liking, commenting, and subscribing. I will be posting various videos about games, toys, GIVEAWAYS, and random things. YES I WILL HAVE GIVEAWAY CONTEST of the extras in my collection that includes: Skylanders * for Wii and Xbox360 * Spyro Adventure characters * Giants characters Legos * Ninjago * Starwars * Kingdoms * Bionicle * & various builder series (I have tons of minifigs) Thomas The Tank Engine *wooden (original kind) *take-along (huge collection) *track masters (huge collection) *own most of the DVDs Pixar Cars * Cars1 diecast * Cars 2 diecast * Mater Taletales (Toon) diecast * all the video games
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Welcome to my Lego Channel! I'm an Australian Adult Lego fan and have been collecting Lego Harry Potter since 2007. Besides Lego Harry Potter, I love to collect Lego Disney and the occasional Star Wars set too. After 7 years I've started making videos again as I want to share my thoughts, passion and ideas with other Lego Fans. Hope you enjoy!
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all my kids toys

Do you remember yourself as kids? Well, I barely remember. If ther is one thing I do remember, is my toys. So now, when I have got my kids, I want them to remember theirs. So I took all my kids toys, and now day I am taking videos of them, playing a bit, and enjoying it a lot. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe. lot's of kids toys, kids games and great fun for kids, children and you!
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Making WW2 stuff:minifigs,vehicles,mocs and also some other stuff!!!
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I’m SaraStarBricks, an adult who loves LEGO or an AFOL (if you like acronyms). I love Lego, video games, Sailor Moon, the color pink, and Chris Pratt to tell you a bit about myself. :) I am an American and live in The Netherlands. This channel will be my Lego journey focusing on connecting with people around the world and sharing what I collect with other fans or to those who are curious. --------------------------------------------------- If you love Lego too and would like a fun space to chat, I host two weekly live streams. Monday’s and Thursday’s 1:30 pm EST and 6:30 pm UK time. -------------------------------------------------- If you want to, feel free to like this video as well as subscribe to see my new videos and join me on my Lego and YouTube journey and friend-building journey. Thank you so much for your support! - Sara ❤️
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JWD Lego Fun

JWD Lego Fun Welcome to my Channel, I'm new to YouTube, but not to Lego, which I've been collecting over 4 years. I love building Lego and hope that you enjoy my channel. My ultimate goal is to have a full Disney Lego theme park! This channel is safe for all ages and is made for the young and the young at heart alike! If you look under the "Press About JWD Lego Fun" playlist you will see links to other YouTube videos about my videos. Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram: My "Lego Disney Tour" video was featured on Good Morning America's Play of the Day segment in May of 2020 and you can find that article at this link (copy and paste) Also featured in July of 2020 on the "What I'm Liking" segment of The Kelly Clarkson Show.
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Cafe Corner

Hi I’m CC and I’m an affol or adult female fan of LEGO! I do lego building streams, as well as do videos on reviews, hauls, vlogs and interesting lego news. After taking a break from building LEGO I’m excited to be back in this community and hope to share my collector’s journey, builds, and reviews with you! Current livestream schedule: Thursdays & Sundays
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glad you like my vids, suggestions are welcome :-) Frequently Asked Questions: What programm did you use? A: I use WINDOWS MOVIEMAKER for animation and GIMP for musszleflashes where did you get all the figures from? A: All the figures are painted minifigs only where did you get the helmets from? A: They're selfmade as well (cut caps, then painted) what sounds did you use? A: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Day of Defeat Saving Private Ryan my mic ;-) where did you get the models from? A: Everything you see in my vids is selfmade: Minifigs (including helmets), weapons, settings and models (like Tiger Tank, Halftrack, Bunker, etc.) Of course I try to get everything as accurate as possible... so hope you noticed it^^
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BAM - Crest Hill

Join our various staff members as we have live chats, interviews with YouTube celebrities, 'LEGO Masters' contestants, and other LEGO fans from around the world. We also like to post videos and have discussions about recent or upcoming sets, as well as having live builds. If you've got questions about LEGO® products, our store, or anything else related, please let us know. For our available online products, check out our eStore at: For details about our store and what we do, check out our website at :
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Brick’n It

Welcome to Brick’n It! We are Chris (aka Brick’n It) and Steph (aka Mrs Brick’n It) and we love collecting LEGO and wanted to share our journey with you! We collect a wide range of LEGO themes and review them on the channel. In our LEGO City we use LEGO sets, re-mocs of LEGO sets and our own creations to build interesting and fun scenes exploring what we can create with what is often a very limited supply of bricks! Check out our LEGO City playlist here: We’ve met some awesome people in the LEGO community so if you would like to get in touch to discuss collabs then contact us on the email below 
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Hallo, willkommen bei BloxxStar! Schön das Du Dich hier verirrt bzw. mich gefunden hast! Ich bin BloxxStar. BloxxStar? Was für ein bescheuerter Name? Eben nicht, macht für mich richtig Sinn: Bloxx = Steht Klemmbaustein(e) Star = Steht für STAR WARS Beide Dinge prägen mich schon ein mein ganzes Leben, immerhin über ein viertel Jahrhundert lang! Auf diesem Kanal soll es Hauptsächlich um Klemmbausteine (Nicht nur von Lego®) gehen. Als Kind habe ich mir immer die STAR WARS Fahrzeuge aus meinen Klemmbausteinen nachgebaut. Nun da ich "Erwachsen" bin kann man diese Sets fertig kaufen. Yeah! Aber generell gibt es mittlerweile so viele tolle Anbieter (Legal und Illegal) von Noppenklötzchen, das es zu schade wäre sich nur auf "Den Einen" oder eben "Star Wars" zu beschränken. Jedes dieser interessanten Sets hat eine Geschichte und diese möchte ich Dir erzählen. Geek kram halt. Ich freue mich auf Euch!
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The Narucki Boys started their filmmaking careers at ages 2 and 4, their work has developed and evolved over the years. Their passion for the Brick Film genre is evident in their more recent video creations. The Narucki Boys are now 12 and 10.
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I am a simple man making his way in the LEGO community Any Code Uses From My Sponsors Help Out Future Projects For The Channel PLEASE support me by using code “Spartan” for 5% off your next Jonak Toys Order! Want cool custom clones? Head over to Patrick customs for the best clones! USE CODE “SPARTAN” FOR YOUR NEXT ORDER FOR A DISCOUNT! If you want cool builds and gunships use my code “Spartan” for 5% off your next OneStud order! Want Cool decals? Use Code “SPARTAN” To save on thicckiebrickie’s website:
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