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ChineseFor.Us - Learn Mandarin Chinese Online

Learn Mandarin Chinese online with ChineseFor.Us - College-quality Chinese teaching online. ★9 Courses ★300+ video lessons ★100+ multi-media quizzes ★Proudly serving premium students from over 100 countries ChineseFor.Us is the only site that integrates the HSK levels with Chinese speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Bringing you a classroom style structured learning experience, all from the comfort of your own home. Register to become part of our learning community and start your Chinese learning journey today! Our Chinese Course and Lessons: ★Structured Chinese Courses ☆Day-1 Beginner Chinese ☆Level 1 Chinese (HSK 1+) ☆Level 2 Chinese (HSK 2+) ☆Level 3 Chinese (HSK 3+) ★Skill-based Chinese Courses ☆Pinyin ☆Tones ☆Characters
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Sean Daniel

Rocking the world one guitar lesson, music video, gear review, poorly made cartoon at a time.
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LinkedIn Learning

We are an online learning platform with over 13,000 courses taught by real-world experts and a library that is constantly up to date. Our community of learners engage in courses across business, creative, technology and more, helping them get closer to achieving their professional goals. Learn the relevant skills you need to build the experiences that will help you reach your definition of success. No matter where you are in your career or where you want to go, we can help you keep learning in moments that matter. Start learning today: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/
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High-intensity ⚡ code tutorials to help you build & ship your app faster. Subscribe for new videos every week covering intermediate to advanced lessons about JavaScript, Flutter, Firebase, and modern app development. The original home of #100SecondsOfCode and #CodeThisNotThat. Created by Jeff Delaney. Building an app? Get project support, advanced full courses, and more at https://fireship.io
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Big Flips

Only the biggest butterfly knife tricks. Balisong man of the year 2018.
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Blabbinit English

The best English lesson videos designed to help you practice and improve your English skills. Lessons range from beginning English to intermediate English and are packed full of practical content which will help you utilize the language in a fluent and natural way. Lessons are particularly aimed towards Spanish speakers with all content translated in their mother tongue. Las mejores lecciones de inglés con videos diseñados para ayudar a practicar y mejorar a estudiantes de nivel básico e intermedio. Lecciones llenas de contenido práctico, las cuales te ayudarán a usar el idioma en una manera natural y fluida. Esto está dirigido particularmente a hispanohablantes con todo el contenido traducido al español.
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http://www.PrettySimpleMusic.com We believe that less is more...That's why we guarantee quality products with more substance and less "stuff". Our primary focus is to bring peace and love to those who experience our music. Our vision is to transform your musical dreams into reality!!!
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Harbin Mandarin

Free Mandarin Chinese lessons from harbinmandarin.com. For private one-on-one online Chinese lessons please visit www.harbinmandarin.com If you would like to support the Harbin Mandarin Channel, please visit https://paypal.me/chineselessons
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Want foolproof bass lessons and kickass gear reviews? BassBuzz is where you'll find 'em. Tracking down good beginner bass lessons (that don't leave you in the dust) is tough. That's why we only give you the good s**t - always step-by-step, always easy to follow. Whether you're trying to learn your bass fretboard notes, understand scales and theory, slappa da bass, or just jam along with your friends, we've got your back. Why are you still reading this? Click the "Videos" tab and start becoming badass.
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ASH: RAID Shadow Legends

Hey! I'm Ash! Welcome to my YouTube channel devoted to Raid Shadow Legends. Raid is a great strategy RPG game for mobile. On this channel I'll be specializing in beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategy guides, champion tier lists, and ancient, void, and sacred shard opening videos! Enjoy!
  • 125K subscribers,
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Robert Baker

Hi there and thanks for checking out my channel. My name is Robert my goal here is to make learning the guitar fun, maybe make you laugh, and if we're lucky Rock Out !!! OFFICIAL WEBSITE (TABS!!) http://robertbakerguitar.com
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PianoSecrets Channel will give you Free Full Piano Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. PianSecrets Top 10 piano tips, tricks and techniques will be revealed in each piano tutorial lesson on how to play the piano. In PianoSecrets channel you will find full piano tutorials of songs, and how to play each part with a complete explanation. Including piano scales, piano chords, piano arpeggios and much more. PianoSecrets for beginner, intermediate and advanced piano player. PianoSecrets will ensure that you are getting the best and most helpful creative techniques to master the piano. All the challenges of piano technique both, physically and musically, will be mastered at the highest level. Learn how to play piano using PianoSecrets unique method.
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Yoga With Tim

Welcome to the channel I post yoga videos that will help you to understand the movements and postures in yoga so that you can practice safely while at the same time giving you a great full body workout. I'm glad you're here. If you’re new, dig what you see, and would like to do more yoga with me, please take a moment to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/yogawithtim?sub_confirmation=1
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Bernadette Teaches Music

