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Piano instrumental arrangements of the music from video games, anime, movies, and pop. You will also find classical, and my compositional/improvisational work. Thank you so much for sharing the love of music, you mean the world to me! Your Pianist, Kyle Landry http://kylelandry.com Join me on my website to book me for performances/commissions, buy original sheet music, and read a full biography/FAQ. https://www.twitch.tv/kylelandrypiano Watch me stream live on twitch.tv!
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Ownage Pranks

This is the one and only official Ownage Pranks YouTube profile. Voice Actor meets Prankster v2.0. Nine stereotypical characters. One hilarious adventure. New videos are posted every single Sunday! :) Business contact info: ownagepranks (at) gmail (dot) com Facebook--------------------- http://facebook.com/OwnagePranks Twitter ------------------------ http://twitter.com/OwnagePranks Behind The Scenes-------- http://youtube.com/MrOwnagePranks Merchandise ---------------- http://ownagepranks.spreadshirt.com
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Better Sax

Become a Better Sax player today. Watch hours of free saxophone lessons and tutorials on the Better Sax Youtube Channel. New videos uploaded regularly. Jay Metcalf approaches learning the saxophone differently than most. The lessons here focus a lot on fundamentals which are essential for every saxophone player. There are also video lessons on improvisation, music theory, and interviews with world renowned saxophonists. Those who would like to dig deeper are invited to visit the Better Sax website at www.bettersax.com to get free downloads and access more learning resources. Sign up for the free Play Sax by Ear Crash Course and Check out the revolutionary Pentatonic Foundation Course. Learn to play melodies by ear, and improvise your own solos without the burden of sheet music. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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On this channel you will find Quist's music, guitar backing tracks, licks, lessons & guitar jams! ▶ Subscribe! Join the jam fam and take your improvisation skills to a new level ⚡ Quist P.O. Box 50112 Studio City CA 91614 USA
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Jeff Schneider

My mission is to make learning advanced music accessible to anyone who's willing to put in the work. I hate the word talent. It downplays the power of hard work. It wasn’t until the summer after my freshman year in high school that I showed any real promise or progress on the saxophone. It was in that summer that I started practicing eight hours a day, transposing Charlie Parker solos in all 12 keys. Charlie Parker practiced 15 hours a day. So annoying. When I'm not making videos, I teach Skype lessons to people in time zones all over the world. I also compose music for film, television, and advertising with a client list that includes NASA, CNN, Google, Gatorade, Ferrari, and many more. A graduate of New England Conservatory (‘09), I also hold a Master of Music degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging from UMASS Amherst.
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Michael Palmisano

Working Hard. Getting Better Everyday. Do It With Me!
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Piano? Memes? Megalovania? I have em all! Putting the YUM in music! Upload schedule like cake - it's a lie :)
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GoldFish is a Live Electronic Duo, re-inventing the DJ combining Double bass, Saxophone, Keyboards, Flute, and Vocals with Samplers, Effects, Synths and a healthy dollop of freeform improvisation.
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Ephemeral Rift

Good Now! I hope you're doing splentastic! Welcome to my 2nd home. I create a wide variety of videos ranging from whisper-quiet, relaxing, traditional & avant-garde ASMR videos, to unfiltered, freeform podcasts covering every topic under the sun & beyond. I am in independent, D.I.Y., jack-of-all-trades autodidact: father, husband, ex-roman-catholic-turned-non-believer, ex-desk-jockey, artist, actor, comedian, critical thinker, freethinker, cynical optimist, unpublished writer/lyricist/poet, photographer, videographer, director/producer, video editor, sound designer, foley artist, audio engineer, costume designer, set designer, prop designer, makeup artist, foodie, gamer, and hybrid stoic-nihilist-humanist-naturalist-anarchist who belongs to no group nor ideology. I was diagnosed in 2010 with an acoustic neuroma that caused permanent hearing loss & tinnitus in my left ear, so you can add modern-day Beethoven to the list except I suck at making music.
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Free online piano lessons in HD, covering piano scales, piano chords, soloing and more. For beginner, intermediate and advanced players. ----- On this channel, you can find everything you need to know to take your piano playing to the next level, no matter what level you are currently at! You will find a ton of material within this channel to keep you inspired, motivated and focused to be the best piano player you can possible be. New lessons are released every Friday! Check out the PianoPig Academy membership for LOADS more material, courses, jam tracks and much more!
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Guitare Improvisation

Hi ! I'm Martin Gioani and on this channel I share mostly tutorials, Backing Tracks and transcribed improvisations in many different genres of music. Please follow me through this channel, or Instagram or Facebook, and consider supporting me on Patreon or Tipeee if you enjoy my videos :-)
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Evan Bennet

Original compositions, improvisations, covers, and whatever else I'm in the mood for.
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Rick Beato

Everything Music
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Thea Bellydance

Miss Thea is a performer and instructor of music and dance in Southern California. If you like this channel, you are welcome to contribute. https://ko-fi.com/theabellydance Learn bellydance online www.patreon.com/missthea Miss Thea's music available at missthea.bandcamp.com Follow Thea on instagram https://www.instagram.com/thearaqs/ or @thearaqs Thank you for your support.
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Harry Mack

https://www.facebook.com/harrymack https://www.instagram.com/harrymack https://twitter.com/harrymack
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Sound Field

Sound Field is a music education series that explores the music theory, production, history and culture behind our favorite songs and musical styles. Pop, classical, rap, jazz, electronic music, folk, country and indigenous music — we’ll cover it all and highlight the connections between genres. Hosted by accomplished musicians and music teachers Arthur “LA” Buckner and Linda Diaz, each episode will be a unique combination of musical performance and video essay explainers. Produced by Rewire.org at Twin Cities PBS for PBS Digital Studios. More info at https://www.rewire.org/
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Lessons in Modern & Modal Jazz Improvisation. We'll try to free ourselves from conform institutional thinking and approach Music in new ways. This is about NewJazz and not OldJazz. So we live on the edge; sometimes we'll fall into the deep and sometimes we'll go right to the top. I like to keep on being "small". I run the NewJazz project by myself and I do not make a business concept out of it (no sponsors or merchandise either). I read all of your comments and I try hard to answer all of your questions. I love to be in touch. Approximately by the end of every month I'll upload a NewJazz lesson. All my lessons are designed so that you can approach them in NO specific order. I try to make them all start out easy. If a lesson becomes too advanced (or weird), just skip to another one. So pick out a subject that you love and let Music grow from there… in that way you are always motivated. Motivation makes Music! Oliver Prehn, NewJazz, Master in Music & Multimedia and Bus Driver
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Lucas King

I am a 29 year old pianist & composer from the UK. My channel banner art and avatar are by Z-Pico http://z-pico.deviantart.com/ https://www.patreon.com/zpico YouTube 2021 goals. 900,000 Subscribers [ ] Record An Original Album [ ]
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Innovative Jazz Improvisation Resources/ Exercises, Harmonic Analysis, Duets and more
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Rick Graham

Thanks for checking out my channel! My name is Rick Graham and I'm a Guitarist and Musician from the UK. On this channel you will find a variety of music related content aimed at helping players to develop their technique and musicianship.
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