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Metal Blade Records

The noise began in 1982… Founded upon owner Brian Slagel’s enduring drive to find great bands and get their music out to as many people as possible, since 1982 Metal Blade has brought wave after wave of powerful, innovative, and often genre-defining music to the ever-hungry metal masses. Metal Blade would go on to release the debuts of Slayer, Armored Saint, Trouble, and Corrosion Of Conformity amongst others, fanning the flames of the burgeoning metal scene and launching careers of bands that would go onto reap global success. Aware that it is only through the support of fans who share this passion that the label has been able to flourish, Slagel is equally grateful for the devotion of metalheads everywhere. “At the end of the day I just want to thank everybody out there who has supported the label and all the bands over the years. Clearly without those people we couldn’t do what we do, and to everyone out there who has helped us along by being a fan we are so very grateful to you.
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News reporter and writer in Spanish in the genre of Rock/Metal/Core/Punk/Hard-Rock,Etc. Creador de contenido, Editor de videos e Informador de Géneros: Rock/Metal/Core/Punk/Hard-Rock,Etc. Emmanuel Verdugo: Creador/Editor/Host Ing. Juan Carlos Sulbaran - Productor
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offers hardcore, punk, metalcore, OI, hardcore punk bands the opportunity to introduce themselves to a giant community and increase With your agreement we will add your videos on our HARDCORE WORLDWIDE Youtube-Channel so that you become more well known and famous !!! So if you would like to join, send your material to: contact (at) hardcore-worldwide.com A T T E N T I O N !!! + A T T E N T I O N !!! + PLEASE NOTE !!! If we have already discovered your videos and you don´t want us to present them, please get in touch and we will remove them from our channel immediately !!! ==== PORTUGUÊS ==== Hardcore, Punk, Metalcore, Oi, Hardcore Punk, afim de proporcionar o aumento de fãs da nossa própria comunidade! Com seu acordo, nós adicionaremos seus vídeos em nosso canal do YOUTUBE, HARDCORE MUNDIAL. Juntos iremos gerar o crescimento constante de fãs! contact (at) hardcore-worldwide.com #hcww #hardcoreworldwide #hardcorepunk #wwhc #nyhc #punk #punkrock streetpunk #metalcore #metal
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The Punk Rock MBA

I am Finn Mckenty, and this is the Punk Rock MBA. I make videos about music and alternative culture. But who am I and why would you care what I think? I'm a hardcore kid who started out making zines in my parents' basement then became a marketer and graphic designer with 15+ years in the game. I've worked with bands including Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, Of Mice & Men and A Day To Remember and brands like Nike, Nintendo, Virgin, and Starbucks among many others. To sponsor a video: tony@prettygoodagents.com 🎮 TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/finnmckenty 🎉 PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/thepunkrockmba 🕹️ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/dpKTrW9Q4R -- 🔊 PODCAST: https://www.prmbapodcast.com/ -- 📲 INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/finnmckenty 📲 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thepunkrockmba 📲 LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/finnmckenty/ 📷 SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/FinnMckentyPRMBA -- 👕 MERCH: https://prmbamerchstore.com/
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Ruslan Malyshev

My name is Ruslan. I play metal in public
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Jogos de estratégia, de raciocínio, além do ocasional FPS e RPG são presença garantida no canal. Um roguelike ocasional deve aparecer também. Outros tipos de jogos me atraem, principalmente se tiverem uma história que vale a pena. Se eu achar que é divertido o suficiente, pretendo trazer para o canal. O nome Shardik é uma referência ao grande urso robótico guardião do livro A Torre Negra, volume 3, de Stephen King. A arte do urso foi feita pelo artista Turbo Chicken Design. Você pode encontrar mais do seu trabalho em: https://twitter.com/turbochkndesign Espero que gostem dos vídeos e fiquem ligados para mais! -- Meu PC: Processador: Core i7 9700KF Placa de Vídeo: Gainward GeForce RTX 2070 Super Memória: Corsair Vengeance (4x8Gb) 32Gb RAM Gabinete: Cooler Master MB500 Tuf Placa Mãe: Aorus Z390 Pro SSD: 2x 240Gb Crucial + Kingston HDD: 2Tb Barracuda Microfone: Blue Snowball Headset: Logitech G430
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Hello! My name is Aileen and I'm a full-time Twitch Streamer! 💖 I love heavy metal & death core music! I love connecting with people through music and gaming 💖 I stream on Twitch every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 1 PM PST 🎮
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BlankTV is the Net's largest, DIY, free, uncensored music video site, featuring videos and live clips spanning the past thirty years of punk, hardcore, metal, indie and underground music. We grew up in the Boston hardcore scene in the 1980's - that's the music that inspired us, saved us and changed our lives. That love of music drove the creation of our punk and hardcore website BlankTV in 1999, a way to trade live band videos with other punks online. We started getting traffic and we grew from there. We made the jump to YouTube and decided to expand our featured genres to include other styles of music due to the overwhelming number of submissions that didn’t fit within punk rock. BlankTV is an inclusive community for all music lovers. We’ve been at this for 20 years and we hope to continue connecting our audience with their next favorite artist for many years to come. Not bad for a couple of idiot teens from Boston with two laptops, a couch and a dream.
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Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Official YouTube Channel.
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Key of Geebz

