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LooLoo Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs

LooLoo KIDS is all about the kids! The best English learning lessons for kids are now the Musical Adventures of Johnny & Friends. They sing, dance and learn while having a lot of fun. Fun children songs and classic nursery rhymes are once again the perfect occasion for wonderful adventures, full of entertaining and funny events, an ideal opportunity for kids to learn about our diverse world, about animals, the alphabet and, most importantly, about their emotions and feelings, about the power of friendship and the significance of kindness. Every day, we are bringing fun and magic to nursery rhymes, building a safe destination for children's learning, development and entertainment. From all over the world people are telling us that our nursery rhymes are the best support for kids in a second language learning journey. LooLoo Kids is a registered trademark of MORA TV. For licensing & distribution, visit and contact us at
  • 49.2M subscribers,
  • 503 videos
Last Updated11 days ago

Vlad and Niki Fun

Hello!🖐 My name is Nika and on my channel you are waiting for a lot of FUN!😃 Subscribe to the coolest and funniest channel NikaLand! Put likes👍, if you like our videos and write your comments, we read them all and answer our favorite subscribers))💋 Всем привет! 🖐Меня зовут Ника и на моем канале вас ждет много веселья!🙃 Подписывайтесь на самый классный и смешной канал NikaLand! 😜Обязательно ставьте лайки👍, если вам нравятся наши видео и пишите свои комментарии, мы все их читаем и отвечаем нашим любимым подписчикам))💖
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LooLoo Kids Português - Músicas Infantis

LooLoo Kids Português - Músicas Infantis. Este canal é um lugar para todas as crianças que queiram ouvir músicas educacionais em português. Nossos vídeos em 3D são engraçados e educacionais para todas as crianças. Nossas músicas podem ser ouvidas por crianças de jardim e também para as de idade escolar. Curta canções educacionais e histórias para crianças em idade pré-escolar criadas por experts em educação infantil. #música educativas para crianças #canções infantis em Português #canções tradicionais para crianças
  • 1.8M subscribers,
  • 240 videos
Last Updated3 days ago

Baby Tunes Kids Channel

Привет, Малыш! Джони Джони и Маша из LooLoo Kids, Лея и По, Кругляши - Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs, развивающие мультфильмы, видео, караоке, песенки для детей на Хэппи Беби Музыкальный канал! Самые любимые герои и песни из сериалов и мультфильмов, считалки, песенки про машинки, клипы и колыбельные для детей, Nursery Rhymes на русском языке. С песенками и музыкой весело и отдыхать, и учиться! Пойте, играйте, танцуйте, учитесь вместе с нами! Подписывайтесь и следите за новинками! LooLoo Kids, Johny and Friends, Lea and Pop - favourite nursery rhymes and songs and toons. Johnny, Johnny Yes Papa, Baby Shark Dance, The Wheels On The Bus, Peek-a-Boo and hundreds of beautiful educational songs now in Russian! The best learning lessons for kids are now the Musical Adventures of Johnny & Friends. They sing, dance and learn while having a lot of fun. Children are learning to count, to recognize colours, to spell the Alphabet - Russian versions on Happy Baby Music Channel!
  • 4.6M subscribers,
  • 303 videos
Last Updated2 days ago

Baby Smart Kids Channel

Самые известные песенки Nursery Rhymes и новые музыкальные развивающие мультфильмы, умные песенки, караоке, считалочки, развивающие музыкальные видео, Смешарики, Малышарики, Loo Loo Nursey Rhymes and Educational Songs for Children, Learn Colours, обучающие видео - все это и многое другое, но обязательно развивающее и интересное на нашем канале Riki Smart! Подписывайтесь, смотрите, пойте, танцуйте, учитесь всместе с нами!
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Last Updated7 days ago

upin ipin movie

Hai teman teman. selamat datang di channel upin ipin. selalu ikuti upin ipin ya dan jangan lupa like coment dan subscribe. selamat menonton
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Last Updated2 months ago


Hi guys. Welcome to the fun picture drawing channel. In this channel you will learn how to easily draw animals, fruits, alphabet, numbers, toys. Follow us. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel too !!! Привет, ребята. Добро пожаловать на веселый канал рисования картинок. На этом канале вы научитесь легко рисовать животных, фрукты, алфавит, цифры, игрушки. Подписывайтесь на нас. Не забудь так же подписаться на канал!!! हाय दोस्तों। मजेदार चित्र बनाने वाले चैनल में आपका स्वागत है। इस चैनल में आप सीखेंगे कि जानवरों, फलों, वर्णमाला, संख्याओं, खिलौनों को आसानी से कैसे बनाया जाए। हमारा अनुसरण करें। चैनल को भी सब्सक्राइब करना ना भूलें!!! Merhaba millet. Eğlenceli resim çizme kanalına hoş geldiniz. Bu kanalda hayvanları, meyveleri, alfabeyi, sayıları, oyuncakları kolayca çizmeyi öğreneceksiniz. Bizi takip edin. Kanala da abone olmayı unutmayın!!!
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Hello. On my channel you will find many funny alterations and parodies! I have many ideas that will surely interest you There are only funny videos on this channel Leave a subscription and click on the bell if you are interested in my channel: D My e-mail: I reply to every message so ask for anything :D
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Last Updated9 days ago

