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Laura Lee

I'm am Alabamian that recently turned into a Californian (L.A BASED) Excuse my accent :) I have a deep rooted love for all things beautiful. Join my Youtube Family spread the LOVE *(hugs)* & prepare to have FUN and Giggle a little : "You're only given a little spark of madness." You mustn't lose it. -Robin Williams Instagram : @Larlarlee Twitter: @laura88lee Talk to me here! Facebook: Laura Lee Youtube Snapchat: Laura88lee for Business inquiries/ Media: Laura88lee@gmail.com I started a Blog!! Check it out LauraLeeBlogs.com I started this Channel on March 14th
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STEEZY is the #1 source for all things dance. Our mission is to make learning to dance easy for anyone in the world–starting with online dance classes on STEEZY Studio. This YouTube channel is full of: 1) dance videos from your favorite choreographers 2) tips & tricks on becoming a better dancer 3) free training drills to practice your dance skills Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with the best dance content on YouTube. More resources: STEEZY Studio: http://bit.ly/STEEZYStudioClasses STEEZY Blog: https://www.steezy.co/blog
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I'm a professional hair stylist and colorist. On YouTube I create DIY beauty, hair and makeup tutorials where I reveal industry secrets about hair cuts, color, toning and bleach and styling. Professional tips to help YOU save money at the salon!. I started Ellebangs to teach people some of the things I myself learned going through cosmetology school. I love everything hair and makeup and thought that YouTube would be a good way to engage with other people with the same passion as myself. If you would like personal hair advice from me, schedule a virtual consultation with me via Skype or Facetime. Here's how: https://www.ellebangs.com/consultations For business related inquiries please email contact@ellebangs.com Find me on the web: Read my blog @ ellebangs.com Instagram @silviaxreis snapchat @silviaxreis facebook / ellebangs twitter @ellebangs
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PhotoRec TV

ENTER OUR EPIC GIVEAWAY: http://photorec.tv/win Toby Gelston provides photography tutorials, gear reviews and personalized photo help. New videos uploaded each week. Become a supporter and earn perks http://photorec.tv/support In 2009 Toby started a twitter account with the hope of answering any and all camera and photography questions the world threw at him. Soon, he realized that creating helpful content was a far better way to reach people than simply waiting for questions. In 2014 he left his full-time job to run this channel and associated blog, Facebook page and Twitter. Toby's goal is simple: He wants to help you be a better photographer by helping you find the gear you need and the know-how to use it. Thank you for stopping by, feel free to reach out to Toby via Facebook, Twitter or on the blog.
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Create a Pro Website

Hey, I'm Dale! I'm here to teach you how to create a website for your business, portfolio, or blog with easy to follow tutorials! With my videos, you'll learn how to make a website *without coding* through a variety of website builders. You'll learn how to create a website with Elementor, how to create an e-commerce store with Shopify, how to build a Divi website, and much more. My tutorials also teach you how to make money with a website, and I break down how other entrepreneurs make money online. Whether you're looking to build a WordPress website or build a Squarespace website, my videos cover it all and I provide discounted hosting through my affiliate link (below) with HostGator: https://createaprowebsite.com/hosting (note - I’ll earn a small commission and you’ll earn a discount so it's a win-win to support my free tutorials!) Subscriber Milestones: 100 Subs - Jun 13, 2018 1000 Subs - Nov 2, 2018 10,000 Subs - July 23rd, 2019 100,000 Subs - January 2, 2020 1,000,000 Subs
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Pat Flynn

I'm Pat Flynn & I'm here to help you make more money, save more time, & help more people, too. I'm a family man first, and here to help other people who are in it for more than just themselves. After getting laid off in 2008, I built a successful online business in the architecture space that generated over 6-figures within a year. I've since built several NEW passive income businesses and have been publicly sharing everything I've been learning along the way: my wins, my failures, and even how much money each business has made and where it all comes from. I've generated over $6 million in earnings through a diverse set of income streams: digital products, affiliate marketing, software, books, coaching, public speaking, advertising, online courses and more. I teach a lot of people how to podcast, too! Follow along and get real, no-hype, honest advice from someone who walks the walk and truly wants to help others. Subscribe now, and join #TeamFlynn! I'm here to serve you. 🙏
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ORDER MY COOKBOOK "SWEET POTATO SOUL" https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0451498895?tag=randohouseinc23592-20 Welcome to my channel! On Sweet Potato Soul I share unique and tasty vegan recipes, ethical fashion, natural beauty, and more to help inspire a compassionate lifestyle. All of the recipes on this channel can be found on my blog (along with yummy food photography): http://www.sweetpotatosoul.com 🍠 I’m a professional vegan chef, blogger, and now YouTuber 🙊 My recipes and I have been featured on The Today Show, New York Times, Health mag, VegNews, InStyle, Refinery 29, Well + Good, Reader's Digest, and more 🍭 I post new videos every week. Subscribe, like, and share with your friends 👯 And please do say hello here on YouTube and Instagram 🙋🏾 @sweetpotatosoul Peace & Sweet Potatoes ✨
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HairCut Harry

