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Timeless Music

Timeless Music showcases the best music across all genres and time periods. Here you can find some of the classic hits you know and love in addition to new music you may not have known about! Our channel was previously known as Holiday Party Music. This is because we are one of the leading YouTube channels for all things Holiday and Party related! Here you can find content based around Christmas, Halloween, Birthday Parties, and more! That said, this channel will have an especially large Christmas focus. You'll be able to find classic Christmas Music, the best Christmas Songs, Christmas ambience videos, Fireplace streams, and so much more! Subscribe to always get your share of the best music of all time and some seasonal holiday cheer!
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Music Plus

▶️ HN MEDIA GROUP always strives every day, to bring the best music products to the audience and fans. And we look forward to receiving the contributions of the audience and fans so that we can gradually improve. We have been approved by Wanner music record label to exploit and use the content on the channel. Prohibit any copying behavior. For copyright details, please email: contacst@hnmedia.net
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▽ Follow " CHRISTMAS SONGS" ► Subscribe for More: https://goo.gl/nq32Hd ✚ Please share this video in social sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter.) ✚ ----------------------------------------------------------
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Billy Idol

The official YouTube channel of Billy Idol.
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Kenny G

Since releasing his self-titled debut disc in 1982, Kenny G has become the top instrumental musician of the modern era and one of the best-selling artists of all-time with global sales totaling more than 75 million records. His biggest album was 1992’s Breathless – which sold an astounding twelve million copies in the United States alone. In addition, his 1994 disc Miracles: The Holiday Album ranks as one of the most successful holiday albums ever – with sales over eight million copies. Seven of his singles have hit the Top-40 on the Billboard Hot 100. He has also been ranked as one of the most-played artists in the Adult Contemporary format – with nine top ten singles. His biggest hit came with 1987’s “Songbird,” which peaked at #4 on the Hot 100. New Standards, Available 12.3 | Pre-order Today https://found.ee/kennyg_newstandards
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Zebra Nursery Rhymes - Kids Song and Cartoons

Every child is restless or gets bored easily during their preschool days, hence it is important to keep them busy and entertained so that they continue learning even outside the kindergarten classroom. At Zebra Nursery Rhymes, we create compilations of videos that will teach your tiny toddlers how to always remember their shapes, colors, numbers and ABCs wherever they are. Our videos for kids are colorful, with cartoon animals and toys that will pop up on your babies screens with some catchy songs and poems, thus keeping them engrossed. But not everyone is new, as we make videos for old friends like Humpty Dumpty and Johny, as well for our poor London Bridge that keeps falling down. Zebra Nursery Rhymes makes special rhymes for your favorite characters, as well as uses the medium of music and song to teach your kids to not cheat and to always be fair. If you want your preschoolers to have a holistic education, subscribe now! Visit us on: www.uspstudios.co
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  • 486 videos
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Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas! We celebrate year-round! Tis the season to listen all your Christmas favorites by the Yule Log fire! Classic, pop and country Christmas playlists including songs by Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Christina Aguilera, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and many more... 🎄
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Christmas Songs and Carols - Love to Sing

Welcome to Christmas Songs and Carols - Love to Sing! The Ultimate Christmas HUB! 🎄 We are one of the worlds most popular Christmas channels featuring a huge range of Christmas Songs. Our Christmas Carols are beautifully sung by our top talented choir. Sing along with the Christmas lyrics, great for performances, concerts, choirs, churches and at home. Hours of Christmas music playlists to fill your heart with the joy of Christmas. Merry Christmas and thanks for subscribing. We really appreciate you being part of our Christmas family! ℗ & © 2021 Love To Sing Ltd. Copyright subsists in all Love To Sing Sound Recordings, Videos and Recordings and Artwork (“the Materials”). Any use of the Materials that is not expressly permitted in the Terms of Service, including any unauthorised commercial use, broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording in any manner, will constitute an infringement of such copyright and is not permitted for any reason whatsoever.
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Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas has been one of modern music’s most compelling and commercially successful artists for well over a decade – between Matchbox Twenty, his solo work, and his various collaborations with iconic artists like Santana, Mick Jagger and Willie Nelson, his tally now stands at more than 80 million albums sold worldwide. Arguably the most accomplished singer/songwriter of his generation, it all comes back to the creative source for Rob. As he says with typical understatement, “I’m a guy who hears songs in his head, and I have to write them down, and I have to get them out. I’m just lucky enough that I can make it my life’s work.” Connect with me online! https://robthomasmusic.com https://facebook.com/RobThomas https://instagram.com/RobThomas https://twitter.com/ThisIsRobThomas https://applemusic.com/RobThomas https://spoti.fi/2Nylv8a
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Soulful Sounds

Welcome to Soulful Sounds, flagship channel of the Soulful Records label. Here you'll find a wide variety of legendary music classics ranging in all sorts of genres from funk, blues to even jazz but most importantly, soul! We thank you for taking the time to check out our channel and hope you'll enjoy our library of content and playlists for and endless stream of classic hits!
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Seven Hip-Hop

Create, inspire, capture. ABOUT US: We are a community hip-hop channel that works closely with labels and independent artists. We've worked with many large names such as Lil Rae, Franax, Ceazerr, Eliozie and many more! We stride to go above and beyond to bring you the freshest hip-hop and underground rap songs.
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Musica Cristiana Gospel

Nuestro canal es el lugar para encontrar las mejores canciones de gospel latino que lanzamos en cooperación con varios de nuestros sellos discográficos y artistas asociados.
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Kids Music Official

Merry Christmas - Jingle Bells Original Song Subscribe Kids Music Listen to: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube Music
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Princess Sonya

Princess Sonya provides the best songs of Nursery Rhymes for kids. Family of Fingers, Baby Shark, Johny, Johny Yes Papa, Little Twinkle Star, Old MacDonald had a farm and etc. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or a childcare provider, you'll love our channel filled with fun, kind, interactive and highly engaging content for kids and children. Join the fun in sing-along, top nursery rhymes, original songs, education song for kids and more! Enjoy and thanks for watching :)
  • 114K subscribers,
  • 61 videos
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OPM Music

christmas songs
  • 1.9K videos
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Zach Williams

Official YouTube channel of Zach Williams. Husband, father, singer, songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist. Zach Williams’ music comes from a place of humility and honesty as his songs are a direct reflection of God’s redemption in his life. “Chain Breaker”, Zach Williams’ debut single has impacted millions of people and due to consumer demand, Zach Williams released his first full-length album, Chain Breaker months earlier than originally planned. The Deluxe version of the album is now available everywhere. His personal testimony of receiving freedom in the Lord is so beautifully reflected in his debut single “Chain Breaker”. The song came from a place of wanting to reach people who had been struggling and it undoubtedly has. Over the course of it’s release in the summer of 2016, an influx of stories have been shared on his various social media pages by people who have experienced the life changing power of broken chains.
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Christmas Channel

At the stroke of midnight on Christmas, if a fat man dressed in a red suit jumps through your window, grabs you and puts you in a sack, don’t panic. I told Santa I wanted YOU for Christmas! 🎅🌲💖 Welcome to my channel ! Let's enjoy with the best Christmas Song of all time. Wish you happy and peaceful with music. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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