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MeditationRelaxClub - Sleep Music & Mindfulness

Your daily dose of relaxation. Meditation Relax Club is the main Youtube Leader in Meditation and Relaxation Music. Born in 2012, thanks to the well-known experience of our composers and collaborators, MRC channel is working everyday with constancy and passion to give you a real experiece of relaxation, thanks to the multitude of videos we create everyday, with the most calming and peaceful new age music. The zen music available for users on Meditation Relax Club can be used as deep meditation music, sleep music (for those of you who need something really soothing for falling asleep), background music for yoga and pilates class and routine, spa massage music for a real and intense experience at home or in a real spa, sound therapy with live recorded nature sounds and concentration music for exam study or working. Last but not least, our YT channel provides relaxing classical instrumental music, such as piano and guitar music for a complete adventure into the world of relaxation.
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Mindfulness Amitaba

🧡Aprende MEDITACIÓN y MINDFULNESS con Elena & Felipe🧘🏻 🧘‍♂️ ¡BIENVENID@S a la COMUNIDAD!😊😊🙏🏻 ¿Qué es Mindfulness AMITABA? Un Canal para APRENDER Meditación, Contemplación y Mindfulness. Una bonita COMUNIDAD de Meditadores ZEN donde Elena y Felipe compartimos nuestra experiencia personal con la PRACTICA de la Plena Consciencia, transmitida por nuestro Amado y Respetado profesor el muy Venerable Maestro Zen THICH NHAT HANH Encontrarás MEDITACIONES GUIADAS y Prácticas de Entrenamiento fáciles que te acercarán a una forma de VIVIR más acorde con tus VALORES y Creencias, más Consciente y Armoniosa, mejorando así la Relación contigo mism@, con los demás y con el entorno Un canal de MINDFULNESS sencillo, práctico y eficaz destinado a facilitarte un bonito y nutritivo camino de transformación interior Día a día y poco a poco es posible establecernos en el MOMENTO PRESENTE para disfrutar de todas las MILAGROS que nos brinda la VIDA 🎁SUSCRÍBETE...¡¡Te Esperamos con mucho CARIÑO!! 👇 👇
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Mindfulness Online - 5 minutos

✅ Algunos expertos confirman que solo cinco minutos de meditación al día te puede ayudar a desconectar, a disminuir signos de estrés y ansiedad, además de aumentar tu capacidad de concentración. Considérala una micromeditación, a la meditación corta de sólo 5 minutos, que te servirá para redirigir tu atención, aumentar la energía y tomar conciencia de tu cuerpo y como están tus emociones, para recuperar la calma. La micromeditación, es una excelente solución para salir del piloto automático en el que vives actualmente y para mantener en buen estado tu salud mental. ¡Practica a diario! ✅ * Respiraciones Guiadas para calmar tu mente y reducir tu ansiedad. * Meditaciones guiadas cortas para relajarte. * Mindfulness para entrenar tu mente, atendiendo plenamente y con consciencia al momento presente, sin distracciones.
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Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises shares free mindfulness meditations, courses, trainings and resources for mindfulness practitioners and mindfulness meditation teachers alike. Sean Fargo created Mindfulness Exercises to help people live with embodied presence, compassion and resilience. We provide audio meditations, guided meditation scripts, mindfulness worksheets, mindfulness courses, and live online retreats. By 2025, we hope to have shared free mindfulness exercises with 200 million people in the following ways: - By supporting individuals in their pursuit of a consistent and meaningful mindfulness practice. - By training new mindfulness meditation teachers to skillfully and compassionately share mindfulness exercises with others. - By bringing mindfulness to organizations to inspire more conscious business practices. Our Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program is an accredited certification program which balances pre-recorded sessions with live mentorship and community.
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iDoser Mindfulness Meditation Music and Tutorials

iDoser leads the mind audio industry. We were the FIRST to bring binaural beats mainstream nearly 20 years ago! SERVICES: iDoser Home (Original Mind Audio Company): iDoser.com iDoser Mobile (iOS/Android): iDoserMobile.com iDoser Software (PC/MAC): iDoserSoftware.com iDoser Audio (MP3 Packs): iDoserAudio.com iDoser Video (Tutorials and More): iDoserVideo.com iDoser Radio (Meditation Station): iDoserRadio.com iDoser Merch (Approved Gear): iDoserMerch.com SOCIAL: iDoser Newsletter: iDoser.com/subscribe.html iDoser Blog: BinauralBlog.com iDoser YouTube: iDoserVideo.com iDoser Twitter:): twitter.com/idoser iDoser FaceBook: facebook.com/IDoserCom iDoser Instagram: instagram.com/realidoser
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The Brainwave Hub - Sleep, Focus, Mindfulness