Welcome! Our original Bombay Haircut YouTube video was filmed in a small barbershop while traveling through India in 1999. This video emerged out of a desire to travel, film, & share these experiences. After uploading this video to YouTube in 2006 it got a lot of views, and it was awesome to see the universal appeal of an Indian barbershop experience! Ever since launching the HairCutHarry YouTube channel in 2012 we have continued to visit and share the stories of unique barbers & barbershops around the world. Find out how this journey began & join our travels on our blog 👉🏼 https://www.haircutharry.com. To get started, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions 👉🏼 https://haircutharry.com/about/faq/ Thank you for checking out this channel! Special thanks to our Patreon supporters ❤️ If you would like to support our video production, visit us on Patreon 👉🏼 https://www.patreon.com/HairCutHarry
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Kyrah Stewart

Hey, friends! My name is Kyrah Edwards and I'm a full-time wife, mom, and lifestyle blogger. My passions are in all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle-related so expect to see: makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, hair tutorials, how-to's, DIY's, dupes, hauls, challenges, and tags on this channel and my blog. About Me: I am twenty-three years old (2020) and I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. My husband Kaelin and I have been married since nineteen and now have two children; Karter and Kaiser. It has always been my dream to do something I love so in late 2016 I stepped out in faith and started this channel. My Purpose: My hope is to motivate and inspire others to live fearlessly by pursuing their passions, understanding their worth, and thriving in the life they have. I hope you love my channel and can learn something new from me. Thank you so much for subscribing! XOXO Kyrah
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Miles Beckler

Miles is a recovering opportunity seeker turned marketing pro who shares the tactics, strategies and tools he has used to grow a multi-million dollar website from scratch, free on YouTube. He published his first video in August of 2016 and grew to over 100,000 subscribers in under 3 years. With a core focus on content marketing and search engine optimization, you will learn how to do keyword research, how to use Google trends & you will learn SEO in his videos and free digital marketing trainings. In addition, you'll learn about sales funnels & facebook advertising through his deep dive tutorials on how to run facebook ads. Whether you are focused on affiliate marketing or email marketing, his clickfunnels alternative series will show you how to save money on the digital marketing tech while building high converting sales funnels to help you make money online. Be sure to search through the playlists to find the most relevant how to videos to your specific needs!
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Vlad Kachur

This is the #1 YouTube channel for entrepreneurs. I release videos that help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. For biz inquiries or collaboration with this YouTube channel please contact vladdoes@gmail.com.
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Technology Bangla LTD

Technology Bangla LTD ইউটিউব চ্যানেলে আপনাকে স্বাগতম ! বাংলা ভাষায় বিজ্ঞান ও প্রযুক্তি এর বিষয়গুলি সহজভাবে আপনাদের কাছে তুলে ধরা এবং বিজ্ঞানের প্রতি উৎসাহিত করার জন‍্য আমাদের এই প্রয়াস। "Technology Bangla LTD" হচ্ছে বাংলাদেশের ছোট একটি প্রযুক্তি বিষয়ক অনলাইন প্রতিষ্ঠান এখানে সর্ব স্তরের মানুষের জন্য বিনামূল্যে প্রযুক্তি বিষয়ে দক্ষতা, সাইবার নিরাপত্তা, ফ্রীল্যান্সিং, সহ প্রফেশনাল সকল কাজ মানসম্মত ভাবে শেখান হয় এবং প্রতিদিনের টেক দুনিয়ার সকল "খবর" (TECH NEWS) নিয়মিত উপস্থাপন করা হয়। অবশ্যই আমাদের ভিডিওগুলো পাওয়ার জন্য অবশ্যয় চ্যানেলটি সাবস্ক্রাইব করার পাশাপাশি নটিফিকেশন বেল চালু করে রাখুন এবং নিয়মিত আমাদের "TechnologyBangal.com.bd" তে চোখ রাখতে পারেন প্রযুক্তি বিষয়ক সকল তথ্য বহুল পোষ্ট গুলা পড়ার জন্য। Contact for business inquiries: Email: technologybanglaltd@gmail.com ধন্যবাদান্তে, TECHNOLOGY BANGLA LTD
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JetPens is an online stationery store. We carry unique, high-quality pens, paper, and art supplies from Japan and beyond. About We started in 2005 with the Hi-Tec-C, a classic Japanese fine-tip gel pen. Since then, we’ve scoured the planet in pursuit of other stand-out writing instruments, school and office supplies, and art materials. We love supporting the fountain pen, study, and art community, and hope to encourage all creative and artistic endeavors. You can find out more about us here: https://www.jetpens.com/AboutUs Frequently Asked Questions How much does shipping cost? Shipping is FREE for USA orders over $35. Do you ship to my country? Due to COVID-19, shipping to certain countries is limited or suspended. Please see this page for more information: https://www.jetpens.com/articles/COVID-19 Do you have coupons? While we do not offer coupons, we do run promotions for our newsletter subscribers. Find out more here: https://www.jetpens.com/blog/coupons/pt/15
  • 506K subscribers,
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Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is dedicated to teaching you new ways of growing wealth that wasn't taught in school or by your parents. There's a faster way to achieve financial freedom and it starts here. This channel is all about teaching you insanely actionable wealth building, investing and online marketing strategies you can use to grow your online brand and boost your side hustle income. So if you're interested in becoming a Wealth Hacker™ that wants to use wealth hacking tactics and productivity strategies to boost your bottom line, make sure to subscribe to Jeff's channel right now. As you can see, his channel publishes videos that focus on real life wealth building and passive income strategies you can implement yourself. Interested in accelerated wealth building? Then subscribe to this channel for more! And if you need more, then his award winning blog, GoodFinancialCents.com, will help you take charge of your money and secure a brighter financial future
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Farmhouse on Boone