Reef K9

knpv المالينوس اختصاصنا
  • 72K subscribers,
  • 141 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Kids Show

Welcome to Kids show 18 channel ✿ Kids show 18 channel! Subscribe to me and you will see how interesting can be a childhood! Here you will see an interesting Kids videos: toys unboxing, Challenge, vlogs, funny playing with water, water toys? Surprises, New Toys, Games, Entertainment, My Travel. I love to play with toys from the cartoon Masha and the Bear, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, Shopkins; Dolls, Princess, Orbiz balls, ball pool for children. My favorite cartoons: Masha and the Bear, Fixiki, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Shopkins, Hello Kitty and other developing cartoons for children. I love to sculpt Play Before unpacking eggs with a surprise. I also walk a lot in the entertainment center, on the playground, in the Kids playroom. I'll show you a new entertainment for children, and the most interesting games, New toys. I will share with you the best moments of your life! #kidsshow18
  • 202 videos
Last Updated6 days ago

Ditya Bhande

I am a superdancer of hiphop Winner of superdancer chapter1 Subscribe our channel now This channel has official permission by Ditya_bhande For Any Business Related Queries our mail id is Note:- Ditya Bhande does not have any official channel on YouTube this channel is only for entertainment purpose and non profit channel Thankyou!
  • 81K subscribers,
  • 61 videos
Last Updated5 months ago

Mariah Ong

Mariah Ong is all about Parody, Memes , Fun Animated Videos, Sound Effects and Editing Effects. kindly support my channel by pressing the subscribe button. I uploaded videos everyday for your entertainment.. subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe!
  • 79K subscribers,
  • 831 videos
Last Updated18 days ago

Bubrreci TV - Këngë për fëmijë

Bubrreci TV krijon kenge per femije dhe filma te animuar shqip per femije. E krijuar me shume kujdes dhe dashuri, me qellim kryesor edukimin e femijeve shqiptar ne mbare boten, Bubrreci TV ka menduar edhe per argetimin e tyre permes animacioneve shume interesante. Qëllimi i jonë është për edukimin e fëmijëve shqiptarë në mbarë botën që në moshë të hershme, përmes videove tona fëmijët do ta mësojnë sjelljen, respektin, edukatën dhe gjërat bazike të jetës. Misioni i Bubrreci TV përveç edukimit të mirëfilltë të fëmijëve gjithashtu është që fëmijëve shqiptarë në diasporë t'ia mësojë edhe gjuhën e rrjedhshme shqipe! Të gjitha të drejtat e videove të publikuara i takojnë "Bubrreci TV" të cilat janë të mbrojtura ligjërisht. Videot nga ky kanal nuk mund të kopjohen, të gjithë shkelësit e të drejtave do të ndjeken penalisht sipas dispozitave ligjore në fuqi. © 2019 BUBRRECI TV
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Divertido AJ

Divertido AJ is all about Animated Videos. kindly support this channel by pressing the subscribe button. I uploaded videos everyday for your entertainment.. subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe! subscribe!
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Tiki Toons

Dear Parents and My dear lovely kids our channel provides Pre School learning activities. English Alphabet Videos English Nursery Rhymes Videos Vocabulary Development Videos Basic English skills Videos Phonics Videos Phonetics Videos Colours Videos Please follow and support our channel.
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LuLu Kids

THE BEST ENGLISH LEARNING LESSONS FOR KIDS! Our songs and children's videos are made with a lot of love to provide children with the best, safest, and most fun family content. Nursery rhymes improve both phonemic and linguistic skills. Kids of any age will love our songs and rhymes as they sing and dance along with their favorite characters. The brilliant videos from LuLu Kids are available on all major platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, Google Play Music,. Learn and Play with us!
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luxury & wealth

인기 동요가 있습니다. 어린이 노래, 유아 노래 또는 아기 및 어린이를 위한 기타 학습 애니메이션 비디오. 놀자, 배우면서 노래하자. 이 비디오는 유치원, 유치원 및 어린이 교육에도 적합합니다. 뉴스 콘텐츠 및 기타 흥미로운 지식 정보도 있습니다.
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Fitness Goals

Animal Fals21 #AnimalFals21
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Pixie Kiddie

Hi and Welcome to my channel Pixie Kiddie! This channel is for everyone who loves animated videos from your favorite kid's show. I add special creative effects to transform it to even more funny and entertaining videos I want to give thanks to the owner and creator of the videos I edit cocomelon, loolookids, pinkfong and hogi , sunny bunnies, peppa pig and more. Disclaimer: no copyright infridgement intended, music and videos belongs to the rightful owner THANK YOU FOR WATCHING DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE PIXIE KIDDIE!😊
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