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Pastores Geovanny y Sondy Ramirez

Este es el canal oficial de Centro Mundial de Liberación Y Avivamiento en Providence, Rhode Island; Un ministerio de los Pastores Geovanny Y Sondy Ramirez. Nuestra vision es llevar el evangelio a todas las partes del mundo y a la vez mostrar el poder de nuestro Dios. This is the official channel of Centro Mundial de Liberación Y Avivamiento in Providence, Rhode Island. A ministry of the Pastors Geovanny & Sondy Ramirez. Our vision is to bring the Gospel to all corners of the world, as well as to show those the mighty power of God. Centro Mundial de Liberacion y Avivamiento 6 Portland Street, Providence, RI 02907
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Yack Maicol Soriano

Bienvenidos al canal oficial de Yack Maicol Soriano, no olvides suscribirte en este canal de youtube en donde compartire predicas poderosas que el Señor me ministra primero y luego se las imparto a quien la necesite. Gracias por creer en este ministerio. Contacto: No olvides visitarnos en Facebook Instagram: @yackmaicol Twitter: @yackmacioln
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What it do! Its Ya boy Cortez the Nerd is the name, and you just entered my Youtube channel you cute little stalker ;) Anywaays, Here is my 2nd home, its like my home base ran by myself . In my channel here, you're gonna see all sorts of stuff to make you laugh your butt off till its on the floor and twerkin like Iggy ...But as I was sayin you'll see everything from my comedy shows that I perform at the Improv Club in ATL to Comedy Skits and to random pranks and other stupid stuff By the way thank you You better hit that button for I make you have number 3 on yourself Now let that marinate .....SUBSCRIBE! P.S. Follow me Insta: @standupcortez Facebook: Comedian Macklin @Cortez Comedian Macklin
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Lucky Moniroth

Welcome to my channel, SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE My Channel Lucky Moniroth, I would to show everyone how to cook the simple foods for simple daily. Most my show how to cook foods is own recipe for people who have health conditions, always I cooked such as Asian foods and sometimes Aussie lifestyle and sometime I do order take away when I was busy and no times to cook. Anyway, When I have lots more times I happy to travelling to looking for yummy foods somewhere else as do Road trip adventure and like to enjoy foods yummy foods in Restaurants either. So, always I make own foods and recommended by doctor advice, so it make my body get healthy and no risky for health. Otherwise, I would to cooking myself the most when I am home. The ingredients or recipes I used to cook is very simple and easy make it safe for my body, so it couldn't affect to my health. Please Subscribe link above for more videos. Thank You, Lucky Moniroth
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Neelam Ka Kitchen And Vlogs

Hello My Youtube Family I'm Neelam Bukhari , and this is my YouTube channel - welcome to my world of cooking! If you love food that’s big in taste, small in effort, and served with a healthy dose of irreverence… well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Watch my videos for easy to make recipes…kitchen basics My goal is to show you that cooking doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be delicious. Please SUBSCRIBE and enable notifications to see New Episodes uploaded every Friday and Monday ❤THANK YOU ❤
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Hello CABVlogs Welcome to my channel My name is Christel A. Barrientos (CAB) I came from the Philippines. I'm currently working here in Israel as a Caregiver, and this is my second channel. This channel is about my life here in Israel as a Caregiver, Food Vlog, Travel Vlog and Reaction Videos. You can find me also on my CAB ASMR Reacts channel. I'm doing ASMR eating video Reaction, ASMR Eating Compilation, and my very own AMSR Eating . Please subscribe, like share and comment down below on my videos and don't forget to click the notification bell for more videos and updates! Thank you so much and God bless us all!!😊😊
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Marinate Carrot

18 year old artist who paints and draws. Check out my etsy for all the drawings that I make videos of, prints, and other stuff! Commissions are open as well.
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Afghan Food Norway

Tasting Afghanistan & Norway Afghanistan & Norwegians FOOD RECIPES Afghan cuisine has a style of its own. Fatty dishes are an important fuel in this nation of harsh landscapes and freezing winters, with oil used liberally and mutton fat traditionally added to many dishes. The Norwegian cuisine is varied and reflective of the landscape that shapes it. The ingredients are bountiful. Afghans are hospitable people and expert in cooking unique dishes as well If you are looking for recipes to try from Afghanistan and Norwegian recipes that is the channel you looking for.
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You never know what may happen when you marinate your funny bone in liquor.
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Foodish NGM