Hello, I'm Lisa. I'm so glad you're here! Join me and my family as we find beauty in our everyday life in the farmhouse: food from scratch, natural living and a handmade home. You can expect two uploads every week with sewing projects, from scratch recipes, natural lifestyle, simple farmhouse decor and fermented foods tutorials. I love to document our simple, minimal and creative life in our farmhouse. I would love for you to follow along with our everyday life in the farmhouse by hitting that subscribe button! Want to find out more about what's going on in our home? Check out the blog: https://www.farmhouseonboone.com WANT TO START YOUR OWN BLOG? Learn how our family supports ourselves full-time on our homestead with our blog and Youtube channel with in my FREE blogging success masterclass: https://www.farmhouseonboone.com/masterclass-registration For business inquiries contact me here: farmonboone@tbhonestsocial.com
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At Food52, our mission is to inspire people to eat thoughtfully and live joyfully. Started by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, Food52 was named 2012 Publication of the Year by the James Beard Foundation and won Best Culinary Website at the 2013 & 2014 IACP awards. In 2013, we launched an all-new kitchen and home shop to provide home cooks with the goods they need to eat and live well.
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NinaUnrated VLOGS

Hi ❣💋KISSES💋❣ How Are You? Welcome To 💋NinaUnrated💋Vlogs Join me as I live the night life as an all nude adult exotic dancer. I’ve been in the Industry since I was 18 years old. After leaving the scene for a few years, I am now back to dancing and loving it. If you’re a new Subscriber welcome. To become a “kiss” simply comment a 💋 “kiss” & now you’re an official 💋 Start here, in this playlist you’ll find my entire journey in order. Enjoy the ride. Trust me we’re going to enjoy ourselves. 💰 STRIPPER VLOGS PLAYLIST 💰 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC0STO0RdLX6POiiTA4VxMvA2S0jjSNZ6 Instagram : 💋NinaUnrated💋 SnapChat : 💋Nina_Unrated💋 Twitter : 💋NinaUnrated💋 Tumblr : 💋NinaUnrated💋 MAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL • 💋NinaUnrated💋 EATING SHOW CHANNEL • 💋NinaUnrated💋EATS VLOG CHANNEL • 💋NinaUnrated💋VLOGS
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What's up guys, I'm BomBinoMonkey! I started making music in early 2018, then the fortnite hype started to grow so I thought, why not combine those two? That's how I started doing these remixes and it turns out you guys really like it!! I stream very often (potato pc) and do some music videos to the remixes. Feel free to subscribe btw This remix is free to use when proper credit is given, meaning a link in the description, not all the way down pls. If you're going to use it for a video about remixes or if you want to repost it on a music channel, not as background music, ask permission first. My patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BomBinoMonkey Banner was done by Craigs_Blog Use code: bombinomonkeyyt in the item shop as your Support-A-Creator!! your wins will increase with 0.001%
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Welcome to Amateur Decorating - Like A Pro. I'm Cathryn and I am a Christian in love with Jesus Christ and my family. You wish you could decorate your home like the pros but you do not have the money. You see even professionals have to start somewhere. And whatever you decide to do - do it like a pro. That's the driving force behind "Amateur Decorating - Like A Pro". If l can build it, cover it, paint it or glue it, consider it DONE. Decorating on a budget is important to me. I am here to inspire you to be creative and design the home, furniture and decor that fits your style and your budget. Welcome to my channel! Follow my blog at http://amateurdecoratinglikeapro.com/ Thank you for stopping by. Cathryn Holt Amateur Decorating - Like A Pro
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Pinoy Easy Recipes

You can cook! PINOY EASY RECIPES is a video blog version of Pinoy Easy Recipes website. It aims to share a collection of local and foreign recipes that have been modified to suit Filipino taste. This vlog was started in 2016 to provide cooking videos of recipes from our website. Although having a recipe is almost enough in learning dishes, having a video will still greatly help in preparing them, especially to those who are visual in terms of learning. Here at PINOY EASY RECIPES, you will learn awesome recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare. They will let you cook good food (even though you are not good at it) and create memories. This channel may be of help to many, whether it is a new wife to whom cooking is a strange thing, a seasoned cook who is wanting to learn more about new recipes, or someone who hates cooking but decides on learning it for the family. It will give you "visible proof" that cooking can be easy.
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