For the 15 years that I've had this channel, it's just all been about posting some of my old music and some family treasures. I uploaded my first "reaction video" just for fun in November 2020 and it looks like I have released the MUSICAL KRAKEN! For those who ask what my composer experience is, I have spent most of the past 40 years composing and producing music for television and film. My compositions have been licensed for use in over 250 television programs worldwide, including placements on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, as well as on various cable networks and in major sports programming. I'm also a third-generation composer who studied over the shoulders of my father Jorge del Barrio and my uncle Eddie del Barrio. Finally, yes, the puppets that you see in the background of my videos. I'm a volunteer children's hospital entertainer as a ventriloquist. You can learn more and check out some of my kid's music compositions at abbageebz.com. Patreon and social media links below! ALOHA!
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Alex Hefner

I will make YouTube videos forever!
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Ghost Killer Entertainment

Founded in 2014, Ghost Killer Entertainment set out with a goal to amplify the talents of thousands of bands and artists worldwide. GKE specializes in the scene of alternative music, showcasing acts ranging from Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Pop Punk, and everything in between. Our goal is to help independent efforts (like ours!) grow their audiences and fan base, connecting hard-working everyday artists with passionate fans around the world. Our videos have united millions of fans across the globe with their favorite bands and have helped broaden musical tastes for countless individuals. Ghost Killer Entertainment was founded by a musician, is run by musicians, and is wholly dedicated to the love and proliferation of music. Coming from a humble beginning, we understand how hard it is to find a sound that you truly connect with, or an audience that wants to hear what you have to say - that’s what we’re here to help with.
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Jared Dines

Hi, my name is Jared Dines.
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Jinjer Metal Band

- OFFICIAL JINJER CHANNEL - North America: info@theoraclemgmt.com Rest Of World: allen@godownbelieving.com
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Napalm Records

What started out as a one-person operation in a cramped living-room, became one of the biggest record labels of the independent scene. Fans of the heavier genres have long come to know the name "Napalm Records", bringing you the finest metal & rock music videos, lyric videos, playthroughs, behind the scenes content and more! Subscribe for content from bands like Alter Bridge, Powerwolf, Jinjer, Alestorm, Xandria, Lord Of The Lost, Gloryhammer and so many more! From heavy metal to black metal, djent, hard rock or post-rock and everything in between! Napalm Records Handels GmbH Hammerplatz 2 8790 Eisenerz, Austria Fax: +43 3848 8117 4 E-mail address: order@napalmrecords.com Managing Directors: Markus Riedler, Thomas Caser
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Cole Rolland

𝖊𝖈𝖍𝖔 💀⚠️ 𝔦𝔰 𝔬𝔲𝔱 𝔫𝔬𝔴 🇺🇸 Nashville x 🇨🇦 Toronto ⚜️ Cole Rolland // 29 🎶 Artist | Producer - - - - - Hi everyone, I’m Cole Rolland. I’m a professional guitarist and music producer from Toronto, Ontario. On my channel, you’ll find a variety of music content including guitar covers, remixes, original music, and collaborations with my talented friends. I have a strong passion for video production, music production, songwriting, and graphics design. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Grammy-nominated artists including ILLENIUM, Adventure Club, DragonForce, and Krewella. In many of my songs, you’ll find that I add a “live instrument” aspect to breathe new life into electronic music. I also specialize in transforming classical pieces from icons such as Beethoven and Vivaldi into modernized rock/metal arrangements. - - - - - Subscribe to stay updated with me on YouTube and find me on all socials for more. -CR
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Fame on Fire

Welcome to the Chaos 🔥 https://ffm.bio/fameonfire
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This channel is created to promote and support up-and-coming alternative metal and rock music. Subscribe for daily uploads. Submissions: Email: spaceuntravel@yahoo.com Facebook: facebook.com/spaceuntravel Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2HduDhi07ud8LSeeAd6JuY
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Thriller Records

Thriller Records’ mission is simple – to discover and develop not just good, but GREAT music, with our artists and their fans firmly at our core. Created by Fearless Records mastermind Bob Becker, who launched the careers of notable acts such as At The Drive-In, Portugal. The Man, Plain White T's, Mayday Parade, The Maine, Pierce The Veil, Motionless In White and I Prevail, in partnership with tastemaker label InVogue Records founder Nick Moore, we are a team of passionate industry innovators focusing on discovering, developing and breaking a diverse new generation of rock and alternative talent. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of discovering your new favorite band. Are you ready?
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