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Trap Nation

Welcome to Trap Nation, YouTube's number one channel for a unique and diverse taste of trap music! If you like what you hear, support the producers and show your feedback by liking or disliking so I know what to upload next! My name's Andre, you're more than welcome to call me by my name whenever you'd like. 🗣Connect with Me FAQ: "Can I use this in my video?" Unfortunately I don't own any of the rights for the music I feature on Trap Nation, so you'd have to ask the artist. "Is this copyright free?" Again, it's not up to me. I personally receive written permission for every upload, but it doesn't apply universally when someone else wants to use the song. "Do you make the music?" No, I only feature music I like. "Where do you get your backgrounds?" Unsplash or Adobe Stock. All backgrounds I use in the videos are paid / licensed or royalty free.
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The Korean Vegan
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Top Korean News

This channel includes video rank in Hot dramas, Hot korea movies, korean idols, korean celebrities, actors, actresses with notable events... All the videos based on reliable sources: Dramafever, Allkpop, Ilovekstars... Let us know via Email: if you have any problems related to copyright issue. Thank you.
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Learn Korean with

Learn Korean with - The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun Way to Learn Korean. :) Start speaking Korean in minutes with Audio and Video lessons. is an online Korean language learning website. You'll learn to speak, read, write and hear Korean. You'll have fun learning with listeners around the world. Get ready to start speaking Korean from the very first lesson! Visit and sign up for your FREE lifetime account. See higher quality videos and exclusive videos only on Go to Learn Korean with! The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun Way to Learn Korean.
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The ultimate destination for Korean Entertainment 17,000 + HOURS OF EXCLUSIVE SHOWS Watch shows the same day they air in Korea and dig into the best library of K-dramas, rom coms, reality, and K-pop series. Immerse yourself in shows like Running Man, The Penthouse Seasons 1-3, Home Alone, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, and so much more! For fans of K-Pop, there's more than enough BTS moments to binge on. App: Web: MULTI-LANGUAGE SUBTITLES All programs are available with premium multi-language subtitles including within 6 hours after the Korean linear broadcast across the Americas. YOUR ALL-ACCESS PASS TO KOREAN ENTERTAINMENT You decide! Choose how you want to consume KOCOWA from free AVOD subscriptions to Ad-Free subscriptions starting at $6.99/month for the largest offering of current and library Korean shows across the Americas.
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Q1Q2 TV Korean | 한국어

Q1Q2 TV Korean | 한국어
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Korean Jaeho

Hi My name is Jaeho Ji. South Korean moved to Florida 3.16.2016. No clue what i wanna do after graduate so started this 2016 년 3월 16일 에 미국 플로리다 중2때옴 졸업하고 뭐할지몰라서 유튜브 시작함
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Hi! I'm Hollyn and I'm glad you're here. My brand new single, "Tension" is available now, along with it's own music video. Feel free to check it out and stay awhile! Stay tuned for any new music, projects, and videos by hitting subscribe. Thank you for listening and showing love. XO, Hollyn
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AsianCrush is the premiere digital destination for your daily fix of Asian Cinema, TV, Music & Web Content.
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He got the Slice! She got the Rice! They both got God. Slice n Rice is a comedic couple, Matthew "Slice" Brooks and Glory "Rice" Kim, bringing you fresh comedy from sketches to exploring each other's Korean and African background! Most recognizable for their parodies, story times , parodies of popular films, TV, and pop culture, these two are always providing their Ninjas with a laugh every Thursday night!. Here to make you laugh, inspire, and motivate. New videos every Thursday! 🍕🍚🍕🍚🍕🍚 Our Mailbox: 10999 Red Run Blvd STE 205 - 344 Owings Mills, MD 21117 FOLLOW SLICE N RICE: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: FOLLOW MATT🍕 (SLICE): Instagram: Twitter: FOLLOW GLORY🍚 (RICE): Instagram: Twitter:
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영국남자 Korean Englishman

안녕하세요! 제 이름은 조쉬이고, 저는 영국남자예요. 제 친한 친구 올리와 영상 만들어서 매주 한국 시간 수요일 저녁 8시반쯤에 영상 올려요! ^^ Hello! This is Josh and Ollie, and we make videos in Korean and English, linking the two cultures and having fun along the way! We upload every Wednesday. 보고싶은 영상 컨셉 있으면 영상 코멘트로, 아니면 우리 인스타그램이나 페북 댓글로 알려주세요! 재밌게 보세요!! 비즈니스 문의: To contact us feel free to leave us a comment on one of our videos. For all business related inquiries please email us at Thank you!!
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Your Korean Dad

Hi, I'm Nick Cho, Your Korean Dad! After a ton of requests from my TikTok followers, there needed to be a place for more of the advice, vlogging, and POV #YourKoreanDad content that you've been asking for. You can always ask questions in the comments or email Sorry if I can't get to everyone's question, comment, or request, but I'll try my best!
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The Swoon

Welcome to The Swoon, your all-access pass behind the scenes of your favorite Korean dramas. Get up close and personal with the stars as they answer your burning questions, react to your outpouring of love in Compliment Me, and get very, VERY competitive playing Jenga and other Swoon Games. Go behind the scenes with the cast and watch their off-screen chemistry bloom. Commiserate with like-minded fans and look for the next drama to sink your teeth into. And if you ever find yourself unable to move on from a K-drama, relive all the #SwoonWorthy moments and feel all the feelings all over again with us. Trust us, we’re feeling it too. For the fans. Powered by Netflix. All biases welcome.
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Trend Nation

Welcome to Trend Nation. I make videos on Life hacks, sports, tutorials, reactions, Top 5s and Top 10s, subscribe to stay tuned! All my videos are edited using Sony Vegas, and it takes me many hours of researching and writing scripts to bring you the most interesting content possible! We use stock footage and cool visual effects to that will keep you entertained while watching our videos. I created this channel to help educate as many people as i can about everyday topics that are happening all around the world. delivering content that will keep you watching for hours and hours! We're here to have a good time. Enjoy your stay! :)
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Q1Q2 Movie Channel Korean 한국어 영화 채널

Q1Q2 영화 채널은 중국 영화의 주요 YouTube 영화 채널입니다. 출시 일정 : https : //
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리얼사운드 먹방을 올리는 설기양입니다 :) 메뉴추천도 좋고 어떤 피드백이든 감사히 듣겠습니다 제 영상을 보시는 분들 모두 고마워요 사랑해요♡ 이메일 인스타 아이디 sulgiiiii
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Korean Ladka

SUBSCRIBE KOREAN LADKA: KOREAN LADKA OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM: Namaste! I am 'Korean Ladka'. I opened my youtube channel and I am going to upload videos mainly about India. I'm South Korean and I lived in India for 5years. The reason why I opened this channel is, I'm missing India so much! (especially GULAB JAMUN) My final goal is to make my channel 'LITTLE INDIA in KOREA!' I am new to youtube. So some of you can feel my video as inexperienced. I can promise you one thing. If you subscribe and support my channel, I am absolutely sure that I will soon become your favorite YOUTUBER. EMAIL:
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I introduce Korean culture and just my lifestyle! Business inquiries: Korean channel:
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Lil King

Hey I'm DoHwi! hank you my Lil Crowns!!! Donation for King King's paypal -------- Lil King's instagram ID-dohwisae Lil King's Twitch ID-dohwisae P.O Box Address (in Korean) 서울 강남구 삼성로75길 42도어맨센터 #113704 (in English) #113704, Doorman Center, 42, Samseong-ro 75-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Postal code : 06196 business contact :
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