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SUBSCRIBE FOR GOOD LUCK! I also like to give stuff away to my subscribers lol - Gave away 2 houses - Given hundreds of thousands to charity - Donated over 300 phones to people in need - Gave away over 100 iPads - Giving away 50 Macbooks - Gave away over 300 Airpods - Donated 10 cars - Surprised MrBeast with a house - Surprised Charli D'Amelio with custom phones - Surprised Addison Rae with her dream car - Surprised Brent Rivera with an ipad mural and a lot more
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Simple Alpaca

I don't really remember how I came up with this YouTube channel name but it's kind of dope. Anyways I review products that I find interesting, both old and new. Also, If you own a phone that's running Android or iOS you might want to stay tuned since I update my phones constantly to see if the updates are buggy and what not. I also make other videos that I find interesting that might have nothing to do with technology. Anyways I make content for you, so i'm always here to listen, if you need someone to talk to please feel free to DM on twitter or instagram, I Love You So Much! PS: Please checkout my SoundCloud! Linked Below! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Add me on instagram/Snapchat/twitter @SimpleAlpaca . Stay tuned guys! If you would like to sponsor a video please email me at SimpleAlpaca@gmail.com
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Fatih GAMING’s Second Channel!❤️
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Don’t forget to subscribe! 💙 Contact : fatih@delkatalents.com
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Josh Connects

Subscribe or your phone breaks :))
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Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of CONCEPTSIPHONE! Check out our viral videos on concept iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPod Touch 8th, iOS 16 and much more! For Business Inquiries contact: ConceptsiPhone@gmail.com
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Iphone Bofarj

صانع محتوى عربي Arabic content maker مهتم في جميع اجهزة الموبايل و الجوالات الحديثة و ملحقاتها Interested in all modern mobile phones and their accessories For commercials, contact me on Twitter تواصل معاي خلال تويتر Bofarj@ قناة تعشق الايفون و الايباد القناة تجد فيها اخر اخبار و برامج و اصدارات iOS حركات مخفيه و تعليمية و كل ما تحتاجه لتسهيل استخدام الايفون و ملحقاته القناة تعتمد على تصوير و مونتاج كل الفيديوهات بأحدث ايفون. iPhone XS Max iPhone 12 Pro & Apple Watch ⌚️ & AirPods Pro iphone 7 هواوي و جالكسي ايفون 11 برو ماكس ايفون 12 برو ايفون 13 برو وكل الهواتف الذكيه الجديده. جالكسي S8 + ايفون ⁦‪#bofarj‬⁩ iPhone x و iPhone 8 ايفون ماكس ساعة ابل. لا تبخل علينا باشتراك بالقناة لكل جديد مع تفعيل الجرس و نشر الفيديو ليستفيد غيرك.
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iPhone Photography School

iPhone Photography School is the best place to master the emerging art of iPhone photography. Over the years we have developed outstanding online photography courses and have now become the world’s leading brand in iPhone photography education. Why choose iPhone Photography School? We’ll inspire you to go out and shoot. We’ll educate you on what the iPhone camera can do. We’ll entertain you to keep it all fun and effortless. As well as our bestselling iPhone Photo Academy course, we offer free tutorials that will help you capture mesmerising photos. Are you ready to elevate your iPhone photography skills? We’ve helped over a million people change their photography forever. Now it’s your turn. JOIN THE MOVEMENT.
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Clazz Clown

Social Media Comedian LoL IKEE Catch me on (Instagram & Tik-Tok) @lol_ikee | Funny Public Pranks, Gaming , Fortnite Shorts Films and Funny Skits by (Clazz Clown / Lol IKEE) (Fortnite in the Hood Founder) What’s up, It’s (Clazz Clown) First I want to say Thanks for Checking out yo boy Youtube Channel I appreciate it but I want to keep this short. On this channel you will find Gaming, Fortnite Funny Short Films, Skit's, In real life Vids & Pranks. I also have another Channel Called @IKE&RE Go Check it out Pranks , Challenges Reactions etc. Other Channel: (IKE & RE) From : Milwaukee, WI Want To Do Business?: Clazzclownbusiness1@gmail.com
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SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials

SLR Lounge is a photography community dedicated to providing photography tutorials, Lightroom Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, photography news and more! As long as it is photography related, we will discuss it here!
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Nick Ackerman

Hi, my name is Nick Ackerman and I make comparisons, smartphone speed tests, unboxings, and review videos! I help you master the smartphone technology you use every day through quality tech videos filled with knowledge and guidance. Businesses, collaborations, and sponsors who want to work with me email me here: nickackermanchannel@gmail.com
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This channel shares quick, easy to understand educational tips and tutorials for all knowledge groups of computer users. While this channel may be geared towards beginners and novice users, tutorials shared may be able to assist even the more advanced users.
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Freco Wang