If this is your first day, week, or month playing ukulele, this is the channel for you! If the ukulele is your first instrument and you don't know ANYTHING about music, you can call this channel your new classroom. All of the lessons in this channel are made with beginners in mind. The goal here is to get you from absolute beginner to confident and independent at an intermediate level. About me 👩🏻‍🏫 Master's degree in education Bachelor's degree in music Teaching credential for music education 🧡 Patreon https://www.patreon.com/bernadetteteachesmusic For hundreds of song sheet PDFs, weekly lessons via zoom, exclusive play-along videos, and private lessons with me 🤗 Let's connect! http://www.instagram.com/plazi http://www.facebook.com/bernadetteteachesmusic ❤️ Support https://paypal.me/BERNADETTEETCHEVERRY Enya Music Official Artist
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Want to become a balisong pro? Follow along with the tricks on this channel and hopefully you can become better and better with practice! This channel is geared towards beginners and is filled with balisong tutorials, giveaways, and more. I changed the name of the channel from "We Are ArtSea" to "ArtSea", just so you know. Feel free to give me ideas for different videos you would like me to make :) I post a new video every 2 weeks! Visit my Insta @artseaflips to contact me if you have any qs or just wanna talk:) I answer dms once a week because of the amount I receive. I just made a Patreon, Twitch, and Discord! I want to get to know everyone subscribed:) With the money earned from Patreon, I am currently buying a better setup, camera, lights, and BEST of all... more giveaway knives! If you subscribe to a tier, you are helping the channel while also getting benefits yourself! I will be Twitch and Youtube Live streaming randomly, to find out when, follow my insta and discord!
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English MasterClass

Study to shew thyself approved unto God. 2 Timothy 2: 15 KJV Hello there! welcome to English MasterClass. Master the English Language by watching our videos and practising. Are you planning to take any English exams or do you want to Improve your English Skills: Speaking, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing , grammar , level test ...etc.? This is the Right Place for you!!! We also bring Quizzes and exercises to make English learning fun and Engaging. Here, learning English is made easy. Important Notice 🔔🔔🔔: Please, consider reading the sentences and answers on our quizzes out loud(aloud). Researchers have shown that people consistently remember words and texts better if they read them aloud than if they read them silently. It's our joy to see you improve your English in an efficient manner. Thank you! Remember: Practice makes perfect. Good Luck!!! Don't forget to Subscribe for weekly uploads: http://bit.ly/38tiLTWEEsub We upload every Wednesday & Sunday.
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Chico Crypto

Informational cryptocurrency and altcoin videos for the intermediate to advanced crypto enthusiast. Brought to you by Tyler Swope of Chico Crypto!!!! My name is Tyler Swope. First thing I should tell you-- I'm a die-hard crypto investor. I also have a passion for writing, editing, and producing videos. I started investing in bitcoin, in late 2013 and have since grown my diverse crypto portfolio to moonshot levels by investing in Ethereum, Chainlink, MakerDao, 0x protocol, and more. The blockchain, the tech I have coveted for 5 years, is getting woven into the fabric of everyday life. Watch as I spread my knowledge and take crypto reviews and information to the next level. Initiate Chico Crypto! New Videos land every day around 1 PM PST & live streams usually happen on Saturday! P.S. Subscribe to be the first to receive top class altcoin information and follow me on social media at the links below!
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Bag-O-Day Crochet

If you want to learn how to crochet then you have come to the right place! Bagoday Crochet is your go to guide for all things crochet. With hundreds of free easy to follow crochet tutorials you will be making awesome crochet items that you never had the confidence to crochet until now. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced crocheter you will find something for you! Bagoday Crochet is dedicated to making crochet tutorials that will guide you step by step from start to finish through even the most difficult crochet projects. Subscribe to Bagoday Crochet and become a member of a super supportive crochet community that loves to help and keeps on growing. Both knowledgeable and interactive, Bagoday Crochet is the right place to expand your crochet skills. Please don't email me for free yarn. I giveaway yarn because it makes me happy. .
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Become a Piano Superhuman

Play Piano, Learn Piano, Love Piano. And chocolate. Love chocolate too ;). Anyway, I don't want to teach you to entertain people on piano. I want to teach you to CAPTIVATE people on piano. That's why I give in-depth online piano lessons for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players. You can see it in action on my Instagram - @zachevansmusic I'm also giving away a free online piano course for now, it's called "Become a Piano Superhuman." It teaches stuff like: -Accelerated Learning Techniques: Loopholes and practice hacks to learn piano faster -Arpeggio Sweeping: How to play lightning fast crossover arpeggio runs (that make people say "wow") -The "Piano Guys Secret Formula": You'll see what that is... Anyway, you can sign up for that by clicking the "Become a Piano Superhuman" link below. http://bestpianoclass.com/superhuman Or follow my main website at bestpianotips.com
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Caleb Curry

Programming Made Fun and Simple High quality tutorials that are fun, educational, and easy to follow. Teaching programming is my passion! I find joy in making complex material easy to understand. I've decided that it is only right to upload videos of great quality and value. Here you will find videos on C++, JavaScript, C, database design, SQL, and more! As a side note, many videos contain horribly cheesy jokes and random stories...you've been warned. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Business inquiries: hello@calebcurry.com
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