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Hotep Jesus

Tech Entrepreneur & Co-host of Hoteps BEEN Told You
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Sean A

Hotep Bro and Sis, I became conscious and enlighten in March 2015 and gave up ALL religions which for me was Christianity and started focusing on my inner self through spirituality. During my new journey I've listened to great teachers like Dr. Ben Jochannan, Dr John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. John G Jackson, Dr. Ashra Kwesi, Dr. Phil Valentine, Dr. Umar Johnson, etc but it wasn't until I heard Dr. Ray Hagins that totally captivated me who became my favorite teacher of them all, Himself being an Ex Christian pastor for over 20 yrs. I will be posting many videos of Dr. Hagins hopefully he can help enlighten you about the mind control and the falsified lies of religion as he done for me especially Afrikan-Americans in this country belief in Jesus Christ & Christianity. Dr. Hagins also enlightens us about government systems and how it's set up not in favor for the average Black man and woman in this country. Please take the time to listen to Dr. Hagins with an open mind. Ase
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Cornelia G

Hello this channel is all about living life to the fullest. Enjoy Me being Me flaws and all. I share in my videos what I've learned in life to be a better me. Some self help, self love, and what I have done to heal different parts of my life. I also love sharing recipes from time to time. Cooking and natural healing recipes. I love having fun with my family. If you are subscribed to this channel Welcome to the family! Share this channel with all your friends and tell them to join the family! You are the best Email is
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