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Hotep Jesus

Tech Entrepreneur & Co-host of Hoteps BEEN Told You
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david carroll

more of my classic videos no human being can deconstruct Be sure to follow me on twitter
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Dwann B

Hotep-Ish is your home for intelligent shit talk.  A funny weekly radio show that discusses current events with an intelligent twist.  We take the news of the day and find learning lessons, so we can grow from the events that grab our attention in the news.  Host Dwann B brings historical context to show topics, and discussions.   The word Hotep is an ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) word that means “to be at peace”.  Over the last few years mainstream publications have tried their best to bastardize the word Hotep by calling people into Ancient Egyptian history “Hoteps”.  Instead of allowing them to berate the name, I decided to embrace it.  I love history.  John Henrik Clarke says “all history is a current event”.  In other words events and policies from the past effect our lives today.  So if our love for history and black people makes us “Hoteps”, we embrace that! Self love is the first step to universal love.  All are welcomed to join in and listen. I’m a comedian at heart.  I love to
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I don't care how natural your hair is, how many ankh's you own, or how many hoteps you can say in one sentence. If you not putting in the work then get off my page. I'm not impressed by the internet debate culture that has become the black 'conscious' community, and if you're into that stroking of the Ego, then this page isn't for you. ---- Won't be uploading anything until I finish moving and get a new PC Setup. Much love to all my Bobby and Panic supporters - March 16th, 2018
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