Hello! I'm Freco, a video maker, content creator and a entrepreneur! Welcome to my channel! Here you will find different kinds of tech videos, travel and life vlogs, they are pretty funny and entertaining. SUBSCRIBE to support my channel and let's talk about newest technology including smartphones, computers and cameras every Thursday! I am aslo the FOUNDER of FAYSEN, which is a famous brand aiming to offering people different kinds of high quality and delicate consuming electronics. Find out more here: YouTube: youtube.com/c/FrecoWang Facebook: facebook.com/MrFrecoWang Instagram: instagram.com/frecowang Twitter: twitter.com/FrecoWang
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With two decades of experience helping readers choose the right portable devices, we’re one of the oldest publications devoted exclusively to mobile tech – and with an ever-growing audience of millions and millions a month across Pocketnow.com, our YouTube channel, and all of our social media, we’re also one of the largest. Through it all, one goal has remained the same: to provide top-notch news, editorial, review and video content to mobile enthusiasts – veteran and newcomer alike. We joined YouTube in 2007, making Pocketnow one of the first mobile tech channels on the platform. Many years later, we have an ever-growing audience of 1.7M+ subscribers who enjoy our quality content. Our videos range from daily shows to reviews, features, comparisons, device launches, and trade shows. With 720M lifetime views, our unbiased and beautiful content is appreciated by a vast audience worldwide. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
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Abandoned Exploration Squad

I am an adventurer and treasure hunter who loves exploring abandoned places and going dumpster diving! Here's some of the most popular video series on my channel: - Dumpster diving at the Apple store and finding tons of Apple products like iPhones, Airpods, iPads, and Apple Watches - Dumpster diving at Gamestop and finding tons of crazy things like Xbox 360's, Xbox One's, Playstation 2's, Playstation 3's Playstation 4's, Wii's, Nintendo Ds's, Phones, and video games - Breaking into abandoned vending machines and finding money - Exploring abandoned bank and breaking into abandoned bank vaults and safes finding money and other valuables - Finding lost suitcases and backpacks and opening them
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Hi I am Dania and I do art 👩‍🎨🤍 I am also on Instagram and TikTok: Instagram: @ninjagirldraws TikTok: @ninjagirldraws Business: mihaiudania@gmail.com
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Sara Dietschy

Rhymes with peachy. Upload 1-2 videos every week! Tech, Creativity, Vlogs, Documentary, Reviews / How-To & Entrepreneurship. Twitter & Insta: @SaraDietschy. Subscribe & welcome to the #PEACHYFAM! Hope to entertain, inform & inspire. That Creative Life is my podcast! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or the YouTube channel (on the right) FAQ: How old are you? 26 Where do you live? Dallas, TX What camera(s) do you use? Sony A7 III, GH5, Sony RX100 V, iPhone 11 Pro, BMPCC6k & 4k Audio? Rode Videomic Pro, Rode Filmmaker Wireless Lav Kit, Rode Go Lav Editing Software? Adobe Premiere CC, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, VSCO Cam (iPhone pics), sometimes Resolve Single? Nope. 💼 Business Inquires Me: dietschybusiness@gmail.com & Management: adam@twowestentertainment.com stay peachy fam xo
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Jailbreak iOS 14 updates! We entered a new golden age of jailbreaking with iOS 13, and that’s about to continue with iOS 14. All because of checkm8, a low-level bootrom exploit. Previously, we'd have to wait months for 1 or 2 jailbreaks per major version of iOS (e.g. unc0ver for iOS 13 - 13.5). That's all changed with the release of the first iOS 13 jailbreak, checkra1n based on said checkm8 exploit. Now we expect to get more jailbreak for iOS 14 as a direct result of this. Why is checkm8 so powerful? Due to its low-level nature, it cannot be patched by Apple with iOS 14 updates. As for A12 and A13 (iPhone XS - iPhone 11), they'll benefit too! Checkra1n will result in new jailbreak iOS 14 exploits for ALL devices. For more, check out our iOS 14 jailbreak updates. iCrackUriDevice - iCu iD (Tanner): Copyright © 2010 - 2020, all rights reserved. iCrackYouriDevice The Official iCrackUriDevice Website is Best Tech Info: https://besttechinfo.com
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Miguel Grullon Oficial

Bienvenidos a nuestro programa radial En Broma Y En Serio con el Pastor Miguel Grullon y otros panelistas Cristianos Evangélicos, con el fin de que puedas reírte y ser edificado a la vez. Puedes ver nuestra transmisión a travez de nuestro canal de YouTube, de lunes a viernes a las 11:30 AM (Hora de New York) Síguenos tambien en Instagram, donde podrás ver mas contenidos personales. https://www.instagram.com/miguelgrullon PARA INVITACIONES Y DONACIONES: 551-556-7873 Cash App o Zeller Paypal/MiguelGrullon13@hotmail.com
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