Cook together,stays together.
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Michael Jackson, the world's greatest entertainer, hasn't given his last performance yet! There's much more going on than meets the eye. These are tweets from some of the "cast" of this great adventure starting back on June 25, 2009, including shannon holtz (TII dancer), Oskar Rodriguez (Janet Jackson's dancer), Donte Jackson, Teddy Riley, Kenny Ortega, and Jodi Gomes (producer of Jackson Family Dynasty). RT from TII dancer @shannonholtz "God Bless You" -- right back at you Michael -- June 25, 2009 RT from TII dancer @shannonholtz THIS IS NOT IT! June 26th 2009 RT TII dancer @shannonholtz I look forward to the day when the world witnesses his vision...30 Jun 09 RT @kennyortegablog DREAM, BELIEVE, THIS IS NOT IT. In time, we will celebrate and honor his vision with you all.... June 27, 2009 TeddyRiley1 TEDDY RILEY This is so Crazy out here!!! I'm at the staple center about to do the CBS morning news. Fort knox for real!!!!! 7 Jul 09 TeddyRiley1 TEDDY RILEY WOW!!!!! Helicopters & Police everywhere. All for my bigbrother & bestfriend.Michael Jackson!!!! The Greatest entertainer of all times! 7 Jul 09 TeddyRiley1 TEDDY RILEY OMG!!!!! I love it how everyone is moving for him...ROYALTY!!!!! Bigger than Elvis, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, 4th of july!!! 7 Jul 09 TeddyRiley1 TEDDY RILEY Bigger than this Superbowl, NBA championship, Kentucky Derby, & just as big as New Years Eve!!!!!! 7 Jul 09 TeddyRiley1 TEDDY RILEY @fcthetruth Duh!! He's a humanitarian as well. You just don't get it but at least you know it's MJ's day. 7 Jul 09 RT from TII dancer @shannonholtz For every ending there is a new beginning... Thank u; Happy Birthday Michael! God Bless you, Love you more. August 29, 2009 RT @teddyriley1 LOOK, IF YOU ALL DON'T BELIEVE, DON'T GET IT. THIS IS ONE OF MJs GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS N HIS ABSENCE!!! RT @teddyriley1 THANK U FOR UR CONCERN...THE TRUTH WILL COME TO LIGHT. ITS MUCH BIGGER THAN ALL INVOLVE, MICHAEL IS BIGGER THAN ALL INVOLVE RT @teddyriley1 OK...MICHEAL NEVER LEFT. HE BLESSED US W/HIS GRACE, SPIRITS, MUSIC, LOVE ALL OVER THE WORLD. LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER 1 DAY* RT from Janet Jackson's dancer @oskarrodriguez Is it all a dream or reality.. I say, just BELIEVE and wait to find out... Love u all... October 13, 2010 RT @teddyriley1 THANK U FOR UR CONCERN...THE TRUTH WILL COME TO LIGHT. ITS MUCH BIGGER THAN ALL INVOLVE, MICHAEL IS BIGGER THAN ALL INVOLVE RT @jodigomes can't stand knowing all that I know, and bound by confidentiality agreements that prevent truths from seeing daylight RT @jodigomes Proud of Mrs. J, Mr. J, Prince, Paris, Blanket. Donte, Jaafar, Great confidence.Hopefully fans will get past O 2 see RT @teddyriley1 I can't speak direct you read between the lines...people are their own worst enemies. RT @teddyriley1 OK...MICHEAL NEVER LEFT. HE BLESSED US W/HIS GRACE, SPIRITS, MUSIC, LOVE ALL OVER THE WORLD. LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER 1 DAY* RT from @donterjackson in the times to come ahead, only the strong in mind will survive. let that marinate. hehe Oct 12 2010 RT from @donterjackson pay no mind 2 the 1's judging us. 4 they r unaware of their mastery. Oct 14 2010 RT from @donterjackson once they realize the truth in our mission. we will forgive them_*_ Oct 14 2010 From @juliamjfam to @TeddyRiley1 do you have the feeling he will comeback though? Cause I do...! I think he want to give the world a lesson of L.O.V.E.... RT from @teddyriley1 to @juliamjfan Like Jesus!!! RT from @iamdiddy BELIEVE!!!!!! 12.14.10 !!!!! 12.14.10!!!! 12.14.10!!!! LET'S GOOOOO!!! Half of Hollywood must know what's going on lol RT from @jodigomes the projects im working on R so spectacular & diverse. Thank U God 4 the blessings & the patience 2 see it through (LOL) Nov 16 2010 RT from @teddyriley1 FOR LIFE...MJ FOR LIFE. I THANK GOD FOR MY FRIENDSHIP, HIM MENTORING ME, AND ALLOWING ME TO BE APART OF HIS-STORY. about 2 hours ago via web Nov 14 2010 RT from @teddyriley1 AS I SAID B4. IF YOU CAN'T BEAT EM, DON'T JOIN THEM, FIND A STRATEGY ON HOW TO DEFEAT THEM...CONT. RT from @teddyriley1 WE GOTTA KEEP FIGHTING FOR MJ, F ALL THE REST OF THE BS-WE. THIS IS HIS VICTORY AND OURS TOO. FOCUS ON MJ, NOT OPRAH. from @teddyriley1 About the album between the lines. MJ lives for controversy! @Akon AKON One who Wins without Problem » it is just "VICTORY" But, One who Wins with lot of Troubles » that is "HISTORY". Dec 4 2010
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Minipack, food vac, vacuum sealer, vac pack, preserves food, MX-Infuser, VacSmart, brines, marinate, sous Vide, infusing, pickling, compress fruit, HACCP. Minipack4Chefs, vacuum chamber, vacuum bags, canning, degas liquids, aerate food, dry food, spa water, molecular gastronomy, molecular mixology, texture modification.
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Marinate. الدعسوقة

فتاة عاديه تعشق الميراكلوس 🐸✨
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ReFRESHed Sara Snow

Definitely Healthy Always Tasty Never too Difficult From the host of Discovery's "Living Fresh" and "Get Fresh with Sara Snow" comes ReFRESHed with a fresh new take on cooking. A new recipe ReFRESHed and served up weekly, allowing you time to marinate, percolate, and plan for your week ahead.
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Using my ability to travel so often to show and teach others about different cultures and countries. Bringing the world to you from the comfort of your home. My channel focuses primarily on US vs UK cultural differences, Travel Vlogs, American vs British topics and everything in between. I upload weekly, so be on the lookout for my newest videos by clicking the notification bell. Instagram:Internationalnate Twitter:__Nate____ Snapchat:unclenate
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