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I'm focus and I can surprise you, that's all you need to know vk: faceit (10 lvl): focus cfg: steam: instagram:
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skill frog from csgo Advertising -
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McKenna Kaelin // lvl 25 Leo INTJ Airbender Gryffindor A fox in spirit and patronus. "Where the lions skin does not suffice, put on that of a fox." -Aristotle
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subscribe for random animations. lvl.24 | boi | wannabe animator
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adv: VK - Telegram - @arroweverywhere email - Группа в ВК -
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El cine según la opinión de un aficionado más.
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Erik C 'Piano Man'

I'm just a pianist trying to show the power and diversity of the piano through my covers. *Stats* Title: Piano Man Skills: Performing, Teaching, Arranging, Composition Equipment: Yamaha p-255 Lvl/Experience: 19+ years Class: Video Game, Anime, TV/Movie Feel free to use my arrangements for anything as long as isn't just a reupload of the music. Also let me know when you do. You can find the sheets (or at least the completed ones) of the arrangements on this channel by visiting my Musicnotes page (linked below). If you like my videos and what I do consider supporting this channel by donating on my Patreon page: For business inquiries, email me here: Thx for watching. Let's grow this channel together!
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Rachel Southard

Hi! Welcome to our Herd! I am currently a second-year osteopathic medical student in California. With uploads every Friday, I take you with me on this exciting journey to becoming a physician. To get you up to speed: My YouTube family is known as our "Herd" as my last name is "Southard" (pronounced Suhhh-therd). It fits and represents our positive community. A red ant is the symbol of my channel and the story behind it is that I had called my mom one day when I was having a tough time with my studies and she told me that I am a "red ant." In general, ants are incredibly hard workers and they are extremely driven. But have you ever tried to smash a red ant in particular? They're indestructible--just like all of us. So here on my channel, we identify as red ants because of their admirable traits. Care to join our Herd? :) P.O. Box 726 Pomona, CA 91769
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That's Amazing

Welcome to That's Amazing! We are two brothers who love to make incredible trick shots, and our siblings do, too! Some of our videos have been featured on shows such as Right this Minute, Inside Edition, and MLB Network's Intentional Talk. Matthew's image was displayed in People Magazine, and the introduction to our Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 3 video was included in Google's 2016 Year in Search. You can also see us in a national Subway commercial! We hope you like our videos, and if you do, please subscribe! Get some merch here!
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Привет! Меня зовут Алик и я играю в CS:GO, у меня 10 лвл фейсита, ежедневно провожу стримы на своём ютуб канале и выпускаю ролики, чтобы их не пропускать, обязательно ставь колокольчик! Сотрудничество:
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Toto je môj kanál!
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good voice ok frags
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Eternal Hero

Peak ELO: Diamond 1. League of Legends Champion Guides, Gameplays with best Builds, Runes, New Skins. 77x Mastery Lvl 7 Champions, Katarina Main ( all ADCs lvl 7 ). New videos everyday. My favorite League of Legends champion is Katarina. My name is Adrian. You can add me on Discord: Eternal Hero#6512
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Gonjik Games

Merhaba arkadaşlar ben Gonjik, bu kanal Gonjik Oyun Medya Kuruluşunun içeriklerini barındırıyor, bu eğlenceli maceramızda bizimle birlikte eğlenebilirsiniz. Kanaldaki tüm içerikler tarafımıza aittir, lisanslıdır kopyalanması halinde hak talebi alabilirsiniz. All content on the channel belongs to us, copying of our content is prohibited. Hello friends and welcome to our channel, our channel has game content, you must subscribe for this fun content! Recommended for viewing people from 13 years old. GONJIK GAMES MEDIA COMPANY™
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Welcome to my channel. I started my adventure with channel at the beginning of 2021. Mainly I create content for shorts. On my channel you will find videos that I create 100% by myself, including gameplays recording, editing the video, creating thumbnails, title, description, tags. To animate the face of a pet (usually a tiger) I use a paid application that tracks my face movements. Every video on my channel was made by me. Mainly I try to record videos from mobile games that are currently the most popular in apple store or google play ranking. I put a lot of work into my every game and I try to pass each lvl as perfectly as possible. If there is no video from your favorite mobile game on my channel, feel free to write in the comment, and maybe in the next episode I will record a video from this game! Edit software: Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 Thumbnails: Adobe Photoshop 2021 Webcam: logitech c920 pro Microphone: Blue Yeti
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PG-13 Content Creator, Gaming youtuber, DBZ & Anime, Roblox Gaming Content and more. UltraHands
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The best highlighter in the world 🔥Faceit (2400 elo): 🔥Config: 🔥Steam: // 🔥Steam Group: 🔥Vk Page: 🔥Vk Group: ПО ВОПРОСАМ РЕКЛАМЫ - Оставайся собой 个_个
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Wow Game

Welcome TO WOW GAME CHANNEL. I played Android and iOS games. Hope you guys love to my channel.
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1 vs 9999

Welcome to 1 vs 9999, This is one of top mobile game channels on Youtube! I upload daily funny games. You can find a lot of popular Android iOS gameplay here. CONTACT/BUSINESS:
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Меня зовут Серега Креатив, снимаю видео о всём, что движется, но в основном это КС и ФИФА! А еще мне выпал Драгон Лор после ММ :3 ▲ Я в ВК - ▲ Группа ВК - ▲ Реклама / сотрудничество - ▲ Инстаграм - ▲ Стримы -сreative7play ▲ Второй канал - ☑ Моя партнерка -
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