The Brainwave Hub consists of sound therapists based in Wiltshire, UK. We are Youtube’s original purveyors of brainwave entrainment audio, allowing you to experience ‘brain-states-on-demand’ quickly & effortlessly. These sessions serve to instil a sense of calm in your life, whether you’re looking to sleep, relax, focus, meditate, or just escape for a while. We are supporters of mental health awareness, and see music as one part of a holistic approach towards providing balance and harmony. We’re grateful to the YT community for providing us with a platform to be of service to others. 🙏🏼
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Your guide to being kind to your mind. Through science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools, Headspace helps you create life-changing habits to support your mental health and find a healthier, happier you. Unwind with guided meditation sessions to relax after a long day, learn how to build healthy boundaries with our meditation and mindfulness teachers, practice mindfulness exercises for everyday scenarios like commuting or cooking, and create the ideal conditions for restful sleep with our guided sleep meditations and sleep music. With hundreds of hours of content, Headspace is your personal meditation and mindfulness guide to just about anything, helping you to get through tough times and find joy in every day. Download our app in the App Store or Google Play.
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Radial by The Orchard

Welcome to Radial, where playlists radiate the top global music trends! Enjoy our playlists and be sure to save your favorites: Where there is a chill there is a way Baila Latino Urban Latin Music Hits Dream Pop Utopia Calming music for mindfulness and meditation New indie sounds Flamenkito and much much MORE! Subscribe and hit the bell to discover new music from our artists from all over the world. New music videos uploaded to the channel daily.
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Our mission is to make the world healthier and happier through the super power of calm. There are lots of benefits to meditation, such as decreasing anxiety, worry and stress. It enhances self-awareness, self-acceptance and patience. And it strengthens our resilience amidst uncertainty and adversity. Who wouldn’t benefit from a little bit of that? Calm is all about mindfulness, the practice of paying attention to our thoughts, emotions and experiences without judgement. When we’re able to maintain moment-to-moment awareness, we can make the choices that best serve us in life. If you’re like us, you were drawn to mindfulness and meditation to live a happier, more peaceful, authentic life.
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Original deep, calming meditation videos to promote mindfulness and inner peace for any spiritual belief. Have less anxiety, get better sleep, and experience more joy through mindfulness and meditation!
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welcome to my world of peace 🦋 my music is created with the intention to heal and uplift • i look fwd to u finding the perfect song 44 u follow my mindfulness page: https://youtube.com/@umiiiverse mgmt: micheleharrison@mphcollective.net eros@mphcollective.net booking: TEH@wmeagency.com
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Blue Lotus Meditation and Mindfulness Center

Brothers and Sisters, 🙏 We warmly welcome you and all beings to our channel 🙏 ☸️ Imagine walking through life with dust in your eyes. Stumbling with each step, hoping to never lose your footing while hurting yourself and others with each step you take. ☸️ Our channel offers you a warm and inviting opportunity to sit with us as we share the Buddhas teachings. We share His teaching through live bi-weekly Dharma talks, guided meditations, and beautiful stories so that you may see clearly, live wholesomely, and respond with lovingkindness as you walk along your life's path. ☸️ We also offer many other events on our website like supportive sangha's, in-person retreats, classes, and more. You're welcome to visit us here: www.bluelotusmeditation.us 🙏Sathu, Sathu, Sathu🙏 Wishing you peace and ease, Vladimir Founder Blue Lotus Meditation and Mindfulness Center **All content on this channel may be freely shared with others**
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Kaelan + Ecstatic Self

Step into a world where spirituality, sexuality, belonging, & authenticity intertwine. ✨🌙 Ever felt like an outcast, a weirdo, an outsider? Every question the reason for your existence? You’re in the right spot. Here, we find comfort within the confines of our skin & belonging in the natural world around us. Let’s root into ourselves, and through ourselves, the wider world. 🌱 I am Kaelan🧘🏻‍♂️. I am a fellow soul-traveler who has been searching for his Ecstatic Self. I have written 2 books, spent 7 years in an ashram, & have coached individuals around the world (ranging from CEO’s of national sports teams to federal judges to Ivy League professors). I currently live in Washington DC with my soul-partner, who you can see here on this channel. 📿 🌟 JOIN US EACH SUNDAY AT 6PM ET FOR MEDITATION — HERE ON YOUTBE LIVE!🌟 • 🌈 ECSTATICSELF.COM • 🪷 PATREON.COM/ECSTATICSELF • 👕 BONFIRE.COM/STORE/ECSTATIC-SELF Invitation extended: Let’s journey, grow, and enrich our shared experience.🔥
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My Peace Of Mindfulness

Daily mindfulness & great meditations delivered every morning! The best free guided meditation videos on Youtube. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or insomnia? Or maybe, you're looking to remove negative energy and stress. We produce short meditation videos on a daily basis to help you let go, meditate at home, attract money & positive energy and manifest the life you desire. Whether you're a meditation beginner or a meditation pro, our video will help you to relax and find inner peace. Please enjoy our mindfulness meditation videos in a relaxing secluded location. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please subscribe and comment on our content so that we can create the meditation content you want.
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Palouse Mindfulness

Palouse Mindfulness provides these videos as part of the free online mindfulness course (MBSR) found at https://palousemindfulness.com. This eight-week online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course is based on the MBSR program founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It is 100% free and contains all the materials used in the in-person course taught by Dave Potter, who is fully certified to teach MBSR by the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In addition to videos and articles by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodron, Tara Brach, Sylvia Boorstein, Sharon Salzberg, and Jack Kornfield, are audio and video for all the Guided Practices used in the course (body scan, sitting meditations, yoga, etc.)
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KAIXIN PROJECT Meditación y Mindfulness

Kaixin es un proyecto de interés social creado por psicoterapeutas profesionales especializados en Mindfulness con el fin de despertar conciencias y aportar herramientas para el bienestar. 开心 = Kaixin = Corazón Abierto/ Ser feliz Utiliza el mindfulness y la autocompasión como estilo de vida saludable. Reduce el estrés y la ansiedad, regula tus emociones, toma conciencia del momento presente.... NOTA IMPORTANTE DE RESPONSABILIDADES: Le recordamos que la utilización del material queda bajo su responsabilidad. Si tiene dudas puuede consultar con su especialista o médico para la realización de los ejercicios del canal. Estos ejercicios no constituyen una terapia sustitutoria; no sustituyen ni excluyen la atención o el tratamiento médico o farmacológico prescrito por personal sanitario acreditado.
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Ismael Cala

Estratega de vida y de negocios. Conferencista y autor, con más de 7 best sellers sobre despertar y elevación de consciencia, liderazgo, emprendimiento, mindfulness y desarrollo personal. Embajador del concepto de felicidad corporativa en América Latina.
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Poppi's Planet

Welcome to the magical world of "Poppi's Planet" – where mindfulness, play, imagination, exploration, and wonder come together in a delightful children's show that sparks the curiosity and creativity of young minds. Join Poppi and her puppet friends on this extraordinary voyage of learning, laughter, and love. Subscribe to "Poppi's Planet" and be a part of a community that values mindfulness, encourages play, nurtures imagination, fosters exploration, and believes in the power of wonder. Let's explore, discover, and wonder together on "Poppi's Planet" – Where Kids' Hearts Soar and Imaginations Roar! Poppi’s Planet is produced in house at FWRD Content.
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Inner Peace & Mindfulness

Introspection & Mindfulness is dedicated to creating wonderful relaxing, meditative music for your body and soul, in the following areas: Meditation Music, Yoga & Zen Music for deep sleep & relieve insomnia Music for mental healing & stress relief Music to study & focus My Introspection & Mindfulness channel Partnering with world-class composers and using my own skills in graphic design, photography, music composition and video editing, I strive to make Interior Mind & Mindfulness became one of the most beautiful relaxing music channels on YouTube. Your enthusiastic support will be a great motivation and inspiration for my creativity! Please Subscribe, Like and Comment, as I do my best to upload quality videos (current schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Peace & Love🙏, Introspection & Mindfulness COPYRIGHT © & FAQ • This video was given a special license directly from the artist's visual. • All music on Inner Peace & Mindfulness are copyrighted.
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